How to attract money into the house?

Today we talk about how to attract money into the house and save it money energy. You will learn some magical rituals for attracting money and those signs, which should be paid attention to.
As a rule, most people believe that multiply their wealth they can only be if they work hard. Of course, the need to earn money, but there is also such a thing as their involvement. And it does not necessarily make use of some dubious way, and enough money to turn the energy in the direction of his house and skillfully manage it. Add to that a little bit of magic, and the question of how to attract money into the house will be solved most profitable in your favor.

Ways to bring money into the house
Let's just agree that all sorts of rules for handling money and the signs we will not leave without attention, but we will try to use them to the maximum so as to be the most profitable. So, to attract money into the house start with the most pleasant - the dining table. After all, this is the place where you can often gather the whole family (except for the TV in the living room), as well as lovely home and you personally guests.

That money always were carried out in the house, the dining table should be covered with a cloth. If you really care about your financial well-being, it is best that this cloth was not shabby, but fresh and beautiful. Know how to embroider? Ok, let your magic "money" tablecloth is made with their own hands.

Also put under it a few bills larger da paint that will attract more money into your home. Let bills will of dignity, which you always want to see in your wallet - do not regret it for their savings.

Ways to bring money into the house
There are a number of ways, or even take associated with a dining table that tell you how to attract money into the house and, more importantly, how to avoid financial losses:

Take care to not at your desk stood empty containers - vases of flowers, sweets, bottles, all kinds of jars. Fill regularly for fruits fresh fruit, for example, 9 beautiful large oranges on the dining table of feng shui is considered one of the symbols of attracting prosperity and happiness, therefore, money.
Sit at the dinner table is not desirable, for this is the kitchen chairs and stools. Otherwise, how would the money will bypass your house party.
That wealth does not leave you, every time after the departure of guests to shake out the tablecloth on the street. Can you imagine what it's magic tablecloth that each time shaking fills your house with all sorts of goods that you pamper family members and guests.
Is considered bad luck to put on the table, hats, gloves and keys. But if you already have it so happened that the hat was on the table, quickly turn it upside down and imagine that it is filled with gold coins. With the keys to do so: Shake bundle that it rang, as if imitating the sound of falling coins.
Also, many folk wisdom strongly stipulate that it is impossible to sweep away the crumbs from the dinner table by hand. Make it a rule that you have to do will be a separate piece of cloth, and it you do not wash the dishes, and just wipe off the table.
Order, cleanliness and freshness as a magnet to attract money into the house
Let it be known that the big money will never stay long in the house, where ever there is chaos and disorder. Money likes cleanliness, and you'll see it after the next general cleaning, when you notice a sudden increase in income, however small.
To begin to make room for the money collected and discard the old, no one has claimed for a long time (six months or a year) things. Wipe all the furniture, freeing it from dust, and thus imagine that getting rid of debts or financial obligations. So did with thickets of cobwebs in the corners, on the ceiling, walls and furniture. Do not let the appearance of mold and mildew in the house, and if it happened - as quickly as possible, take steps to resolve the issue.

The floors are washed out even in hard to reach places and try to keep it clean regularly. Under the rug or even under the linoleum at the front door to put coins of large denomination, which will help you to attract money into your home.

Of particular importance in terms of "cooperation" with the money order in the house is the first room in which you find yourself. Often this hallway. It is important that the shoes do not lay somehow, and was placed neatly. Ideally you should use the convenient shelves or even a compact cabinet for shoes in the hallway. If you ignore and throw shoes, the money will not stay in your home, and all the time will be somewhere "to escape».

Do not leave garbage on the night in the house, but at the same time try to make it not too late.

To get rid of negativity and give the place a financial flows, often ventilate and freshen the air in an apartment or house, fill it with cash flavors - mint, cinnamon, rosemary, basil, orange, etc.

How can I attract money into your home
Where and how best to keep money at home
Wealth and prosperity can be achieved only if able not only to earn, but spend wisely, leaving some of the money into savings. Let it even be the period from paycheck to paycheck, but he is still there, and at this time the money is often necessary to keep the house, despite the universal communion of people to bank cards and calculations.

Frankly, it's even a good idea, since the same "physical" money can quite successfully raise their "brothers».

So, in order to keep money at home and successfully increase accrued amount is useful to you a beautiful box, jewelry box or envelope. If you do store your own hands, for example, a beautiful decoupage box or a bright envelope for money, the effect is greatly enhanced. If you want to gather up a certain amount for a specific purchase, then for this purpose, use a separate envelope or box. You can even visualize what you want to buy, subscribe or gluing the envelope of the screen. But remember an important rule! Collect money better just something nice, good, but the "rainy day" should not be, otherwise it may come.

To multiply wealth, the date of receipt of income do not spend a penny of it, wait for tomorrow. Let em the money in your wallet or night on the card.

There is another effective way to attract money into the house - it's stored in it for at least one year of large denomination bill, which is to attract more and more money. The longer this bill will be in your home, the greater its power it will give to attracting wealth.

Good advice about where to keep their money in the house, gives the teachings of Feng Shui. Oriental wisdom says that the best place to attract wealth into the house considered its eastern or south-eastern side. There you can grow and money tree (Crassula, Zamioculcas), which also helps to improve the financial situation of the family.

Money tree to attract money into the house
Magic rituals to attract money into the house
Money in your house, you can, literally, to lure! And for this there are various magical rituals. Here are a few of these methods:
Semolina track - buy in the store a stack of semolina and go to the most reliable, in your opinion, the bank that is close to home. Coming out of the premises of the bank or directly from an ATM, make a small hole in a pack with semolina (you can put it in a bag so that was unnoticed) and go home, leaving behind a cream of the track. So you lure money in your home. This method is advised to those who are keen on simoronskimi rituals.
Cash corners - gather up the coins and make piles of them, then put them in every corner of your apartment or house.
Cots - another great place to attract money into your home. Just put a small pillow or mattress newborn few coins.
Magic Coin - except corners of the house, coins can be put in the kitchen, for example, in a beautiful jar, which was then put on the shelf or in a cabinet.

Magic rituals to attract money into the house
The kitchen is generally considered a special place to attract money, it was her due attention paid to experts in feng shui. So, for example, it is believed that in the kitchen feng shui storage, shelves and refrigerators should not be refilled products that your family is not able to use. Also in the kitchen must work properly all devices, starting with the food processor, and ending each burner gas cooker or hob. Must be intact and running water in the apartment or house - if the kitchen leaking pipes, the wealth flows away from the family.

How to attract money into the house in feng shui
Among other things, it is important to remember that in order to attract money into the house it should reign atmosphere of mutual understanding and happiness, but a quarrel in the house will not help you become richer, on the contrary, gradually destroy the financial stability of the family.


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