To let go: allow life to deviate from your script!

To let go of the situation: take "rejection" from your script!

The existence of threads for options frees the mind from two back-breaking goods:

  • the need to rationally solve problems
  • constantly monitor the situation.
Of course, provided that he will allow himself to release.

So the mind is allowed, it requires more or less rational explanation. How could it be otherwise? The monolith of common sense to shake very hard. The mind is not accustomed to taking everything on faith. It requires justification and evidence. Proof you will receive for yourself, if you check the principles of Transurfing in practice. I can give you only study to reassure distrustful mind. Otherwise, you would not not only to test these principles, but generally read more. But this is just the beginning. Ahead you will find many more amazing discoveries.



  Two of the load hanged on the mind from childhood. We are constantly taught: "Think with your head! Do you realize what you're doing? Tell me your act! Teach lessons, only the mind can be something to achieve in life. Stupid your head! Are you going to work?" Teachers and the circumstances of the blind of mind "soldier", ready at any moment to find an explanation, to answer the question, assess the situation, make the decision to keep control over what is happening. The mind is accustomed to act expediently from the point of view of common sense. Do not just think that I was so presumptuous that he was ready to completely dismiss common sense. On the contrary, common sense is the minimum necessary set of rules on how to behave in the outside world to survive. That's just an error of mind is that he follows this code of rules literally and too straightforward.Obsession with common sense prevents the mind to look around and see that these rules are not consistent. And discrepancies with common sense in the world, there are many. This is confirmed by the inability of the mind to explain everything and protect us from problems and troubles. There is a very simple way: to rely on the threads for options. The reason is also very simple: in the streams just laid that seeking mind – expediency.As you know, the flows follow the path of least resistance. The mind also wants to talk sensibly and logically, relying on cause-and-effect relationships. But the imperfection of the mind does not allow him to accurately navigate the world and find the proper decision. Nature is originally perfect, so the more threads the feasibility and logic than the wisest reasoning. And no matter how convinced the mind that thinks rationally, he will still make mistakes. However, the reason in any case will make mistakes, but they will be much less if he will temper his zeal and will allow problems to be resolved without active intervention. This is called to let it go. In other words, you need to loosen the grip, reduce control, not to interfere with the flow, to give more freedom to the world. You already know that pushing for peace is not only useless, but harmful. Not agreeing with the current, the mind creates excess capacities. Transerfing offers a completely different way. First, the obstacles we create ourselves, pumping excess capacities. If you lower the importance, the obstacles removed themselves. Second, if the obstacle can not be, should not fight with him, and just walk away. This will help guiding signs. The trouble of mind in the fact that he is inclined to perceive events that do not fit into his scenario, as obstacles. Mind usually everyone plans ahead, calculates, and then if something unforeseen happens, begins to fight it, to fit things under your scenario. As a result, the situation gets even worse. Of course, perfect plan events the mind is not. Here it is necessary to give more freedom to the flow. For not interested in how to break your fate. This is, again, inappropriate. Destiny breaks the mind of their foolish actions. Think about it: when people are happy, pleased, satisfied? When everything goes according to plan. Any deviation from the script is perceived as a failure. Internal the importance of not allowing the mind to accept the possibility of rejection. The mind thinks: "After all, I planned ahead, figured out. I know better what's good and what is bad. I'm reasonable". Life often presents gifts to people that they accept with reluctance, because they did not plan. "I wanted a toy!" The reality is that we rarely get it scheduled toy, so I go all like tlomackie and unhappy. Now imagine how much happier will be the life ifthe mind will reduce its importance and recognize the right of existence of deviations in the script! Everyone can adjust their level of happiness. The lower limit of this level most people have a highly inflated, so they do not feel happy. I do not call to do with what we have. Dubious formula, like "I want to be happy, be", Transurfing is not good. You will receive your toy, but more on that later. Now we are talking about how to avoid trouble and reduce the number of problems.

The reluctance of the mind to allow variations in your scenario does not allow him to use the ready decisions in the flow of the current options. The maniacal tendency of the mind to keep everything under control turns life into a continuous struggle over. How can he afford to for were on their own, not obeying his will? Here we come to the most important mistake of the mind.

The mind tends to not control their movement over, and over. This is one of the main causes of any problems and trouble.

