America's Car Museum

So, I want to share my impressions and photographs of course, after a visit to the Museum of American cars which is in Tacoma State Washington. So begin immediately warn, I am an amateur photographer, so do not judge strictly, and so please do not break, as will a lot of pictures)

So here we go ...

We went and we were met by a legend of the American auto industry Ford Mustang 1965

And a couple of old men, one of which is really quite old FIAT 1904, this copy was purchased by Augustus W. Bush in 1904, and Shaxi bought separately for 13500 Dolar (at the time), and then the order was placed the body that the owner has managed even to $ 4,000 . At that time it was "strangled" by sports Shaxi Grand Prix which had 4 cylinders with the volume of 649 cubic meters. feats, and develops power of 100 horsepower. Dany copy of the original and never restored after the purchase!

Go ahead ...

From another angle

Ford Model N 1906, was one of the 8 models that are offered by Ford since its founding in 1903. 4 cylinders, 149 KI volume 18 hp max speed of 40 miles per hour, fuel consumption is still quite not big total of 20 miles per gallon, roughly comparable to the car with the volume 3, 5 liters today.

Unknown to me as I think and many Reo 1913.

Strarikam we honor, but no less interesting cars of the later period ... 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria, 2-door hardtop, which has a V8 c volume of 252 cubic meters. Yingchao and moschnoostyu 182 horses, Automatic transmission.

This Ford Mustang 1966 I think many know. Ford Mustang was introduced April 13, 1964 at the World's Fair in New York and immediately became a hit. Ford released its companies do 1000000y Owned cars Ford Mustang.
This Ford Mustang has a V8 with a volume of 289 and 200 hp, Automatic transmission.

Kaiser Dragon 1953, with a 6 cylinder engine volume of 226.2 and 118 horsepower, Automatic transmission. An interesting fact is, that Krish car made of bamboo.

Oh, what forms were ...

1961 Chrysler 300G, 2-door hardtop. With a V8 engine volume and 375 horses, 3 speed gearbox. The Chrysler 300 was a high-tech luxury car, which was manufactured in limited quantities from 1955 to 1965. Each model had a year with the prefix letter (except for «i») and in 1965 a series of 300L, then the model Võru model has been discontinued.


Another legend cars ... Chevrolet Camaro 1969. Impressed by the great success of Ford Mustang, Chevrolet company launches its "pony car" - Camaro in 1967. The first model of the Camaro will be produced until 1969, and clearly affect the retro design of the new 5th generation (2010) Camaro. Painting danogo instance - the original. V8 engine volume of 350 cu. in., develops power of 300 horsepower, 4 speed manual koroka.

Salon ...

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Buick Skylark Custom Convertible (GSX replica) in 1972. 1972 for "muscular" cars was not the most favorable, through bans state and high gasoline prices, the market for these vehicles fell. Nevertheless, the motor of the Buick V8 volume has not decreased 455, but Power steering was reduced from 260 to 195 horsepower.

Oh, I am swept with a breeze ...

Buick Skylark Custom Convertible (GSX replica) 1972


Packard 180 Rolston Town Car 1942. One of just 3 released. It was built for the president of the company Packard, it has 2 radio, silk curtains, built-in intercom, folding seats, bar.


Prarodichi Gazelle)

Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible 1956. This was the only model Chevrolet (except another Corvette roadster) which had a convertible top. Price Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible in 1956 was below the 3000 Dolar. The car was sold in 10 different colors and 14 two-tone combinations also offer 51 interior color. V8 engine volume of 265 and 170 horsepower, box 2 stupenchasty machine.

Cadillac Series 341-B, Victoria coupe 1929. V8 engine volume of 341 and a power of 90 hp, box 3 stupenchastaya mechanics.
New Cadillac Series 341-B went into production in August 1928. Two very important innovations have been in the car Safety glass, fully sinzronizirovanaya 3 stupenchastaya gearbox. The new gearbox has been nostolko as revolutionary as the self-starting motor in 1912, issued by companies do Cadillac.

What he still huge ...

The museum has several tiers, so went down ...


Duesenberg model J, convertible in 1930. Motor 8 cylinder 420 capacity of 265 horsepower, box 3 stupenchastaya mechanics.

Mercedes Benz 380SS 1933.

I almost did not remember his childhood, when the dream of every boy was otlmat emblem from Mercedes neighbor ...

Mercedes Benz 380SS 1933

a rarity ...

Rolls-Royce Town Car 1930 ... why he is remembered godfather looking at this vehicle.

Rolls-Royce Town Car 1930 ... and the airbag is not ... and even luxury ...

