Hurricane Sandy had done Affairs (153 pics + 2 SIFCO)

The strongest in the history of the US disaster has left millions of families without shelter and light.
Disrupted transport movement that can restore only a few days.
At the moment, the hurricane moves toward the Canadian border, leaving behind destruction and horror.

For two days in the United States it was abolished more than 15 thousand. Flights. After Hurricane & quot; Sandy & quot; on Tuesday night hit the east coast of the United States, particularly affected the states of New Jersey and New York.

The governor of the neighboring state of New Jersey Chris Christie said that in total, the disaster hit 2, 4 million households. According to Christie's, the destruction of the storm & quot; incomparable to anything I have ever seen & quot ;. After a storm surge on the coast were piles of garbage more than two meters in height, the governor said.

According to the US Department of Energy, at least 8 million homes are de-energized. The number of residents in areas subject to mandatory evacuation could reach one million.

& quot; subway system in New York 108 years, but we have never encountered such a destructive element, which fell on us last night & quot ;, - said the head of the Transport Department of the city Joseph Lot. According to the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the city's subway can earn in just four or five days. According to calculations the mayor's office, city buses work was partially resumed on Tuesday, and in full, they will come on the line on Wednesday.

Wednesday also restore your job John F. Kennedy International Airport and New York Stock Exchange.

According to the latest data, without electricity as a result of the disaster are still about 6 million people. The authorities claim that the full restoration of power could take a week. In addition to the New York City public transportation does not work in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston.

The wind speed at the center of the hurricane reached 130 kilometers per hour. In the west of Maryland has dropped 70 cm of snow and in the mountains of West Virginia - nearly a meter. Snow fell even in the state of Tennessee, located further south. President Barack Obama has ordered a state of emergency in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, and several other states.

Because of the hurricane it was interrupted preparations for the US presidential elections. On Monday, Barack Obama canceled a meeting with voters and returned to the White House, where directed the actions of the federal authorities to overcome the consequences of natural disasters.

The total loss of the US economy from the impact of elements could reach $ 100 billion, and losses of insurance companies can be up to 10 billion. The total number of victims of & quot; Sandy & quot ;, including fatalities in the Caribbean, exceeded 80 people.

Previously, it was a sign

A lot of parked cars at random, random on the streets. At first I thought that people just throwing cars at random, but then asked one of the drivers. It turned out that the flow of water is to scatter the machine haphazardly

And this is - Salon Selick

Parking at the house 50 meters from the Belt Parkway, which yesterday was flooded

Windows Ven beaten before, but the water is added

On the next street flooded yard

Pumping water out of the basement

The same house, which was flooded parking

Calvert Vaux Park

The road in front of the park

Belt Parkway, between 5 and 6 outputs. A little ducked

Dier Offerman Park and the street around him

The most common sound on the streets - the roar of the sirens of police, fire and ambulance vehicles

Another Burned car

He came out into the street Neptune Ave. Judging by the cars, the water there was about 1-1, 5 height

Dragged the trash. Location - mystery

The sidewalk is covered with mud

Many car arrived together

Lying on the lawn, a police boat punt

Incidentally, most of the trees are not broken, but more often uprooted

Coney Island. Surf Ave.

Everything is covered with mud

So now looks the beach Coney Island

Wooden flooring is covered with sand

Sometimes even the boards never see

The ocean is still restless

Wind broke the sign Theater Shore. So many years have stood here and here you are you :(

Subway doors stupidly filled with foam. But Cho - also an option!

This is not a parked car - they issued into the street with water. Then I met one Russian man who said he was running away from the water by car, moving it until it with the other hand is not cut off. As a result, it took off from the roof of the police car on the boat. The car at the time was under water up to the middle of the glass

Another police boat

The machine gradually evacuated from the streets if their water is left, so that complicates the movement

Here you can see how the car spun. However, they can be parked for a couple of blocks away :)

By the way, a strange thing - new cars (up to 2-3 years) if you have been flooded, the driver's stand with pubescent windows. What is it? Some sensor that automatically opens when the car enters the water or what?

Lucky damn ... This rail in the trunk landed ...

And it rides Luna Park at Coney Island

It was the 2009 Accord

Even the bus somewhere dragged flow

Leaned ...

And inside this Bimmera downright sandpit

Already began to clear

And this X5 minutes hanging on the corner of Ocean Parkway and Brighton Beach

Gently put so

In general, as promised, the brunt of the southern part of Brooklyn. Particularly affected areas of Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Just 10-15 quarters and there is no such water only places toppled trees. As for those who drowned their cars, I can say one thing - are to blame. Within a few days passed the evacuation could even overtake the car out of the water. And then live 100 meters from the beach, hoping to chance ... It did not work.

Hurricane Sandy instagrame

Parking new taxis.

Rockaway before and after.

A tree fell on the car for 87 straight

Lower Manhattan in the dark.

& quot; house on the island & quot; in Connecticut.

The vessel is beached Staten Island.

Burned houses Breezy Point. It burned about 80 buildings.


Cars on the streets of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Lower Manhattan.

People from the generator to charge the battery in lower Manhattan.

The most affected of the hurricane in New York, a car :)

The lights of Manhattan.

Breezy Point.

Mentoloking Bridge in New Jersey before and after.

Gate C34 at the airport of La Guardia.

Fallen canopy pavilion space shuttle Interprise.

Fallen tree in Manhattan.

Underground Shopping Center in lower Manhattan.

1st Avenue.

Turn to the phone booth. Cellular in the part of Manhattan does not work.

Park Avenue.

Subway station 86th Street.

Car in an underground garage submerged in lower Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan in the dark. Midtown lit lights.

Houses on the coast of New Jersey.

Battered roller coaster in the town of Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Ocean City, New Jersey.

Turn around now!

Boats on the coast of New Jersey.

Carousel in the park under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Drowned police cars.

Madison, Connecticut.

A tree fell on a house in Hicksville.


The flow of water flows into underground parking

Area 14th Street


Flooded streets of Brooklyn

Flooded Tunnel

Potential-free streets filled with water

Following the flood came fires

Blasted residential neighborhood in Queens, New York, USA.

The surviving statue of the Virgin Mary


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