Vadim Zeland: Not "my tongue — my enemy", and the thoughts are my enemies

His attitude creates an individual layer of the world — a separate reality. This reality depending on a person's relationship takes on a particular hue. To put it figuratively, there are established certain "weather conditions": the freshness of the morning in the sunshine or overcast and raining, and sometimes that raging storm, or even natural disaster is happening.

In some way the surrounding reality is formed, as is commonly believed, as a result of direct human action. But thought forms have not less power, just their work is manifested not so obviously. In any case, the greatest number of problems occur because of negative attitudes. And then all this brewed metaphysical way porridge stuck at the physical level, which only complicates matters.

©Adam Marinakis the overall picture of the individual reality depends on how people configured in relation to all that surrounds it. But at the same time, his attitude is due to what is happening around. Obtained closed-loop feedback loop: the reality is formed as a reflection image of a person's thoughts, and the image, in turn, is largely determined by the reflection. Man standing in front of a mirror, directs all their attention, not trying to look at yourself from the inside out. It turns out that the dominant role in the feedback loop is not the way, and reflection. Man is in the power of the mirror, because, as if fascinated, looks at his copy. He can't think that you can change the original. Precisely because of this obsession with attention on the reflection we get what you actively do not want. Usually negative experiences to fully possess the person's attention. He is concerned that he is not satisfied. Think of what he wants and wants what he thinks. This is a paradox. But the mirror does not take into account the willingness or unwillingness of a person — it's just exactly conveys the content of the image — no more, no less. Absolutely ridiculous situation turns out. Man always carries with him something not accept.Not "my tongue — my enemy", and the thoughts are my enemies. Despite the absurdity, this is the case. What happens when people that hate it? He understands this sense of the unity of soul and mind. Clear image, perfectly reflected in the mirror fills the entire layer of the world. What I hate, what you get in your life in abundance. As a result the person more irritable, thereby increasing the strength of his feelings. Mentally, he sends all "go to hell" "fuck you all!.." And the mirror returns the boomerang back. You sent and sent you there. The amount of trouble increases? Of course! If you stand in front of a mirror and yell: "damn you!" — what reflection there? As you fail along with his world. Similarly, the subject of condemnation penetrates the layer of the Prosecutor". Imagine this typical example: the angry elderly lady looks at the whole world with reproach. She is the living embodiment of the severe and unerring justice "before the people and conscience rights." And the rest of the world is guilty to answer for what was not to her liking. The picture is worded very specifically and clearly. Looking in the mirror with such arrogance, it creates around itself a corresponding reality, that is, the continuous injustice. Well, how else should the world react? He does not condemn her, and not justified. The world with its inherent property becomes exactly as it is presented.
The same thing happens in the case of rejection of anything. For example, if a woman sharply negative attitude to alcohol consumption, it is doomed to face this at every step. She constantly would be kind of drunkenness in its various manifestations, to the point that she will marry an alcoholic. The stronger the disgust of the wife, the husband drinking more. From time to time he can attempt to tie this case. But she hates drinking, which literally relishes his dislike and furiously insists: "he's not leaving you to drink!" Indeed, if the husband has no commitment, wife, "hard-nosed" in their rejection, can implement their thought form in the layer of his world. The tendency to pessimistic expectations in General from looking unattractive. Mood: "still nothing!" like sadomasochism. The pessimist gets a perverse satisfaction, reveling in their grave share: "the World is so bad that any longer. So it serves him right and me with him!" Such a pathological habit of finding delight in negativity develops along with a propensity for offense. "I'm so great! And you do not appreciate! Here it is, the height of injustice! All I have offended, and do not persuade me! About to die, then you will know!" And what you end up with? The mirror is not just reflected, and securely reinforced the picture of a fatal trouble. Hurt himself eating a bad script and then triumphs: "Well, what did I say?!" And the mirror only takes the order: "As thou wilt!" With the same fatal doom of the loser finds his unenviable position: "life is continuous darkness, and there is no lumen is not visible. He struggled not wish such a fate and all my mental energy goes into complaints and lamentations. But that could reflect the mirror, if the image is continuous discontent? What is the way; "I am unhappy! I don't want to!" — and such a reflection: "Yes, you're unhappy and you don't want". Again just the fact — no more no less. Dissatisfaction has the same paradoxical nature, it creates itself. There is one "Golden" rule that you can include in your tutorial for idiots: "If I don't like myself, I don't like myself". In this tautology is the principle, which, oddly enough, by most of people. Take, for example, appearance. You may notice that almost all young children are very cute. Where does so many adults are unhappy with their appearance? All from the same place — from the mirror that returns back all pritenzii. Grow a beautiful those who have the prevailing propensity to enjoy themselves — that is their secret. They are guided by the rule: "If I like myself, I have all the more reason for it." It is quite another when the character speaks to his reflection: "What I gained, it would be necessary to lose weight!" In the mirror dispassionately replied: "Yes, you're fat, you need to lose weight". Or this: "something I was starved, it would be necessary to disappoint!" What should answer: "Yes, you are frail, you need to swing". Reality responds as an echo, confirming what he heard. And so the inferiority complex grows himself. After low self-esteem is the appropriate sentence, which the mirror translates into reality. "I have no special talents?" "Yes, you're a failure". "I don't deserve a better fate?" "Yes, you're to expect." But if in addition there is an innate sense of guilt, then all down the drain. "I blame? I have to work off his debt?" "Yes, you deserve punishment, and you shall receive." Well, what else? If a person, even unconsciously, feels guilty, and this should be reflected in the mirror? Retribution — without fail! Needless to say that anxiety and fears are also implemented immediately? He fears so many things, most of them don't happen just because it requires a lot of energy. Misfortunes and catastrophes are always anomalies that stand out of the equilibrium current options. But if an unwanted event is near a flow, it will happen because the person attracts his own thoughts. But doubts are the opposite. Unlike fear, which focus attention on the possible implementation of any event, doubt more concerned that it will not happen. And of course, in many cases of doubt, unfortunately, justified. But why out of spite? It's anxiety and fears.

