Activities for fans of extreme sports (12 photos)

Adrenalinschikam offers 14 very "fun" of leisure activities

Philippines (Albay, Luzon Island): Mayon Volcano

Mayon volcano in the distant 1814 drowned in the lava whole city with a population of 2 200 people. After its last eruption in 2009, (the volcano is active since) residents of nearby towns and villages decided to move away from him, but for curious tourists travel to Mayon - is the source of this adrenaline. Nepal Annapurna ring

This pedestrian tourist route includes spectacular views of the Himalayas and the scenic Annapurna I - the 10th in the world in 8091 at the height of eight-meters. Track the overall ease of 250 km takes about 3 weeks, although the newly built road cuts the first part of the transition from 10 to 2 days. Statistics show ascent to Annapurna climb the most dangerous in the world.

United States (Kauai, Hawaii): helicopter flight around the crater of the volcano

Time of flight usually lasts about an hour. I should say that it's still a memorable way to see the whole island. However, since 1990 there are about 30 helicopter crash.

Chile (Pucon): bungee-jumping into the mouth of a volcano

For fans of extreme sports special, someone still a little adrenaline from traveling to a active volcano, has a win-win: badges jump from a helicopter directly into the mouth of a volcano (216 meters above it). Thank God, but cases of death still has not been fixed.

China: a walk through the mountain Huashan

This mountain is known as one of the Sacred Mountains of Taoism in China, with an altitude of over 2000 meters. Do you want to walk on a suspension bridge width 3 narrow planks a little more than 30 cm, herpes mountain?

Sane people are unlikely to agree to this.

Russia (Zhukovskiy): flight into the stratosphere on MiG

For only 15 000 dollars you can take a ride on a jet plane MiG together with a professional pilot, of course. A stay at the boundary of space, about 24 km above the earth, where the sky is black on the head and under your feet already blue earth.

The border of France / Italy / Switzerland: Mont Blanc

At an altitude of 4810 meters the temperature rarely rises above 0, but gusty winds and numerous avalanches make this mountain insanely dangerous. In the year killed 30 climbers, and this is a very rough calculation.

United States (New Smyrna Beach, FL): Sharks swimming in the society

If you want to swim or surf in the society of sharks, then travel to New Smyrna Beach in Florida, an hour's drive north-east of Orlando.

Russia (White Sea): an ice diving

Every year from February to April, visitors can spend from 900 to 1700 dollars, to dive into the icy sea water. Visibility in such water is between 15 to50 m. So it still risked divers can observe with their own eyes a great variety of fish and soft corals beneath the ice.

Bolivia Road of Death

The length of the road of death in Bolivia, about 60 km, but in some areas it narrows to 3 meters, and it is in this area most accidents happen when the vehicle is just simply falls off a cliff. Since 1995, this road is called the most dangerous in the world, after a year she "kills" no more, no less than 300 people.

Mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan

The overall ease 400 volcanoes emit large amounts of gas, which immediately ignited. Eruptions occur every few decades, and the flames reached 15 meters in height. Surprisingly, the boiling mud is not boiling.

Australia: Swimming jellyfish

These jellyfish are found near the northern coastline of Australia. Their venom is considered the most deadly in the world, because it strikes at the heart, it harms the nervous system, and skin cells.

South Africa: The Zambezi River

Zambezi - the fourth largest river system in Africa after the Nile, Zaire and Niger Rivers. It flows through six countries from central Africa to the Indian Ocean. If you love the thrill of kayaking and do not mind the company of hippos, crocodiles and sharks, bulls, welcome.

United States (Massachusetts): Jumping off a cliff Bash Bish Falls

The highest waterfall (61 meters) of Massachusetts is located on the south-west. An incredibly beautiful place, but at the same time very dangerous to jump: the edge of the cliff, crumbling right under your feet, and the depth is uneven ... These waterfalls many people died.


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