Randy Gage: How to achieve prosperity - 7 prerequisites

If you have worked in the network business, you probably already heard about Randy Gage.

Gage self-made millionaire and powerful motivational speaker for MLM and network professionals. In addition to his public speaking skills, Randy Gage also writes books, e-books and reports on network marketing. He is known today as "The Millionaire Messiah».


Randy Paul Gage (Eng. Randy Paul Gage) was born in the family of Robert Kay Gage and Gage April 6, 1959 in the city of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. His father Robert Gage - Randy Gage has ever seen. His older brother Jay and younger sister Liz raised and supported their mother Kay Gage.

In adolescence, Randy Gage is addicted to strong drink, drugs, and from an early age had problems with the law. He was expelled from school Madison West High School. At the age of 15 years, Randy Gage went to prison for burglary and armed robbery.

The turning point in the life of Randy Gage took place in 1974, thanks to a series of events that began with the visit to the prison Baxter Richardson - the teacher and the father of his friend, with whom he studied together. Baxter studied his case, talked to people about it, and in the conversation said Randy - that he is capable of great things. This conversation helped change the outlook of Randy Gage, and how he felt about himself.

In 1975, Randy Gage has received a conditional discharge and is determined to change his life. At the age of 16 years, Randy Gage moved one in Miami, Florida, to try to realize his dream of living in the tropics. He worked as a busboy in a Howard Johnson's restaurants, Pancake House, then became manager of restaurants in Howard Johnson's, Pizza Hut, Lum's, and, in the end, became the owner of several restaurants Mr Pizza.

At the age of 30 years of his restaurant Mr Pizza was selected by the tax authorities and put up for auction for the debts. Randy Gage was left without a job, with a debt of $ 55.000 dollars and began to sell his furniture to food. Being in these difficult circumstances, Randy Gage began to study "the principles of prosperity».

Today, Randy Gage is known as the world-renowned expert on success. He became a multimillionaire and lives the life of which dreamed.

Randy Gage has visited fifty countries and traveled so far to conduct seminars on success.

Gage path to success came when he began to create their own motivational products. He created a motivational audio cassette titled "How to earn at least $ 100,000 in network marketing." He has also released several incentive programs, such as "101 Keys to Prosperity", destroying personal limiting beliefs.

Randy Gage runs a highly successful website where you can download free books and purchase CDs and motivational DVD. You can also schedule a workshop with him through his website, and he also accepts invitations to speak at corporate events. There are also demos that speak of Art Randy Gage is the speaker. You can watch these videos free of charge, in order to determine whether Randy Gage suitable person for your audience.

What did Randy Gage unique?

He does not enjoy enthusiastic methods to motivate his listeners. He gives real life examples of people who have become successful in the network marketing industry, as well as providing their stories of life during his performances.

Randy Gage's approach is unique. It challenges conventional wisdom and accepted standards in the industry. He will teach you how to find ways to be creative and innovative in order to grow the network and maintain stable business.

It also gives practical tips and techniques for direct sellers. His practical examples and solutions for networks and direct sales tasks are very simple, but very inspiring. Randy Gage is one of the best speakers in MLM and network marketing. His ideas and reasonable recommendations have helped many professionals in the field of MLM business.

Randy Gage has a good online reputatsiiyu. Though MLM is dubious industry, Gage won in overcoming the problems, trials and tribulations of the network marketing industry. His success - a real inspiration to anyone who wants to make money online from home through a MLM business model


Randy Gage works have sold more than 10 million copies and been translated into 20 languages.

"How to build a multi-level money machine" (eng. «How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine», 2001.)
"Installing on welfare. How to harness the power of thought. "(Eng.« Prosperity Mind », 2003.)
"101 key to your prosperity" (eng. "101 Keys to Prosperity», 2003.)
"The wealth of a number" (eng. «Accept Your Abundance», 2003.)
"37 secrets your prosperity" (eng. "37 Secrets About Prosperity», 2003.)
"7 Spiritual Laws of your prosperity" (eng. «The 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity», 2003.)
"Why are you stupid, sick and poor ... and how to become a smart, healthy and rich!" (Angl. «Why You're DUMB, SICK, & BROKE ... and How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH», 2006.)
"Risk or new strategies for success. The rules have changed, "(English« Risky is the New Safe », 2012...); ISBN 978-5-4236-0115-7
Randy is also the author of many audio and videoobuchayuschih resources, including

"Mindset Midas" (eng. «The Midas Mentality»)
"Live a life of abundance" (eng. «Live a Life of Abundance»)
"Prosperity: How to apply spiritual laws to create good health, wealth and prosperity in your life" (English «Prosperity: How to Apply Spiritual Laws To Create Health, Wealth, and Abundance In Your Life».)

Now 7 prosperity laws that made Randy Gage.

1. The law voids

If you need new shoes, throw away the old ones. If you need new clothes, clean your closet. You have to willingly part with your stereotypes.

2. The law of circulation

Be willing to let go of something you own to get something that you want.

