Expectations vs. Reality. How we cheat hotels

Those pictures that you see here - the result of an impromptu study holidaymakers popular Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta. They managed to uncover a few tricks that photographers are trying to give an attractive landscape is not particularly remarkable.

Expectations: Pool of this hotel looks great in the picture

Reality: In fact, its size is hardly impressive

Expectations: This place seems to be a quiet paradise

Reality: Instead of an attractive girl and a quiet pool of tourists waiting for the crowd, children screaming and aerobics classes, which are held constantly

Expectations: This hotel also promises peace and quiet

Reality: The crowds are much smaller than the palm trees and tall buildings around the hotel

Expectations: It seems that at this resort rest solely model

Reality: Vacationers here - people like people, mind-blowing beauties no more than anywhere

Expectations: The stunning view from the balcony

Reality: This view is also nothing, but still does not make such an impression

Expectations: Elegant bathroom, warm shades

Reality: Too bad, but where delos golden glow

Expectations: On this photo and determine how big gym

Reality: In fact, he was a tiny

Expectations: The site seems spacious hotel suite

Reality: In fact, it turned out to be much more modest dimensions

EXPECTATIONS: The resort is called "Sugar Cane" (Barbados) seems like the perfect place for a honeymoon

REALITY: Jacuzzi modest size and no champagne

EXPECTATIONS: It seems that the resort Riu Negril - a place that attracts the beautiful people who love beautiful life

Reality: No one model

EXPECTATIONS: Hotel Langham looks like the embodiment design dreams

REALITY: After leaving stylist everything looks much less attractive

EXPECTATIONS: Photos Hotel Lima in Peru promise fabulous vacation

REALITY: In the promotional pictures pool looks a little more appealing than actually

EXPECTATIONS: Room Hotel L'Enfant in Washington. Looks very elegant

REALITY: In fact, everything is much more modest, including bedding

EXPECTATIONS: Great pool Marigot Beach Resort in St. Lucia ...

REALITY: ... is fenced paddling

EXPECTATIONS: Who would not want to visit the buffet at the Grand Palladium Bavaro in the Dominican Republic?

REALITY: In 1988, the buffet looked much more attractive

EXPECTATIONS: a relaxing stay in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas ...

REALITY: ... in fact turns into a painful search for a place under the sun

EXPECTATIONS: This macho surfer ...

REALITY: ... tried, apparently, to catch a wave in the jacuzzi

EXPECTATIONS: If you will be going to the fitness center at the Holiday Inn Wall Street in New York ...

REALITY: ... keep in mind that this "fitness center" nowhere to turn

EXPECTATIONS: Elegant in the photo room at the Hudson (New York) ...

REALITY: ... in fact, too, can unpleasantly surprise dimensions

EXPECTATIONS: It seems that the hotel Claridge offers visitors a luxurious indoor swimming pool in the Italian style

REALITY: In fact, he looks more like a jacuzzi

EXPECTATIONS: If you want to swim in the pool at the Empire Hotel in New York ...

REALITY: ... keep in mind that the place in this pool is only enough for one

EXPECTATIONS: The site of the hotel Ritz Carlton (Miami) numbers seem luxurious

REALITY: The reality is much more modest. Disappeared somewhere palm trees and bright colors

EXPECTATIONS: The Royal Suite at Ayres in Hawaii ...

REALITY: ... the reality is not so impressive. It turns out, the flowers and the laptop is not included in the list of services

EXPECTATIONS: Do you want to swim in the pool at the Sofitel Los Angeles?

REALITY: It is better, perhaps, to do it in a romantic setting at night because during the day the pool falls the shadow of the supermarket Macy's

EXPECTATIONS: Wedding in Peru on the beach - what could be more romantic?

REALITY: Just keep in lead that the ceremony on the beach to observe the crowd of onlookers sunbathers

EXPECTATIONS: Relax on the beach at Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) in silence, away from the bustle ...

REALITY: ... will come

EXPECTATIONS: In order to give the hotel Essex glamorous look ...

REALITY: ... fotoshopery removed from the image lamppost with traffic lights

EXPECTATIONS: The right angle and a few accessories can make from the balcony of a London hotel wonderful place for solitary reflection

REALITY: The reality is not so attractive

EXPECTATIONS Beach Hotel Playa Conchas Chinas (Mexico). It would seem that paradise!

REALITY: It really would be a paradise if it was a little cleaner

EXPECTATIONS: The spacious pool overlooking the beach ...

REALITY: ... and mysteriously disappeared building


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