What distinguishes the rich from the poor

The principles followed by wealthy people, and should follow everyone.

Wealth is much harder to do with psychology and thinking than you can imagine. That's what Napoleon hill was preaching in his 1937 best seller "Think and grow rich" which was written on the results of a study of more than 500 millionaires.

Agree with him millionaire Steve Siebold, who has taken over the past 30 years, with 1.2 thousand richest people in the world. As strange as it may sound, the richness much more to do with mentality than money — the Siebold writes in the book "How to think rich". Here are some of the principles followed by wealthy people — and that is to follow.

The rich believe poverty is the root of all evil, the poor blame the money

Says Siebold, in low-income families with the desire to get rich is deprecated:

"In such families children are usually brainwashed, into believing that wealth is the result of happy coincidence or illegal business. On the other hand, the rich know that money doesn't guarantee happiness, but make life easier and more enjoyable".

The rich believe selfishness is a virtue, the poor Vice

Siebold says:

"The rich just want to make myself happy. They're not trying to save the world."

The problem is that the middle class considers this approach unworthy — and remains poor.

"If you can't take care of himself, and is unable to help anyone else. You cannot give to others what is not from yourselves".

The rich are enterprising in nature, poor maybe

"While the crowd hoping to win the lottery and dreaming about money, the rich solve the problem. Most people are waiting for help from God, government, boss or spouse. This approach to life the ordinary for the average person — the time allotted for solving the problems goes away."

The rich acquire useful knowledge, poor believe in General education

"Many of the richest businessmen almost no formal education. The money they earned by purchasing, and then selling valuable skills and knowledge. Most people are convinced that the diplomas and certificates — the way to wealth — largely because they are trapped flat thinking, not giving to move to a higher level of consciousness. The rich are not interested in funds, it is important to only goal."

The rich dream about the future, the poor live in the past

"One who constantly remembers the past, you will not become rich. These people are often overcome by depression and despair. The rich believe in themselves and they project dreams, goals and ideas into an unknown future".

The rich think about money logically, the poor emotionally

"In the blink of an eye, intelligent, educated and generally successful person can turn into a fearful, narrow-minded slowpoke, the only concern which is a good pension. The rich know that money is an important tool that opens perspectives and opportunities".

Rich people love their job, the poor are forced to go for unloved work

"The ordinary person think that the rich work all the time. But the main trick lies in the fact: they do what I love and get paid for it".

On the other hand, the middle class are forced to go for unloved work because I need the money:

"Society and the school they were grafted consciousness in which making money is inextricably linked to physical or mental tension."

The rich are willing for the challenges of fate, the poor are afraid of disappointments

The author continues:

"Psychologists and experts suggest to set low targets so as not to be disappointed in yourself." On the other hand, "nobody became rich and did not achieve the dream, living in constant fear."

Rich use other people's money and the poor believe in the accumulation of

According to Sibolga, the rich are not afraid to secure their future at the expense of others:

"They know that the lack of funds to buy anything has no value. The main question — is it worth it to buy, to invest or to strive".

Rich people know the markets are driven by emotion and greed. The poor are sure to provide logic and order

"The rich know about the emotions that drive financial markets are fear and greed, and take them into account in all its transactions and decisions. The understanding of human nature and its impact on the markets gives them a strategic advantage in creating wealth using financial leverage".

Rich teach kids to make money, the poor teach children survival

According to Sibolga, from an early age, the rich teach their children about the world of "haves" and "have-nots":

"It is believed that wealthy parents teach their children to look down on others. It's not true. In fact, they teach their children an objective view of the world — because that's how our society".

Rich money appeasing the poor is administered in a state of stress

The rich earn a lot and know that the money is able to solve most problems:

"The middle class sees money as a necessary evil that is part of life. Rich people think money is the great liberator — because they can be used to provide financial peace".

The rich are constantly working on themselves, the poor prefer to have fun

Formal education is not valued rich, but to develop the necessary skills, they continue a lifetime:

"The first thing you will see in the house of a rich man — an extensive collection of books on self-development to help you become successful. The poor prefer novels, tabloids and entertainment fiction."

The rich surround themselves with like-minded people, the poor think the rich snobs

A negative attitude about money ruining the middle class, forcing the wealthy to rotate only in a circle of their own kind. Siebold writes:

"The rich can't afford the pessimism and hopelessness. Often people think it's snobbery. Considering the wealthy posers, poor people feel better about walking the path of mediocrity."

The rich earn, the poor save for a rainy day

The rich focus on the benefit and assume the risk:

"The crowd are so obsessed with discounts, coupons and frugal living is that a serious opportunity to change lives for the better unnoticed. Even if there is insufficient funds, the rich reject the small-minded thinking of the majority. They focus mental energy on one thing: on the big money".

Rich people know when to gamble, the poor prefer to be cautious

"All investors periodically lose money, but only the rich sure: whatever happens, they will always be able to earn more."

The rich love the unknown, the poor need stability

"Physical, psychological and emotional comfort is the main goal of ordinary people. Rich before will know that becoming a millionaire is not easy, and the need for comfort may disrupt their dreams. They feel good in conditions of constant uncertainty".

The rich are always ready to make the poor afraid of problems

"Don't listen to the naysayers who say if life without a fight does not happen, so you need to calm down and thank fate for what you have".

Set bold goals! Why not make a million?

The rich are obsessed with success, the poor think any obsession with "bad"

"The truth is that the rich are obsessed with everything — including money. The business and life they see as a game — a game in which seek to win."

What do you want from life and exactly how we intend to achieve this? To win you need a certain discipline.

For the rich money — the other for the poor — the enemy

"All my life we were taught that money is not enough — they are hard to earn and save. To raise money, stop thinking of them as the enemy. Start to consider them as its main ally. Is your friend able to put an end to sleepless nights, physical pain and even save lives. The money the rich seem to be much of an ally that can help like no other. These positive feelings lead to the establishment of close and mutually beneficial relations".

Rich know — the man can do anything, the poor choose between a strong family and money

According to Sibolga, the idea that you can either earn or spending time with family — nothing like an excuse to evade responsibility:

"Society is brainwashed and they believe that everything depends on "either-or". The rich know you can achieve anything, if you facing the challenges to come with the right Outlook, based on love and abundance."published

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