How to become rich

I think if you ask people whether they want to become rich, most will respond positively. Silly question, yes, we want to earn a lot and become rich.

I think if you ask people whether they want to become rich, most will respond positively. Silly question, yes, we want to earn a lot and become rich. But ask the same people the next question, but what is for them the wealth and you may not get such a clear answer, if you get in general.

When I began my working career, I worked in government and received about $ 35 a month (it is a very long time). Even then it was not enough. Of course money is not enough and in the end I had to go to the private sector. We sell what is always needed - tableware for restaurants. My position was very small by the standards of the business, rather the smallest, but I was earning several times more than goscluzhbe and felt very rich. Really rich.

Of course after a few months the feeling passed. Then there were the regular wage increases and a few months the feeling of wealth. But then everything returns to normal. Money back was not enough.

Yes, I like most people want to become, if not rich, then at least the wealthy. Therefore, having no experience of "being rich" I am constantly looking for information from other people, especially if they could make a fortune. And what do they recommend how to become rich? First of all, you must decide for yourself what is wealth?

1. Designate for themselves the scope
One of the components of wealth surely will be money. But exactly how much money? How much money will be enough for you? What is the monthly income you want to receive? And most importantly how you are going to spend their money? What lifestyle lead? This is the first step in building wealth, just to figure out how you want to live and how much money it would require. Having the least approximate figures, you can already start planning the necessary actions. And this is a specific action.

2. Examine the characteristics of rich people
But interestingly, the people who have earned a lot of money often do not feel rich. They think that they still do not have enough money. Or have a lot of money, but "suddenly" turned out that they will not be pleased with anyone, the family is lost, there is no health, etc. Which brings us to the main point, which also includes the concept of wealth? Perhaps it is for each person will have their own set of characteristics. I think it is necessary to include a few concepts: money, health, family, relationships, hobbies, etc.

3. Act!
Yes, the concept of wealth is very subjective. But in any case, before starting to move in the direction of the wealth is necessary to clearly decide for themselves what it is! And it is not universal, abstract concepts, and for you personally! Specifically, the action figures, etc ... Otherwise, as they say, "when you do not know where to go, any road will take you there is ...»

Ten tips from Robert Kiyosaki, how to become rich
The only difference between the rich and poor is the way they use their time.
It's not about how much money you will be able to earn, and how much can be maintained.
The reason that so many financial advisors call themselves brokers is that they tell it to you.
The rich buy assets. The poor only have expenses. A middle class buys liabilities, thinking that this asset.
The work is very short-term, to resolve the long-term problems.
Be sure friends will require you to be more or less explaining why you can not do it.
The poor, the unfortunate, unhappy and unhealthy is the one who often uses the word "tomorrow».
Money - the kind of basic resources. Like water, food, air and shelter they affect all, but for some reason, scientists believe money below their social status
Inside every problem lies an opportunity
Today - term winners. Tomorrow - the word losers.


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