Lincoln KB-12, Dietrich 1934, 12-cylinder engine develops power of 150 horsepower. In this instance, the engine has been redesigned, increasing its volume and capacity for 200 horses. Also notable is the fact that the weight of the car about 2,500 kilograms. You could buy just 6400 Dolar on request.

Lincoln KB-12, Dietrich, 1934.

Lincoln KB-12, Dietrich 1934


Bentley Mk IV Coupe 1947. This is one of about 25 in all Built in 1947 cars, with engine 4, 25-liter, 4-stupenchastoy transmission. The current owner of the car reports that the car behaved perfectly throughout all autos in which he participated for the past 10 years.
In 1947, when the car was sold, it was the most expensive car that Bentley sold, even outselling model Drophead Coupe.

Bentley Mk IV Coupe 1947

Bentley Mk IV Coupe 1947

Bentley Mk IV Coupe 1947

Lincoln Model 76H «Continental», 1947, 2 door coupe convertible.
Engine 12 cylinders, 292 and a capacity of 125 losh.sil., box 3 stupenchastaya manual.

There were bikes like here for example this one ...

or this ...

and more ...

old man ...

Cadillac Eldorado 1955, 2 door coupe convertible. Engine 8 cylinders and a capacity of 270 horseness forces, box 3 stupenchastaya.


old bus probably ...


Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Limousine 1926. Motor 6 cylinder 7428ss and capacity of 86 hp, box 3 stupenchastaya manual.

Lincoln Touring Car, model 124A 1923. V8 engine volume of 358 and a power of 90 hp. Dany instance always belonged to only one family and has never been registered for a ride through the streets.

The first Land Cruiser ... so here it is a ..... Studebaker Land Cruiser 1934.

Hupmobile Model 527T Sedan 1935.

before the car was a piece of art ...


Packard Super 8 Convertible 1939

Packard Super 8 Convertible 1939

Packard Super 8 Convertible 1939

Chrysler Town & Country 1950. 8-cylinder 325, 5 L shaped form of the engine, transmission semi-automatic transmission 4.

Buick Electra 225 Convertible 1961. There were produced 7158 of these cars. This instance has sports seats and a factory-installed air-conditioning system, make it a very rare and valuable.

Buick Electra 225 Convertible 1961

Buick Electra 225 Convertible 1961

Oldsmobile Runabout 1903, 1-cylinder engine capacity of 4, 5 horsepower, box 1 stupenchastaya.

1959 Ford Thunderbird.

Willys MB US Army Jeep in 1945. Motor 4 cylinder, 134 power of 60 hp, box 3 stupenchasiaya mechanics. There were produced 363,000 Jeeps.

Owosso Pulse Coupe 1986

Crosley Midget Racer 1949

Apparently parent "Zaporozhets» .... BMW Isetta 300 1958 years, 1 door coupe.

1972 Dodge Challenger.

Lotus 35 in 1965. Lotus 35 was built just 22 pieces, especially razrotan to participate in Formula 2, Formula 3 and the Tasman Cup. It is this copy was European Formula racing car 2 from 1965 to 1966, and raced with 1 liter engine. In 1967, the engine has been upgraded to 2, 5 liter which corresponds to the specifications for the Tasman Cup races in Australia and New Zealand.

As without games ... toy race track ...

Legend ... Ferrari



1953 Ferrari 375MM

Ferrari 212 Vignale Coupe 1953

Ferrari 308 GTB 1976

Ferrari 308 GTB 1976

Ferrari 308 GTB 1976

Ferrari F40 1991. Ferrari F40 it was the first model that was designed for sales abroad and overcome the speed of 200 miles / hour (320 km / h).

Ferrari F40 1991

Ferrari 328 GTS 1983. Engine 3, 2-liter capacity of 270 hp, acceleration to 100 km - 5, 5 sec., The maximum speed of 166 miles per hour.

"Back to the Future»


Flinstone mobility ... you will laugh but it's really a car that was specially made for filming in the film, he first suggested to him to move his legs, but he got too heavy, it was necessary to adapt the electromotor.
Motor Yabba, volume Dabba, capacity Do, Automatic transmission)

Moonshine aparat as I thought ... but there really is a 1919 Stanley Steamer

Stanley Steamer 1919

Solntsemobil ... Momentum Solar Car 2005

Well, where do without «The Beatles» ...

And a couple of pictures ...

An interesting fact is, that all the cars in the museum on the go, every 3 months of their service, to the service center which is located in the museum.

More on the territory of the museum there is a private club kolektsionera who leave their cars among which there are interesting pieces of our time ... like the Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 8C Competitizone

Alfa Romeo 8C Competitizone

Or here is such a Lexus LFA

c unrecognized Mercedes.

And kolektsionera fans can buy here are the models here

In general it was interesting to see all this, and I hope you too))



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