3. The law of the imagination

First you have to see prosperity in your imagination. Make a description of your ideal day and do not show it to anyone except the person to whom you trust. Keep this description somewhere close at hand, and in his spare time to read it.

4. The Law of creativity

A person can achieve prosperity through the power of his thinking, intuition and imagination.

5. The law of retribution and receiving

If you give something, it comes back tenfold. When you get good, it is very important to share it with others. If you - a gift, and you do not use it, you are insulting your divine nature. To treat with due deference to their abilities, you have to enjoy the gifts and share them with others. If you do this, you will attract more good into your life.

6. The law of tithing

The universe always takes his tithe. It's just a law of gratitude source of support - 10% of all that you have. You never know how your tithe back to you. Money - a common phenomenon. But it can also come in the form of reconciliation with someone new friendly relations, in the form of recovery, etc.

7. The law of forgiveness

If you can not forgive people, you can not take your wealth. If your soul is full of hatred, love can not find a place in it. You must get rid of the negative feelings that you eat and do not give you peace of mind.

I want to introduce you to one of the books by Randy Gage. This book, "Why are you stupid, sick and poor ... and how to become a smart, healthy and wealthy." This pretty little book not only shows the reasons why people are poor and the sick, but it gives us practical advice on how to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

I present you two interesting passages from this book, Randy Gage:

Installation on the prosperity and success of Randy Gage

"Why are so many people around the world stubbornly cling to those situations that make them feel like victims? Let me explain the reasons:

1. They can always convince myself that all the failures in their lives do not happen on their own fault.

2. They rely on the fact that since all the misery caused by purely external factors, it frees them from personal liability.

3. They receive a significant share of the attention, sympathy and regret surrounding.

4. They take the attention, sympathy and pity for love, which are in desperate need, but you do not know how to get.

5. They use past failures in his personal life in order to confirm that they are incapable of emotional intimacy with someone else.

6. They refer to the previous failures, justifying the lack of attempts to achieve high goals and implement long-term projects.

7. They make for the ultimate truth of the fact that they - "despicable sinners" that they "never accomplish nothing", or believe that they do not have the necessary education or the right connections, in order to achieve success
8. They may feel heroic "little people" who in spite of everything are struggling with the forces of evil.

9. They feel their spiritual greatness, placing your happiness on the altar of humanity and the thinking behind it will be rewarded in the Hereafter.

10. They can lead, in essence, the existence of the unconscious, following the herd instinct, and just let life happen, anything without thinking ...

... .There Are 7 main stages of formation of the installation of prosperity. Let's take a look at them.

Step 1: Acknowledge the existence of a victim mentality and false rights and get rid of them

You will constantly be tempted to again get into the skin of the victim, because it brings such support and understanding of most people. They will offer you to share your sentimental story about how you have been, then to share with you their sad fate. It closes you in a circle of negative feedback, and makes us constantly to justify their defeat, rather than to strive for success.

Beware of the temptation to rejoice as false the right to compensation, which may appear in the form of training grants, special government grants, as well as the good news that the wealthy family mentioned you in his will. Once you know that you can get something just like that, you start to think very quickly that you have that right. And this belief has nothing to do with prosperity, which is always an exchange of values.

Step 2: Acknowledge the existence of jealousy and envy, and give up on them

Here is another trap that is easy to please, especially if you are exposed to the media, and their job is to exalt men, and then to drop them from the pedestal; this is a very entertaining process of absorbing all the attention of the public. You'd better stay away from it all, because this is a disgrace degrades normal people and generates hatred, doubt and jealousy.

Take, for example, Martha Stewart: is it really she had used confidential information during transactions? I do not know, I was not there; but I remember how ruthlessly, with pettiness and envy press covered the investigation of her case, her imprisonment and liberation. The fact that the housewife was able to get away as far as creating a company with a capital of one billion dollars, reporters and other newspaper people would simply not move, so they either represent it as a terrible danger to the public or used as an object of ridicule for vicious.
< br> Something similar happened with Jack Welch from the company General Electric, one of the most successful CEOs of our time, also wrote a book, which became an international bestseller. But when details of his financial situation in the divorce proceedings became known, that's really a holiday was the press! Its economic success is perfectly possible to justify meme: "All the presidents pay too much»

. If you swallow all that concocted the press about Stewart, Welch and other successful people, you can be influenced by the author's perspective and secretly get some pleasure from the overthrow of the gods. However, all these articles - just nasty gossip disguised as news and symbolizing antiprotsvetanie. Envy to anyone's success is based on fear and block your own prosperity. Approving attitude towards other people's success is due love and attract prosperity to you.

Step 3 manage to comprehend the infinite essence of prosperity

If you talk like most people, you think to pay $ 10 000 for the coat, or 15 000 for a plane ticket - simply indecent and deprive other people of their immediate benefits. It is possible, do you think that this money could be used for more noble purposes, such as church donations, rescue rainforests or humanitarian assistance to poor people in Africa.

