How much would You pay for a dream?

Every person has a dream. Not one. Big or small. Executable very easily or require time and effort. But it is always there. Someone's home, someone's family, someone's car, someone's journey. But dreams come true not at all. Someone come true and very quickly, someone- true, but very slowly, and there are those dreams that never come true. Exactly. Why?

Most of our dreams don't come true, because we are not willing to pay for them. I want to get them for free, just. Come, take what you like, and all. Doing nothing, not changing. Want to have children but don't want to be a mom. Want a big house, but hate cleaning. Want a beautiful car, but constantly complain about the high cost of gasoline. Want a Prince on a horse, and themselves far from the Princess. Want to get married and sit at home to the Prince himself found us. Want to earn a lot of money, but don't want to do anything. A lot of what I want. And do not want anything. Especially the fact that you really need to do. And urgency is usually the internal.



But life is fair in all things. In the trim material of joy and sorrow in our lives. And that to pay for everything you need. Definitely. Feasible cost, but it is necessary.Each price on the same dream can be different, but it is always fair for that one person. Someone has a great stock of piety with past lives, it is enough to do quite a bit, just to lift a finger. And if past achievements are accumulated, the price is higher, and need more work – physically, spiritually Lee.

Any dream will have to pay. Accepts payment in various ways – the energy, time, labor, inconvenience, patience, personal transformation, again work. Labor is not necessarily literal, physical, grievous and intolerable, more often – mental, spiritual. Transformation, the search for answers to internal questions, the purification of the heart, cleansing the life.

When we hear about charges of your dreams, just seems to be grief and pain. What happiness you have to work to pay for it with tears. No, I do not know. I'm more about the readiness of this happiness make. Change yourself to change the world around you to be ready to take your life a dream. It's not easy although it seems that I have everything ready. In words – Yes. But in reality – no. If my dream is about to come true, I will most probably not ready for it. Exactly.


If your dream is a big house — be prepared to constantly clean up, wash. Every day you have to do a wet cleaning at some part. And until you get to the last room, first again you need to wash the floor. Yes, it is possible to hire this person. But then be prepared to pay money for it, in the amount of monthly salary. The house brings with it other features — you need to have the same things in several copies, on different floors, you need to get out not only inside but also outside, you need to think bigger. The house always needs something to fix, something to do. It you can't ignore. It is a big job. And this is a fee for such a beautiful dream. Here you can make concessions and to dream about this house which you will be able to clean themselves. Or to develop such systems, which will help you in the big house to keep order with a minimum of effort.


If your dream is a big family be prepared to cook a lot, constantly cooking more often wash, iron, tidy up and get used to the noise. