9 habits that distinguish the rich from the poor people

Thomas Corley spent five years studying the habits of truly wealthy people with an annual income of $ 160 thousand. To $ 3, 2 million or more, and wrote a book about how they differ from their typical peers (with an annual income of up to $ 35 thousand.) .
The key to success, he calls daily habits and beliefs of the people: that have different levels of wealth careerists, they are completely different.
Corley says that there is "habits that lead to wealth," and "habit busting you." In this review we will talk about the nine things that rich people do not like the poor.

1. Successful people set clear goals and keep them in sight before him
"I focus on your goals every day" - this phrase is true for 62% of wealthy people and 6% poor. Not only that successful people often set annual and monthly plans, 67% of them captures it all in writing.
To understand what your goals are - right, they must meet two criteria: first, they should be achievable, and secondly - the implementation should depend only on you, not on external factors.
2. They know what is required to do today
"I'm clear todo-list." Agree with this statement 81% of rich people and 19% of the poor.
Not only is that rich people are lists, 70% of them claims that almost always adhere to the schedule.
3. Rich people do not watch TV
"I watch TV less than an hour a day." This statement is true for 67% of the richest people and only 23% of the poor.
78% of poor people watch reality shows. Among these rich - only 6%. Corley says that all wealthy people allocate productively spend their habit not only workers but also personal time.
4. They read, but not for pleasure
With the statement "I love to read" according to 86% of wealthy people, and only 26% of the poor.
But keep in mind that usually wealthy people do not read literary texts, and scientific and business literature. Plus, wealthy people consume large amounts of self-help books. Corley argues that 88% of wealthy people in the United States at least 30 minutes a day reading paid articles and books on self-development. Among those who earn little, these curious - only 2%.
5. They listen to audiobooks
On the way to work listening to audio books 63% of wealthy people, and only 5% of the middle class.
6. They regularly work overtime
81% of the richest people regularly working from home in their own time. Among those who have financial success has not yet reached such only 17%.
86% of the richest people are working more than 50 hours a week. Only 6% of them complain that they have to work too hard.
7. They do not hope for a jackpot
"I regularly play the lottery" - agree with this statement, only 6% of wealthy people, and 77% - poor. However, this does not mean that rich people are afraid of risk, just in the business and so they too often have to put everything on the line, emphasizes Corley.
8. They are watching their weight and health
Regular calorie count of the used are 57% of rich people and only 5% of the poor.
Taking care of your health - one of the main success factors, stresses Corley. Once in his office was a 68-year-old man with a fortune of $ 78 million. Corley asked him why he was not going to retire. The man looked at as a researcher at the man from Mars. "The last 45 years I regularly look at what I eat and how I feel. I am now at the peak of his career. What are you? "- He wondered.
9. They try to smile
Each day, try to keep a positive attitude 62% of wealthy people, and only 16% of the poor.


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