Five battles of Soviet fighters

February 19, 1945 the Soviet pilot Ivan Kozhedub by plane La-7 fighter jet shot down a German Me-262. The battle took place north of Frankfurt an der Oder. We remembered the five known aerial duels in which Soviet pilots managed to destroy the German jets.

Ivan Kozhedub

February 19, 1945, Major J. Kozhedub and Major D. Titarenko aircraft La-7 fighter jet shot down German ME-262. According to German sources, the loss of the aircraft was confirmed. Even he knows the number of aircraft WNr.900284. Destruction of the newest fighter was a rare case. Me-262 was adopted in 1944. He was the world's first mass-produced jet aircraft and the world's first jet aircraft, participated in the fighting. This is how the meeting with him Kozhedub himself in his book, "Loyalty to the Fatherland»:
February 19 Dmitry Titarenko, and I met the Nazi jet.
Here is how it was. We were not far from the aerial hunting frontline. Closely watching the air. On the south side of Frankfurt, at an altitude of 3500 meters plane suddenly appears. It flies along the Oder at a speed limit for our "Lavochkins." Yes this is a jet plane! Quickly turn around. I give full throttle motor, pursue the enemy. The pilot apparently did not look back, relying on the great rate. "Squeeze" out of the car a top speed, try to reduce the distance and come up with a slight decline under the "belly" of the enemy aircraft. It would be desirable to consider it in detail; if possible - to open fire and shoot.
Titarenko is not far behind. Knowing that he can hurry, warn:
- Dima, do not rush!
I went to the side of the tail at a distance of five hundred meters. A successful maneuver, speed of action, speed allowed me to get closer to the jet aircraft.
But what? It flew the route: clear - my partner is still off target! About myself mercilessly scold old man; sure that the plan of my actions irreparably broken. But his route unexpectedly helped me: German plane began to turn to the left, in my direction. The distance has shrunk dramatically, and I made friends with the enemy. With an involuntary emotion open fire. And jet, sprawling on the part of the falls.
Some experts still doubt that Kozhedub managed to shoot down a German jet, pointing out that the documents regiment no information about the downed jet. In addition, the record of the Me-262 on the list wins Kozhedub handle was made on the sidelines, although the text has been typed.


Another pilot, who managed to shoot down a German jet, became Harry A. Merkviladze. His battle took place in March 1945. Merkviladze also shot down Me-262. According to some reports, Merkviladze operated Yak-9.
During one of the flights in March 1945 saw the new Harry Merkviladze enemy aircraft, which was preparing to attack. Soviet pilot decided to use a maneuver to bring down the Me-262. German jet fighter had the superiority in speed, but it was less maneuverable. This and decided to take Merkviladze. When the Me-262 went into a tail a Soviet fighter and prepared to shoot, Merkviladze made a breakthrough in the way. After the German plane slipped forward, Soviet pilot took him to the sight and releasing place. Me-262 was shot down.
Here is how this fight his colleague Ivan G. Drachenko pilot in his book "On the Wings of Courage»:
Harry cheated - he has admitted it closer, then swerved to the side, turned quickly, and when the German, speeding at breakneck speed, flying past, punched him in bursts. The Nazis destroyed the speed he was unable to maneuver. Harry proved that not so, it turns out, terrible fighter jet with his crazy overclocking. Speeding, the jet is not capable of a sharp maneuver.

Lev Ivanovich Sivkov

March 22, 1945, there was another battle with Soviet fighters in a battle with the Me-262. In this battle, which involved four Yak-9 and a pair of Me-262 pilot Lev Ivanovich Sivko shot down a German jet.
The meeting took place near the town of sequins. Four Yak-9 from 812 IAP, performing cover for ground troops, was at an altitude of 2000 meters, and airspeed was 550 km / h. At the head of this quartet was the captain Vladimir Melnikov. Lieutenant LI Sivko flying in a group on the left, saw past them at high speed, climbing, slipped an unknown aircraft without screws. When an enemy aircraft began to unfold, Lev Ivanovich burst with 100 meters of damaged right wing of the plane Me-262, between the motor and the console. Enemy fighter rolled over and fell to the ground 5 km west of sequins. Plane LI Sivko has been damaged. The pilot was unable to leave his "Yak" and died.

