Top 10 most extreme sports

Once bungee jumping or skydiving from an altitude of six thousand meters were considered the most dangerous. But today it is not much a surprise and, as extreme sports are not standing still.

Look at the list of dozens of hazardous extreme, the existence of which you may not even suspect.

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1. Treynserfing

This activity is totally illegal. But in this article is not about the law, and the absolute extreme sports, so we will tell you about treynserfinge. Its essence is to ride on the roof or on the steps of moving at full speed trains. You have probably seen a lot of shots with similar "passengers" made in Africa or India. Currently deployed a vast campaign against this kind of extreme. His main danger lies in the fact that the "passengers" can fly off the train at full speed or maimed during the movement of the overhead contact line, or when entering a tunnel. Although there are extreme extreme, and unlikely to be able to scare these difficulties really desperate people.

2. Vulkanobording

Snoubrody - is yesterday! Introducing the new sport - skiing on a volcano. Vulkanobording mad exactly as much as it seems at first glance. The only place in the world where you can ride on the slope of an active volcano - is Nicaragua, the Department of Leon. It is here, and is an active volcano Cerro Negro. Anyone can rush down from a height of 725 meters on a special wooden board with a speed up to 80 km / h, knowing that the volcano is still active, and its last eruption occurred just over 10 years ago. That is - a really powerful adrenaline rush! To climb to the summit of Cerro Negro will require as much as 45 minutes, and God forbid, to go down, not only with the wind, but as a whole, because the slope of the mountain at a really cool 41 degrees.

3. The Human Catapult

Airkick® - another kind of extreme sport, which is also called "human catapult" (I think the name puts everything in its place). Special throwing device throws ekstrimala up the pre-calculated trajectory using pressure

4. Driving on sand dunes in the 4WD

First, let's imagine the most steep and high sand dunes that can only be on that you would never be able to get up, and then imagine that overcomes these heights on four wheels, with covers you, fear - to fall and roll over, and an indescribable feeling of extreme sports. Such passion is popular in the United Arab Emirates and this is not surprising, because the cars out there that are adapted for the best. If you decide on a lesson, do not forget to bring your camera, so it was something to show your mates, and they will not take your word!

5. BASE jumping

If you ever wanted to jump from very high building ... then you will likely need professional help! But if you're tired of the usual jumps and looking for more thrills, the BASE Jumping - it is just a new craze that is, what you need. The difference is that you jump from fixed objects such as paragliding, but you have a packed parachute. There are four types of objects from which the jump in the sport: buildings, antennas, spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs). The danger is that while to deploy the parachute is not much, and it is necessary to have time to do it at the beginning of the jump, otherwise the consequences could be very pleasant.

6. speedriding

Have you ever though that would be if you mix paragliding and skiing? In fact, it's real! You just need to get the wing, it is something like a parachute, and skiing. The wing will gain speed and at the same time you will go down the slope at high speed. This sport is very fast and dangerous and on some of its ski slopes is already banned. Sliding speed allows you to go so fast that just skiing, you will never feel this.

7. Sleklayning
For this extreme sport you need tight rope, but not too tight. Not much pull the rope so that it stretched like a rubber band, and it was possible to change the voltage. Taut rope will allow you to perform some stunts - unless of course you, dare! Record height in sleklayninge belongs to Christian Shu, he walked a tightrope above the gorge at a height of 3280 feet, which is 3 Eiffel Tower.

8. Bull Run

If you want to get a huge adrenaline rush, the better means you will not find. Become a target for the bull - is not everyone's strength. Every year in July in Pamplona, ​​hundreds of people are using themselves as a target in front of a herd of bulls, so they lured the last farm in the city, where they are used for bull fights. The only criteria that you must meet - to be over 18 years! So if you think you can get away from the bull at a distance of 840 meters, along with hundreds of others who want to - then feel free to try this latest extreme sport! Just be careful, because the 14 people taking part in these races have become victims of the bulls.

9. Birdman
Many dream to learn to fly, but Birdmen already knows! With the help of a little thing called the wing-suit you will be able to fly from one rock to another, while controlling their movements. One can reach a speed of 140 to 150 miles per hour. Valley Romsdal in Norway during the summer solstice is the most popular destination for this sport. While the suit is filled with air, you will experience a free fall, and the wings of nylon carry you forward. It's just an extraordinary feeling, already just because you fly!

10. Luge Street
The last thing worth mentioning is street luge, and if you live on a hill, it can replace your car. Born this sport in Southern California among skateboarders who found that they could achieve a much higher speed, lying on a board sliding down and down a very steep hill. So if you enjoy the thrill of high speed and are not afraid of death, then it can try it! Currently, this sport is most popular in Europe. Be prepared for injuries and sometimes fractures, as the speed of 60 miles / h brakes are your feet.

Now you know all about extreme sports from around the world. Just before you try anything on this list do not forget to say goodbye to loved ones!



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