The manipulation of emotion: How not to do what you want

In a given situation we experience a variety of feelings and emotions. They can be divided into groups:

1. positive (joy, interest);

2. negative (fear, anxiety, anger, grief, sadness);

3. neutral (surprise, boredom).

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Only positive emotions constantly to experience the impossible. It is also known that negative feelings lead to the fact that the person adapts to the situation, trying to overcome them. Positive emotions lead to relaxation and Vice versa, to maladjustment.

While manipulation usually turn to joy, anxiety, guilt and shame. The evocation of these emotions and feelings can get people to do what he planned not to lay a certain sequence of actions. Let's take a closer look.

The joyWe can distinguish several types of joy:

  • true joy;

  • pseudoroot;

  • magical joy.

What differences are there between them?

True joyIf we talk about true joy, that her man gets only as a result of their usually creative activities. In other words, the pleasure from what you have created, invented, made. The joy does not last long and is considered to be energy consuming emotion. After it usually a person feels the devastation. When someone feels joy, he is very vulnerable. Any criticism or comment will be doubly painful to him, therefore it is not necessary at this point to say something negative, even if deserved.

You might quite often see the situation where people made a big purchase, for example, bought the TV, decided to share their joy with friends and they began to criticize the model, manufacturer, etc. Particularly those who have a hypertrophied sense of envy. What happens to a person? His emotional situation changes dramatically from positive to negative, and negative emotions are felt much sharper.

Pseudomodestone Cannot argue that pseudorutile is a positive emotion. In order to explain what that feels like, you should give the following example. Imagine you went on a business trip, and you had to buy new shoes. Your day was quite eventful, you went to meetings, conferences and other events. But closer to lunch you realize that the shoes are very tight. For the remaining time you felt a strong discomfort that there was nothing I could do about it. And only in the evening, once in the hotel and taking off shoes, have you relieved.

This is pseudoroot. In other words, is the emotion that arose after the elimination of any adverse factors. There is even an opinion that pseudoroot is joy neurotic. He creates a problem, solves them and experiencing the pleasure from it.

Imagine the situation that you can't find your phone. You begin to seek him, to remember where I could write and even to speculate, I didn't do it on the way to work or home. What do you feel? Anxiety, anxiety. Finally, the phone was found and you enjoy it. But this emotion is real. It is only a likeness of true joy that you could experience from something else.

This emotion is very often used in the manipulations.

The main difference from true joy lies in the fact that her appearance was not preceded by any creative process.In order to make a person experience pseudomodest enough to cause him anxiety, discomfort, and then remove it.

Such is often found in the adoption of any new laws and projects that are initially not very popular among ordinary people.

The scheme rousing of pseudoagouti can be described as follows:

  • the manipulator uses the "pendulum effect";

  • the addressee appears in the zone of negative emotions;

  • part of the negative emotion is removed;

  • the remaining emotions are perceived as positive.

As an example we can cite the following situation. In one of the largest cities of Russia, the mayor began to lose popularity before the election. Residents complained of rise in prices for journey in public transport, utilities, etc., Instead of to reduce tariffs, the official announced that, perhaps, can not do without another increase. And even for some time was set a higher value on public transportation. After a month in the budget "found" the money to return to the old rates. The people rejoiced and thanked the mayor. In fact, in this situation, nothing has changed, the prices have remained the same, which initially was unhappy. But the officer was able to cause a feeling of anxiety that will be even worse, then lowered it, allowed to feel relief, and, accordingly, pseudoroot.

The magical delightsof Magical joy is the emotion which we experience in anticipation of future achievements. Our brain is designed in such a way that it cannot always distinguish reality from fiction. Accordingly, at the moment when a person starts to dream, he experiences the same emotions that arise from these developments.

A classic example of the magic of joy is the story of how the couple bought a lottery ticket and got into an argument over who would drive the car, and what they'll do to him. Simply put, a win they have not received and it is unknown whether or not at all, but all the emotions, including magic joy I could experience.

Like that used in the manipulation-related pictures of the future. For example, the last time you can often find the advertising slogans "Take our training, earn a million rubles, and buy a Mercedes. What happens in this case? Before the man drew a beautiful picture – he can buy the car of your dreams, and to do this you need quite a bit – just to be trained. He begins to imagine yourself behind the wheel of a car, to experience the joyful emotions that his brain perceives as real. And the fact that he will go to this training no doubt.

Reception "the future picture" is very popular among marketers. It built many advertising campaigns. Before the consumer to "paint" a picture as can change his life for the better after he acquire this product or service. This image remains in the subconscious of the client and he strives to buy something that was imposed on them, without even thinking, and if he needed it actually.

In other words the magical joy is the picture of the future. It is the basis for the creation of most pyramid schemes. The customer stated that if he put 10, for a short period of time will get 300, he paints a rosy picture starts to believe in it and really carries money. Only after this appointment ends, the person begins to think logically and understand that it was a hoax. And as we remember, any manipulation leaves the recipient a sense of desolation and frustration.

Thus, we are often faced with the fact that we are forced to do what we want. For this purpose, the manipulators are trying to elicit different emotions and feelings, including positive ones. But is it worth the momentary pleasure of that energy we spent? Will you be really happy by purchasing something you absolutely don't need? The ability to think critically and intelligently to any information to help you avoid becoming a victim of a manipulator.published

Author: Boris Litvak, P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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