Arseny V. Vorozheikin

Arseny V. Vorozheikin became the only Soviet pilot, who managed to shoot down a German jet bomber Arado Ar-234.
This is how the meeting itself, Arseny V. Vorozheikin in his book "Soldiers of heaven»:
Below us unusually quickly slips some aircraft. Eyes tightly clung to him. Under the wings of seeing four twin engine. Reactive. On such a plane had to hear. "Arad" fighter-bomber. It tridtsatimillimetrovye four guns and missiles can be. The speed of the machine about nine kilometers per hour. This latest addition to Hitler's war machinery. While we were flying on the best "yak" - the Yak-3, but they are inferior to the German piston and jet speed two hundred kilometers. Old methods of fascist not take. Experience suggested how best to attack.
"Arad" carried forward. I have a height of six kilometers. When the jet opponent will be in front of me at an angle of forty-five degrees and go steeply down there and intercept it.
As always, the "Yak" is easy, just a toy, he rolled over and went plumb to the ground, quickly picking up speed. The enemy turned back. Why should he not contrive not to hit me four guns, and maybe even of the missiles? He should just raise the nose, and he, with great speed, just overtake me. I twist the car sharply to dive, to see how I react to "Arad».
The plane is still flying low and will soon overtake me. This is where I have to catch him. Again twist car, "yak" obeys with difficulty, as if complaining: "Stop me feel" - and eager to get out of the dive. I hold it firmly, continuing to lose altitude. Arrow pribora.skorosti already vibrates at a round figure and dangerous - "hundred." And my "yak", as if giving up the life lost agility and has not torn up into the sky, and the cold is doomed to the ground.
The machine is not designed for such high speed: it may fall apart. And if you have enough strength, not out of a dive: suck. A complete muscle tension start to withdraw. Listen tight, but listen. However, in the eyes of the dark overload, but I know from experience, it will take place, is only to ease the pressure on the handle. Even a small effort. If only I survived "yak!" Must! So I want to. And I pull. Although in the eyes of the night, but I feel all right.
"Yak" boy, survived! In the eyes of clearing up, I see the horizon, the sky and the earth. There somewhere should be "Arad". There she is! Beside. I calculated successfully. And then something happened that I had ceased to be afraid of. There was an explosion, blow to the head. I choked on something thick, cold. His eyes darkened again. Consciousness is clearly stated: this is the last attack. Break the shell in a cabin ... But why breathed cold and not heat, and I do not feel no pain, no burning fire? Crumbled plane? .. However, in front of me again, heaven, earth, horizon, "Arad". My "yak" intact. A blast hit? .. That's it - frustrated with the cockpit lights, and the cold air slapped in the face. Beru "Arad" on sight!
That's bad. Already far, I can not get there. Shoot. Great! Cords tracer shells and bullets caught up with the enemy and dug into his body. From the "Arad" gushed sparks, fire, thick smoke and the plane disappeared in Berlin burning.

Ivan G. Drachenko

Another battle also took place in spring 1945. Participants in this fight turned out to be a pilot Ivan G. Drachenko. This episode, he describes in his book "On the wings of courage" because:
Stormtroopers, fight Me-262 was much more difficult. One pair adapt himself to intercept "Ilyushin". With the job alone though does not come back.
The corps commander ordered in whatever was to stop these blatant assaults.
They came up with a simple plan: to my partner decided to use as bait to cheat the visibility of easy prey.
One morning, about eight o'clock, I picked up a "mud" into the air. Ammunition complete, but no bombs. Three pairs of "yak" scored a height of five thousand meters. I began to walk at a speed above the airfield. Suddenly, from the front line began to rise two silver points. Lead Me-262 went on the attack. Maneuvering, given on it cannon turn. And then on top of our fighters arrived. Attacking "Messer" boom gone up, and the second our guys are still covered. The fascists had no choice as to eject.

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