30, the main differences between rich people from the poor: ....

1. Rich save money and time.
2. The poor spend all earned - earned rich investing.
3. Poor distribute a generous tip, and the rich in this restrained.
4. The poor bought for the price that he offered rich requires all discounts.
5. The poor always pay twice - he pays for his stinginess.
6. The rich man had no extra money, the poor, they always have.
7. Rich people can not afford to make the purchase of a sudden.
8. Rules on the person "we are not rich enough to buy cheap things».
9. Rich living within our means, and the poor poses as a Persian sheikh.
10. Poor earns as best he can, but the rich seek how to make money on everything.
11. The poor helping the poor, the rich helping the rich.
12. The rich invest in something that will bring income, poor investing in something that will provide flow.
13. Give the rich ruble, and he earned millions, give the poor a million, and it will lose.
14. The rich control costs - have not ever know where his money went.
15. Poor thinking and talking about money - the rich of this silent.
16. Money for the poor - is the purpose of life, the money for the rich - is possible.
17. Rich manages money and direct the money to the poor.
18. Poor living on credit.
19. Rich thinks specific targets and numbers.
20. The poor are always in need.
21. "The spiritual man will not interfere with neither money nor power».
22. Poor people are poor throughout.
23. Give the poor the wealth and it will reveal all his weakness.
24. A truly rich man, having lost everything, are not changing.
25. The poor hate the rich, the rich to the poor is not responding.
26. Rich listens to the poor, the rich and the poor does not hear.
27. The poor are all to blame but himself - the reasons for seeking the rich in themselves.
28. In any hidden wealth of the poor.
29. Poor distinguish haste and lack of patience.
30. Not every rich really rich.


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