Index finger: talking about your hands!

Your hands are amazing information about your fetal development. And looking at your hands, you can find out what was wrong with hormones in utero. The answer lies in the index finger — the ratio of the lengths of index and ring fingers (2D:4D from the English. digit).

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The fact that a person total system control the development of fingers and gonads, it manifests itself in the connection between the relative length of the fingers and indicators of prenatal masculinization (testosterone).

The development of eggs during the eighth week from conception increases the level of fetal (fetal) testosterone, affect the formation of the fingers, and on the differentiation of the Central nervous system.

Ring and index are actively growing at 8-14 weeks of pregnancy.

Length of the ring finger is dependent on the concentration of the male hormone testosterone;

Length of the index finger depends on the concentration of the female hormone estrogen.

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The term "thumb index or relationship" (2D:4D Digit Ratio, the "2D:4D DR") was first used by the English psychologist D. T. Manning et al. in 1998, to denote the simple in the measurement of morphometric indicator of a brush person, calculated by dividing the length values of the second finger to the length value of the fourth finger.

The ratio of the lengths of the second (index) finger (2D) and fourth (ring) finger (4D) is a manifestation of sexual dimorphism.

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Most men, the ring finger slightly longer than index. 2D:4D = 0,97–0,99, most women Have longer index finger ring. 2D:4D = 1,1. In other words, men have the fourth finger is usually longer than the second, and in women these two fingers (usually) the same length. This pattern of dimorphism have young children and probably is laid before birth.

Testosterone levels and sperm production in men, negatively correlated with the ratio of 2D:4D.

That is,longer (to the second) the fourth finger is combined with the higher testosterone levels and more active spermatogenesis.

According to known theory, the parties which dominated the length of the ring finger, during fetal development receives a large amount of testosterone. While a longer index finger talked about the lack of male hormone.

The authors reported a possible (but still not proven) correlations of the values of this index with levels of testosterone (hereafter TST) in blood during the prenatal development, affecting the growth and development of the bones of the skeleton as a whole.

The level of impact of prenatal TST to open for the hormonal modulation of morphogenesis specifies a number of indicators of postnatal life, including behavior, physiological and psychological characteristics, fertility, risk of disease, including cancer. It followed that the values of the digit of the index can be considered a reliable predictor of morphological of the specified structural, functional, and psychological characteristics of a person.

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Finger on the index is influenced by hormonal disorders of the fetus and the mother. It has been proven that "shortens" the index finger and "extends" the ring increase the level of testosterone in the mother during pregnancy. Consequently, many of the behavioral trends in a highly masculinizing of the brain should correlate with the ratio of 2D:4D.

Approximately you can measure yourself. But please, do not worry!

To measure the fingers have with high precision, special tools (from the bones!).

But serious differences in large samples: most men and women this ratio is close to one. If you have fingers like you want, it still about what does not speak hundred percent.

A few interesting examples:

Stats for 44 to stockbrokers of London For 20 months brokers with long ring fingers (2D:4D =0,93) earned 11 times more than their colleagues who have shorter ring fingers (2D:4D =0,98). A high level of testosterone can cause increased aggression and to facilitate a more rapid decision-making.

University of Southampton

Men whose ring fingers longer than index, run faster. The best runners 2D:4D may be up to 0.9.Outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen who tend to have long ring fingers.

Technical University Chemnitz

the longer the ring finger in men, the more sexual encounters he had in life.

University Of Central Lancashire

women with long ring fingers more grumpy and touchy.

University of Mainz

men with long ring fingers driving a car go faster, aggressive, often break the rules.

Men with short index fingers have an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Women with long ring fingers more likely to suffer from heart disease, rarely from breast cancer.

In both males and females with relatively long index fingers higher the risk of developing schizophrenia and allergies – eczema and hay fever (allergies to flowering).

Women with fingers in women's type (index longer nameless or equal to) possess fertility, lack of assertiveness, dislike of risk, neurotic, prone to breast cancer and cervical cancer at a young age, and polycystic ovaries.

Women with male type of fingers more sporty and aggressive, prone to osteoarthritis and the syndrome of hyperactivity, better tolerate pain, but less prolific. They are assertive and aggressive, many of them left-handers.

Men with toes for men type(ring finger longer) more prolific, fast, good fence, and dance, have mathematical abilities, prone to osteoarthritis, are less likely to suffer heart problems, aggressive, hyperactive, have trouble expressing their thoughts. Among these men more autistic or left-handed use.

Male fingers female type sociable well I Express my thoughts run slowly, they are not given football and dancing, they suffer from depression and less fertile, prone to heart disease, among them more than right-handers and schizophrenics.published 

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Andrew Belovsky, doctor, candidate of medical Sciences.


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