Earnings athletes during the 2012 Olympics (20 photos)

I think we all know that famous athletes earn very well.
Let's look at who the athletes from the 2012 Olympics and earned much
over the past 12 months, according to the magazine Forbes.

Roger Federer (Switzerland)
Sport: Tennis
Age: 30 years
Earnings last year: $ 54, 3 million

LeBron James (USA)
Sport: Basketball
Age: 27 years
Earnings last year: $ 53 million

Kobe Bryant (USA)
Sport: Basketball
Age: 33 year
Earnings last year: $ 52, 3 million

Maria Sharapova (Russia)
Sport: Tennis
Age: 25 years
Earnings last year: $ 27, 1 million

Kevin Durant (USA)
Sport: Basketball
Age: 23 year
Earnings last year: $ 25, 5 million


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