That is the error of this belief is based on the assumption that the amount of money in the world is limited; however, it is endless, like all other elements of prosperity. Love is infinite, endless hugs, joy is infinite, infinite health - and wealth also

. Therefore, there is no need to choose one or the other. You can buy a coat for 10 000 dollars and be the main sponsor of your church. You can pay for a first class ticket and send money to the starving children. Once you build the proper installation of consciousness of prosperity, your well-being - and your ability to do good with it - will grow every year

. Step 4: Create your own sacred circle of people who will support and nurture your success

One of the most important steps you can take to achieve success - it is a conscious choice of mentors and partners. Remember, Jim Rohn said about five people with whom you spend the most time? I call it a sacred circle, because people belonging to this narrow circle, have a major impact on all areas of your life.

If you are married or living with someone else, one member of the circle already have; if you do every day to work hand in hand with someone - even one seat is occupied. Now, if these two people are not conducive to your growth, I suggest a closer look at the three remaining! ..

Surely you will have and the teacher is a sacred circle. My teachers are Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffett, Napoleon Hill, J. Paul Getty, Andrew Carnegie and others, they just do not know it. I shtudiruet everything possible to find out what these people write and what they write about them. Look for people who are where you want to be, and learn from them everything which is possible only.

Step 5: Look for a social environment conducive to the well-being, and limit contact with the negative environment

One of the reasons why people live their lives in quiet desperation is their belief that the sacrifices necessary to achieve success, not worth it. People mistakenly believe that in order to succeed, they need to stop drinking, smoking, swearing, drugs, watching television, going to nightclubs and I. d ... in short, to lead a monastic life.. In fact, just need a reasonable balance.

Hike in a nightclub or more servings of a drink from time to time you do not get knocked out of the way. In this regular party in bars or nightclubs definitely reduce the rate of your growth and development, thanks to the people who are around you.

Wise followers prosperous find themselves a favorable environment in which they are surrounded by people with a higher level of consciousness. You can spend a Friday evening otplyasyvaya at the disco, in a cafe or Barnes and Noble *. Where do you think you'll find more people focused on success?

Ask organizations like Science of Mind or the Unity, which offer a variety of workshops and classes, and you will surely find there are plenty of positive-minded people. Find out what seminars on business, success and health are in your area. People who attend these events, devoted themselves to the growth and development, and it is - is very favorable for you among

. Step 6: Follow the daily program of self-improvement

As mentioned earlier, the daily set aside time on self-improvement is extremely useful to enhance and strengthen the consciousness of prosperity. Even if the TV shows and movies you watch, the people with whom you communicate, and the books you read, the majority are positive, there is still a danger that you will be exposed to negative and limiting programming. Therefore, it is vital to carry out daily kontrprogrammirovanie attracting positive forces. Do not leave home in the morning until you build up the installation of bulletproof consciousness of success and happiness.

Do not leave anything to chance and whim of fate. Organize and plan time for your self first thing in the morning; убедитесь, что оно подразумевает также чтение этой книги, которая разовьет у вас навык критического мышления.

Ваше подсознание наиболее восприимчиво и может быть запрограммировано, когда вы находитесь в состоянии «альфа». «Альфа» — это состояние, когда вы расслаблены и как бы дремлете, и не совсем понятно, спите вы или бодрствуете. Вы проходите через несколько «альфа»-стадий во время ночного сна, поэтому можете попробовать поставить на ночь какой-нибудь CD-диск, содержащий позитивную для подсознания информацию. Те программы, которые использую я, вы сможете найти в разделе «Ресурсы» в конце книги.

Вы также можете войти в состояние «альфа» путем медитации или массажа. Проводите время, посвященное самосовершенствованию, слушая упомянутые диски, делая собственные записи с позитивными утверждениями или просто используя это время для позитивной визуализации. Приучите ваше подсознание работать на вас — и у нас появится могущественный союзник.

Этап 7. Отдавайте себе отчет не только в том, от чего вы отдаляетесь, но и в том, куда вы направляетесь

О’кей, вы знаете, что больше не хотите быть бедным, а может, решили избавиться от деструктивных отношений. Просто захотеть избавиться от неблагоприятной ситуации может быть недостаточно, поскольку часто бывает так, что вы постоянно действуете по одной и той же схеме. Очень важно создать новое видение того, чего вы хотите достичь.

Я верный сторонник создания Планов Процветания для всего того, что вы хотите делать, что хотите иметь и кем хотите стать. Также очень полезны целевые карточки, памятные записки, прикрепленные к зеркалу, и другие средства, которые будут напоминать вам о том, куда вы двигаетесь. Положительные утверждения — отличный способ запомнить вам о том, что для вас важно.

Все эти 7 основных действий помогут вам запрограммировать то, к чему вы стремитесь, в вашем подсознании. И как только в нем утвердится цель, которую нужно преследовать, оно не остановится, пока не достигнет ее.»

Ставьте себе высокие планки! ДЕЙСТВУЙТЕ!

Добивайтесь поставленных целей!

И не забываете о том, что жизнь дается лишь одна!


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