Appropriate flow moving along the path of least resistance, can give rise to problems and obstacles – their breeds confused mind. Activate the Overseer and watch at least for one day, as your mind tries to control the current:

  • You offer something, and you refuse;
  • Something you are trying to tell you, and you dismiss;
  • Someone expresses their point of view and you argue;
  • Someone does in their own way, and you guide him on the right path;
  • You offer a solution, and you mind;
  • You expect one thing and get another and complain;
  • Someone stopping you, and you become angry;
  • Something goes against your script, and you rush into a frontal attack to direct the flow in the right direction.
Maybe for you personally, everything is a bit different, but the truth is still there. Right?


Now try to loosen the grip of control and grant more freedom. I'm not suggesting you all agree and accept. Simply change the tactics: move the center of gravity from control to observation. Strive more to observe than to control. Do not rush to dismiss, argue, argue, prove their, to intervene, to manage, to criticize.

Give a chance to the situation to be resolved without your active intervention or resistance. If you're not shocked, then certainly surprised. And this will happen quite a paradoxical thing. Abandoning control, you get even more control over the situation than it had before.

An observer always has a greater advantage than a direct participant. That's why I keep repeating: give yourself to rent.

When you look back, you will see that your control goes against the flow. Other suggestions were not without meaning. To argue is not worth it. Your intervention was unnecessary. What you saw as obstacles at all were not. Problems and so resolved safely without your knowledge. What you got wrong, isn't bad at all. Randomly thrown phrases do have power. Your mental discomfort served as a warning. You didn't spend excess energy and was satisfied. That is the magnificent gift of flow to the mind, which I mentioned at the beginning.

And of course, in addition to everything said, remember our "friends". To move in harmony with the course interfere with the pendulums. They are at every step giving the man a provocation, causing him to beat the water with his hands. The presence of the flow within is not satisfied with the pendulums for the simple reason that the flow is in the direction of minimum energy. Energy expended by man to fight over, is the creation of excess capacity and to feed the pendulums. The only control, which should be paid attention to is the control over the level of internal and external importance. Remember that the importance of stopping the mind to let go of the situation.

To let go and in many cases much more effective and useful than to insist on. The desire of people to assert themselves since childhood begets a habit to prove his importance. This is harmful in all respects a tendency to prove his innocence, come what may. This desire creates excess capacity and is in conflict with the interests of other people. Often people try to prove their innocence, even in cases when a verdict in one direction or another do not directly affect their interests.

Some people have a feeling of importance is so exaggerated that they seek in all things to insist on. Inner importance grows into a mania to keep everything under control: "I'll prove my innocence, for what it's worth". Bad habit. It makes life very difficult, first of all to the defender of truth.

If your interests from that not much affected, feel free to let go of the situation and grant others the right to bash the water with his hands. If you do this consciously, you will immediately become easy on the soul, even easier than if you have proven your point. You will bring satisfaction to the fact that you stepped up above: did not, as usual, to defend its significance, and acted like a wise parent with a foolish child.



Let me give you another example.

Excessive zeal at work almost as bad as carelessness.Let's say you got a prestigious job, which had long dreamed of. You show yourself to high requirements, because I believe that it is our responsibility to give it my best shot.

That is correct, but if you take the case too zealously, it is not likely to withstand stress, especially if the task is difficult. In the best case, your work will be ineffective, and at worst you will earn a nervous breakdown. You can even come to the false belief that it is not able to handle this job.

There is one more option. You develop rough activity, and thus interfere with the established order of things. You think that there is much to be improved, and you are absolutely sure that doing the right thing.However, if your innovations will entail a violation of habitual way of life of your employees, nothing good do not wait. This is the case when the initiative is punishable. You put in a slow but calm and balanced flow, and you've been struggling beating the water with his hands, trying to swim faster.

Well, now it turns out, even a single word against not say, and do not stick out? Well, not quite so hard. It is necessary to approach this question from a Mercantile point of view. To resent and criticize only what you directly interfere, and only in the case if your criticism can change something for the better. Never criticize what has already happened and cannot be changed. Otherwise, the principle of the need to apply not literally, agreeing with everyone and everything, but only by moving the center of gravity from control to observation. More watch and do not rush to control. A sense of proportion will come to you itself, you don't have to worry.published


Author: Vadim Zeland

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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