Kinds of sports

I doubt that there are people who have not heard about the football, volleyball and basketball. These sports are very popular and common, even in the most remote areas of the globe. However, there are types of which you hardly heard. I suggest you read them in this collection.

Tank biathlon

Instead ski - tracks. Instead of air guns - large caliber howitzers, the target closing spectacular explosion. Instead of snow - dirt, which, as we know, are not afraid of tanks. All this is a young but promising domestic sport. This year the geography of the competition was small - on colored combat vehicles competed teams from Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan, but also to the next championship defense minister Sergei Shoigu promised to bring military athletes from the US, Italy and Germany, really made this army Championship International .

Tough race for the guys

If you think the Olympic marathon exhausting sport, then you definitely need to get to the end of January in the British county of Staffordshire, where the race is held each year, which can sustain, not every athlete. Its route block the holes with mud, ditches, burning land, water barriers and fences of barbed wire - because of all this, more than a third of several thousand participants simply do not reach the finish line. Despite its name, is now actively involved in the race, and the fair sex, and all the funds collected from the thousands of spectators attending the most brutal marathon in the world, go to charity.


Particularly strange and cruel kind of polo, not only could claim to be the national sport of Afghanistan, but also to remind tourists that in this country you need to keep your eyes open. Despite the presence in the Central Asian countries of similar sports, it is the Afghan polo, where exercise equipment is a goat carcass, characterized by the most stringent set of rules and the highest level of training athletes. Last year, not only the whole train to beat opponents on the main New Year event in Mazar-e-Sharif, but also prepare for Buzkashi horses from birth. Here are just a strict set of rules allows for a lot of brutal libertines - athletes opposing teams not only in full hustle and kick their horses hooves, but very vigorously wielded whips. Earlier particularly intense fights often ended in shootings, because of what is now the order of the competition followed army units.

Eton Wall Game

Brutality of student sport somehow loosely fit with its respectability, but the fact remains - pristenok praised the students one of the most influential British colleges for children of upper-class families. The bizarre mixture of rugby and football, which serves as a platform for the land from the ancient walls of the Royal College of Eton, the tension reaches its climax on November 30 when the traditional match spend two irreconcilable groups of the institution. Wrestle, often accompanied by injuries to drag against the wall of the ball rarely ends in a goal, but less than spectacular and uncompromising this does not become.


If someone you declare that, say, boxing - a sport for fools, or laugh at the sports category on chess, just ask him to take part in competitions Chessboxing. All 11 rounds that last match, athletes cheerfully alternate permutation of figures and waving fists, revealing whether the cleverest boxer, or the strongest chess player. Born in Holland, this sport for some 10 years has grown into a set of Chessboxing clubs and even regular world championships, one of which was won by Russian Nikolay Sazhin.


Born on the cool beaches of Belgium, this quaint and surprisingly spectacular view volleyball is rapidly conquering the whole world, is already gaining widespread popularity in Brazil. Apparently, flexible and technically Brazilians normal throwing out the ball over the net on the beach seemed too boring, so they embraced the idea with enthusiasm Philip Eykmansa inflatable trampoline pad cover, allowing the player to jump really high, and allow your feet to wield a vengeance. See it all as a mix of volleyball, capoeira and air exercises, and therefore constantly attracts thousands of spectators not only on beaches all over the world, but also, for example, in the Alpine ski resorts.

Camel fights

Camels - are animals not only proud but also very strong, and that gave rise to the ancient Turkish sport. Held across western Turkey during the rut, it becomes a great attraction for holidaymakers in the famous tourist resorts. Fights basically peace-loving camels, dressed in luxurious clothing, characterized by some amazing grace and a low level of violence.


Konker - is the fruit of the wild chestnut, suspended on a long rope. Ease of sports equipment halloo to one another of the entertainment, which give complex technical tricks fans of this sport, trying to break into fragments konker opponent. Major international competitions are held annually in the month of October in the British village of Ashton, located in the county Norskhempton, which attracts hundreds of athletes and just curious tourists, attracted by the elegance of the sport.



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