Great Victory in Photos

Has gone from us May 9, 1945, but we still remember what the price went to our fathers and grandfathers that day and each year celebrate this beautiful and tragic holiday together with veterans.
On the photos show the last moments of the war, happy moments and happy faces of the soldiers.

Soviet soldiers in Berlin tram car

Maria Timofeevna Shalneva, Corporal 87-th separate Road Maintenance Battalion, regulates the movement of military equipment near the Reichstag in Berlin. May 2, 1945

Soviet soldiers with an accordion on the streets of Berlin

Soviet soldiers in apartments Goebbels in Hitler's bunker under the Reich Chancellery

Soviet soldier-mortar Sergei Ivanovich Platov left his autograph on a column Reichstag

British soldier leaves his autograph signings among Soviet soldiers in the Reichstag

Ruslanova performs "Katyusha" on the background of the destroyed Reichstag. May 1945

Return to the front of the pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Mikhailovich Skomorohova (1920-1994). Made 605 sorties, conducted more than 130 air battles, shot down 46 enemy aircraft in person and 8 - in a group of 7-th result in a list of Soviet fighter aces. Skomorokhov himself during the war had never been injured, never been shot down.

Photo Soviet soldier hoisting the May 2, 1945 taken over the Reichstag red flag, which later became known as the Victory Banner - one of the symbols of the Great Patriotic War, along with the famous image "Combat". This is one of a series of photographs taken by Eugene Chaldeans roof of the Reichstag. Eugene Chaldea said: "We were there [on the roof of the Reichstag] had four, but I well remember from Kiev Alexei Kovalev, who tied the flag. I photographed him for a long time. In different poses. I remember that we are all very chilled then ... He helped me and reconnaissance sergeant Guards Red Banner Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Zaporozhye Infantry Division Abdulhakim Ismailov from Dagestan and Minsker Leonid Gorychev. " This option is in the official Soviet sources published in the retouched form has been enhanced contrast of the image and the right-hand watch officer had been removed (by a different version of the compass), which could give rise to charges of Soviet troops in the looting.

Formal, retouched version.

Another option

Residents of Leningrad to salute in honor of Victory

Soviet soldiers drink to victory - on the general construction of the announcement of the victory over Nazi Germany May 9, 1945

Soviet trooper talks with Russian girl who was deported to work in Germany, and now returns home

German division bikes extends to the site of the surrender

British disarm the Germans capitulated in Soest. May 10, 1945

Meeting of Soviet marshals GK Zhukov and KK Rokossovskogo British Field Marshal Montgomery at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Chief of General Staff of the German land forces Infantry General Krebs (left), who arrived on May 1 in the location of Soviet troops in order to draw the Supreme Command of the negotiation process. On the same day, General shot.

Soldiers stormed the Reichstag. Intelligence Platoon 674 Infantry Regiment, 150th Infantry Division Idritsa. In the foreground - Private Gregory Bulatov. It is believed that he was the first hoisted the red flag on the Reichstag. However, the spread was a version that first were now famous Mikhail Yegorov and Meliton Kantariya.

Mikhail Yegorov and Meliton Kantariya out May 1 on the roof of the Reichstag to hoist the flag of victory there.

Poet Yevgeny Dolmatovsky with sculptural head of Hitler in Berlin. May 1945

Eugene Dolmatovsky reads poetry at the Brandenburg Gate

Soviet soldiers resting on the steps of the Reich Chancellery, considering German awards, which have not been awarded. Berlin. May 2, 1945

Red banner at the Brandenburg Gate Quadriga

Salute in honor of Victory on the roof of the Reichstag. Soldiers of the battalion under the command of Hero of the Soviet Union S. Neustroeva

Yard Reich Chancellery shortly after the battle for Berlin. This photo is interesting in that it was captured rare armored car. In 1933, the company Wilton-Fijenoord produced three armored car for the Dutch East Indies.

Group photo of the Soviet delegation at the signing of the Act of unconditional surrender of Germany's armed forces. In the center of Marshal Zhukov. May 8, 1945

Echelon "We from Berlin!", Where Soviet soldiers returning from Berlin to Moscow

Rest in echelon "We from Berlin!" With Soviet soldiers

Girls snipers

Meeting of soldiers-winners at the Belarusian railway station in Moscow

The officers of the 3rd Belorussian Front take surrendering prisoner along with armored vehicles the Germans, including the composition of the 4th Armored Division. Spit-Frisch Nerung, May 9, 1945

Soviet soldiers on the T-34-85 on the background of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The tank is closed mesh screens and protects against hits from "faustpatrona»

The capitulation of the Germans in the spit-Frisch Nerung, East Prussia. German officers take on a Soviet officer and the order of the terms of surrender surrender

May 9, 1945 on Red Square

Soviet tankers to EC-2 and T-34 celebrate the victory. Berlin, May 9, 1945

Soviet sailors, heroes storming of Berlin, posing an American war correspondent

Soldiers returned from the front kisses his son

Gunners 144 th Infantry Regiment of the 49th Guards Rifle Division in the German helmets

Odnopolchane 88-th separate heavy tank regiment in the Reichstag

American soldiers who came to Berlin Tiergarten garden for sharing watches, talking with German girls. In the background, a group of Soviet troops. For the first time after the war Tiergarten garden became a place of barter goods.

American girl soldiers salute Soviet regulirovschitsa in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate

Survived the war Polish citizens (residents of the city of Lodz, which were driven to forced labor in Germany), huddle near railway tracks in Berlin, hoping that the British military will pick them with you.

Tinder Volodya Tarnowski initialed column Reichstag

Soviet artillerymen fighting in the streets of Berlin. April 1945

Soviet assault group moves to the Reichstag

Soviet soldiers are fleeing to a new position in the battle of Berlin. In the foreground a dead German sergeant from RAD (Reichs Arbeit Dienst, conscription of labor services)

Ivan Kichigin on the grave of a friend of Gregory Kozlov Afanasevicha in Berlin in early May 1945

Captured German soldiers at the Reichstag. Famous photograph, often published in books and on posters in the Soviet Union under the name "End" (It. "The End»).

German prisoners of war in the streets of Berlin, Soviet troops captured

The column of prisoners on the streets of Berlin. In the foreground is "Germany's last hope" boys of the Hitler Youth and the Volkssturm

Captured German crying

Soviet soldiers and Chief Medical Officer of Berlin police Major General Medical Service Karl Emil Wrobel (Karl Emil Wrobel). Captured May 2, 1945

German children playing with thrown weapons (rifles, sub-machine guns) on the streets of Berlin

Soviet medium tank T-34 in the capture of Berlin

Soviet convoy on the streets of Berlin

Soldiers distribute food to residents of Berlin. April 1945

Aerial view of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin taken

German police postwar administration in Berlin

Victory Parade. Soviet soldiers with the standard of defeated Nazi troops. June 24, 1945

Victory Parade. Marshal Zhukov to the troops. June 24, 1945

Hero of the Soviet Union Major General AV Smooth with his wife at the end of the Victory Day parade. The original name of "Joy and pain Victory»

Victory Parade of allied troops September 7, 1945 in Berlin. Soviet soldiers on the spectator stands

Victory Parade of allied troops September 7, 1945. Marshal Georgy Zhukov toured the troops

Victory Parade of allied troops September 7, 1945. A column of Soviet tanks IS-3

Victory Monument in Berlin. July 1945

Soviet soldiers and officers drank with the Americans for Victory

Children of War.

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