Experiment with a hydrogen hybrid was a success

Hydrogen hybrids are the future of the automotive industry. In this example, many believe Japanese automakers, it is interesting that companies from the Asian region more than any other interested in this technology. Everyone knows about the hybrids that Toyota creates, for example, Toyota Camry hybrid, but few people remember about other quite interesting developments.

In particular, we are talking about Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell. This hybrid was developed in South Korea. The power plant, which is located under its hood, capable of delivering in the order of 136 horsepower.

The experiments showed that on one full tank the car can travel more than 700 kilometers. I wonder what the manufacturer says about 600 miles on a single run. This experimental car has become an object of interest of the two Norwegian scientists, they established the first record, being able to drive over seven hundred miles without refueling. This year, the automotive world was surprised with a new record of Norwegian researchers.
Within one day, the same hydrogen crossover drove 2 km. 383 This proves that this type of machine can be suitable for long term use.


You can also say that the tests took place in equipment for extreme conditions. The route was laid between the two hydrogen filling stations, one of which is in the German capital, the second is located in Hamburg. The distance between these points is about 300 kilometers. Of course, the route was ringed, although this is not critical.

The so-called route consisted of several different parts. There came a slow city cuts and cuts pretty fast. According to the participants, average speed was approximately 100 km/h Maximum claimed speed crossover 160 km/h. the Norwegians do not intend to stop there, they plan several more experiments with hydrogen hybrids. They are sure that such technologies are the future, but in fact there are still some problems that difficult to solve.

First, it should say on the cost, any new technology always costs money.

Second, while neither in Europe nor in the US do not have the proper infrastructure.

There is a third aspect to which little attention. From a technical point of view, any of the hydrogen hybrid, this electric car. The difference from the classical scheme is that the energy for its operation is generated by a chemical reaction involving hydrogen and oxygen. In the production of components of the hybrid use rare metals. All this calls into question the very idea of environmentally friendly hydrogen transport.published

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Source: ecomot.ru/story/gibridy/eksperiment-s-vodorodnym-gibridom-okazalsya-uspeshnym20153033


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