  In any case, the desire of something to avoid greatly increases the probability of collision. Everything is done in defiance of why the person often comes into a state of irritation, and even stays in it most of the time. Irritated as completes the overall picture attitude. The result is the integral image, "I feel uncomfortable". According to this individual built a reality in which everything goes to the fact that the discomfort persisted and further intensified. People his negative attitude he paints the layer of your world in black tones. Any relationship in which is embedded a frantic feeling of soul and the firm conviction of the mind is reflected in reality. And literally, one by one, regardless of what the person is trying to Express: desire or rejection. Here works the principle of the fourth mirror: mirror simply reflects the content of the attitude, ignoring its orientation. As the man enters when he realized what he wants? Instead look at the way he directs all his attention to the reflection and trying to change it. Reflection is a physical reality, and act here have only within the inner intention. That is, if the world does not listen and moves entirely in the wrong direction, you need to take him by the throat and drag struggling wherever you want. Difficult task, do not say anything. And in many cases unfeasible. And all because the situation is completely absurd: man standing in front of the mirror, trying to seize his reflection and something to him. Inner intention by direct action seeks to change the already accomplished reality. The house is built, but not as much as I would like. You have to take it apart and remake, but in the end still turns out wrong. The man feels like he is sitting behind the wheel of an unmanaged vehicle. The brakes don't work, the motor then stops, then roars at full power. The driver tries to fit into reality, but behaves unpredictably. Logically, in order to pass the obstacle, you need to turn to the side, but it turns out quite the contrary: from the moment as soon as a dangerous obstacle commands attention, a collision becomes inevitable. The steering wheel turns in one direction, and carry you to another. And the harder you push on the brakes, the higher speed. It turns out that no man controls the reality, and the reality rules man. The experience, like early childhood to me, running and crying with all his strength. The world does not want to obey me — that's how he hurt me! Don't want to hear and understand. Just running and yelling, and my roar is modulated by kicks on the ground. Remember how it is? And why am I so stupid! Adults trying to explain something, but I have no desire to figure it out. Everything should be my way, period!

  I grew up, but nothing changed — I still did not understand. I stomp my foot and demand that the world obeyed me. But he does everything out of spite, and here I am again running and yelling. Run towards reality, and the wind is blowing to my face. But all in vain — the reality drives me, it makes me like the oyster, to react negatively, and this itself is getting worse. You may be interested in: Vadim Zeland: How to reverse the aging process

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How to manage this crazy car? What people should do, what is his fault? The error lies in the fact that he was looking, not looking at the reflection. Hence all his problems. And should be done here. First of all you need to stop chasing reflection and to stop. It means. it is necessary to look away from the mirror and refuse to turn the world in the right direction. At this point, crazy car will stop, reality to stop, too. And then the incredible happens: the world moves forward. ©Vadim Zeland "Transerfing of reality" P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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