Dream House: The most unusual design houses in the most unexpected places.

People all over the world more and more creative approach to the question of interior and design houses. Some were concerned about the original design, the ecological suitability of the house, others - comfort. Most have a limited budget. Thus each of them knows that the best and most optimal variant of realization of a cherished dream - it is desired to build a house with his own hands.

Especially for you chose the most extraordinary ideas for home design.

1. The house on the rock
Near the Serbian town of Bajina Basta is a small house. He has more than 45 years. A group of young swimmers embodies the design of this home a reality in 1969. Perhaps it is not the most ideal place to live, but it's a great place to relax.

2. House hobbits
Photographer Simon Dale has spent about 5,200 dollars to turn the land into the house in the woods, like those about which you read in the "Lord of the Rings." House was built in just 4 months. This eco-friendly home has many benefits! The house is heated by solar panels and a fireplace. Its interior walls are finished with lime plaster. Refrigerator is cooled by the air coming from the basement. Toilet compost.

3. A dream house with a dome
This dream house in Thailand flew Steve Arina is about $ 9,000. The house includes a living area, a hammock for relaxing and private pond. Inside the towers in the house are made of natural materials.

4. Floating house
This floating house built by architect Dimitri Maxwell. This is the ideal place for relaxation situated on a hill that allows him to always stay afloat. In addition, the windows of apartments with scenic views of the beautiful surroundings.

5. Tiny house
The idea belongs to architect Macy Miller. Above the building of this tiny house worked more than 2 years. It was originally planned to build a house where the larger size. But its construction would hit hard on the pocket. I had to find an alternative and build a tiny house in a minimalist style. The final result is impressive: profitable and compact!

6. House assembled windows
Construction of this extraordinary house is worth about $ 500. This unique house was built by photographer Nick Olson and designer Laila Horwitz. These creatives went several months for disposal of old windows. After that, they managed to create a unique design of the home, located in the mountains of West Virginia.

7. House of containers for shipping
This house in El Tiemblo in the province of Avila in Spain, consists of four containers. In the construction of this unusual house design studio James May he spent about 130 000 euros.

8. House 727
Amerekantsy Bruce Campbell managed to turn the frame Boeing 727 (1965 years) in the house. Old plane was bought for $ 2000 during a holiday in San Jose, freight cost about $ 4,000, and the repair cost 24 000 dollars. Not cheap!

9. The house is from the school bus
A student of architecture - Hank Butitta - decided to apply their university knowledge into practice: man planned to turn an old school bus into a house. For retrofitting buses in a modular mobile home he used old floor of the gym. During the 15 weeks of hard work Butitta completed his ambitious project, which became his own house.

10. House water tower
After buying an old water tower in the center of London, Lee Osborne and Graham Boyce spent about 8 months to transform the old building into a modern home. Multi-storey apartment, located in the center of the tower, has large windows, offering panoramic views of London. Also in the room is an elevator for convenience.

11. House granaries
Many people have long started to transform the empty granaries in homes. Don and Carolyn Ridlinger of Gilbert, Arizona, were able to connect just three grain silos to create a certain estate.

12. House Dumpster
California designer Gregory Kloenu head sew the crazy idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning garbage containers in your own home. This compact cottage includes practically all the amenities: a tiny kitchen with a microwave oven, shower, toilet, small bedroom.

13. House-train
House of the carriage of the train Great Northern Railway X215 is located in Essex, Montana. The car was completely pereoborudyvan. Now there is everything: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even a gas fireplace.

14. Mobile home of logs
This extraordinary house fashioned Hans Liberg in Hilversum, Netherlands. With this design, the house is almost fused with nature and is almost invisible in the trees. The design of the house is dominated by minimalism.

15. Apartments in the trees
Instead of cutting down trees to clear the site for the house, the architect of the company's Keisuke Kawaguchi K2 Design decided to build a complex of several residential areas. The structure is located in Yonago, Japan called "Residence Dayzene." It is a multi-room house, connected by a short corridor and surrounded by nature.

16. Japanese timber house
Instructor kayaking Bryan Schultz, who also engaged in katerostroitelstvom, create your own oasis in the forests of Oregon, USA. Its construction took 11 000 dollars. His house author calls the Japanese forest lodge. The house carries the flavor of Japanese design in the American countryside.

17. Modern house-nor for the hobbits
Dutch architecture firm SeARCH in collaboration with Christian Muller Architects created a building, which is built into a hillside in Vals, Switzerland. The structure of the house allows you to enjoy all the beauty of nature.

18. The residential complex Solar
Ploschat house called Halo is about 60 square meters. meters. The design of the house was developed by a group of 25 students from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. The house uses solar energy and built with renewable materials. Solar panels installed on house roofs are all the structure and supply the house with electricity.

19. House Falls
In 1935, architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed this fabulous home again to resume the architectural career. The design of this house can be traced harmony with nature. In fact, this ingenious design was implemented for practical reasons: since its construction was not enough space, we had to use the territory near a waterfall in Pennsylvania.

20. House gypsy caravans
This camper - rarity work of art. His unique style is the result of hard work. Almost all the furniture, which is in the house, was disposed of.

21. The house, built in the cave
It is this house in Festus, Missouri. It is built into the cave. Initially Curt Sleeper found a place at one of the auctions of eBay. The cave is located just 30 kilometers from his home. Soon he bought the area and turned it into a house. It took nearly 5 months to become the owner of the site and more than 4 years to complete the construction.

22. Underground house in the desert
This semi-underground stone house, designed by Deca Architecture, merges with the environment of the Greek countryside. The house is located on the island of Antiparos.

And you already know what the house of your dreams? Next is a dream come true! Share these creative ideas with friends.



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