The colors of the elements in Your home

In homes that are under the influence of certain elements, you can find a variety of color schemes. For example, one of those homes that are subject to the elements of Earth can be saturated with brown tones, shades of terracotta and beige. At the same time, another house, where reigns the element of Earth, will be filled with green (avocado color), pink and cream shades. Both of the above example is typical for both types of houses of the Earth, both will be dominated by one or the other colors, but all the houses will be different.

Any house is usually full of different colors, which may not necessarily be associated with the elements of the universe, which they are. However, there are two aspects that you should pay attention to when working with color in the buildings that are subject to government one of the elements of the universe.

The first and most important of these is the ability to intensify the power of color and make it work under the influence of one or another element. The second aspect involves the determination of the color spectrum, which is suitable for one or another element.

Enhanced color power under the influence of one of the elements is a powerful tool that can be used to create an energy balance in the house where the energetic disharmony. To know how this tool works and how to use it, you must first understand the colors that are preferable for one or another element of the universe.

For example, if the house is decorated with neutral colors such as beige, yellow or tan color (which is usually associated with the element of Air), and its inhabitants complain that they are constantly having problems, in order to take on new projects, then it may very well be that this house is too strong power of the element of Air. People who live in these homes, thinking too much about a project, but are doing very little to implement it. In this case, they need to step up in his house because of the element of Fire. Because red color is the active color of the Fire element, creating a focal point in the living room by, for example, red candles or a large bouquet of red tulips can make a house more energy and determination. There should not be much red, because its presence even in small quantities will work just the same. If you follow my advice, it will help you change the energy of the room and to feel the rush of creative energy and determination. Your subconscious may resist, and the mind to inquire — why it should work. However, your subconscious mind reacts to even the most minor changes to the symbols in your surrounding environment, and the color is a significant way of influencing the subconscious.Revitalization of Color to Gain Exposure To One of the Elements of the Universe the Element of Air — yellow (mental activity).The element of Water: blue (emotional balance).The element of Fire — red (activity).The element of Earth — green (energy of creation, fertility).The colors that are Associated With a particular Element of the Universethe Element of Air — neutrals: white, beige, pale yellow, cream, tan or bronze, grey, black.The element of Water — the pastel shades of all colors and white.The Element Of Fire — 1. Monochrome range rich tones of any color. 2. Bright, clean, vibrant shades of any color.The element of Earth — saturated colors close to the color of the ground: dark brown-umber, the color of rust, copper, orange, gold, brown, terracotta, cream, eggplant, all shades of green.It is important to note that the house, which is under the authority of one of the elements of the universe, does not have to be decorated in those colors, which are inherent in this element. Water house can be decorated with floral patterns and intense shades, not pastel. Despite this, he will possess the same characteristics as the energy flow of the Water element.However, the intensity of shades and colors will boost in a house energy flows of the element of Fire, while the General impression created in this house will point to water, the dominant element in it.

To diagnose and balance the color in any home is not very easy, because most of the houses are decorated in the most diverse colours. This is an area where your intuition can serve you in good stead. If you learn how to manipulate colors in your home, it can be very helpful because the colors often provide long and highly positive result.



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