Best ads in 2013 (27 photos)

Here are examples of how to look effective advertising

How to get free shows on TV.

There is a small problem.

The Wizard of Oz today.

Excellent conditions!

Now we know where the trained many managers.

Caring children with a commercial vein.

Cushy job.

Honesty is always captivating.

Payment in cash.

Horrible job.

Not a bad alternative.

Brilliant advertising without investments.

He wanted to sell the car, got an unexpected offer.

Soup of the day: WHISKEY!

Captain Obvious is gaining staff.

Clean, not where clean, but where an adept of black magic.

The main thing - motivation.

Think of the children!

And now - to the chief of cold shop.

And you'll burn, probably in hell.

Window to Europe with his own hands.

Not for you are my rose blossomed.

Smoking or non-smoking?

How can you deny the little Seva?

How to be happy.

A good ad should evoke emotion.


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