How did "heavenly fashion" over the years

In this collection you will see how varied over the years, flight attendants uniforms. The pictures, which are part of the exhibition "Fashion in the plane", which is now open to visitors Aviation Museum in Seattle, Washington, presented a model of the 30-ies. to the present day.

1. Create fashion Fiolel Colangelo, is the second generation of uniforms flight attendants «Boeing / United Air Lines», formerly in vogue in the years 1933-1936. In 1935 and 1936 flight attendants wore a bandage on his left shoulder "United Air Lines" in honor of the birth of airlines. This picture is one of those that will be presented at the exhibition "Fashion in the plane" in the Aviation Museum in Seattle, Washington, which will take place until 30 May. (The Museum of Flight Collection)

2. Stewardesses airlines «Delta» in the year (left) and in winter forme1940-42 years. an airplane DC-3 September 41st. (Delta Air Lines)

3. The group of flight attendants shows a winter form of airline «Delta» in the period from 1965 to 1968. (Delta Air Lines)

4. The designer Oleg Cassini created a futuristic shape for stewardess company «Air West», which existed long before it was bought by Howard Hughes. The usual form, which flight attendants wore from 1968 to 1971, consisted of an embossed polyester dresses and jackets with unusual buttons. Uniforms were bright colors, which were taken as a basis for the colors of the countries where usually flew «Air West», including dark green, blue and red. (The Museum of Flight Collection)


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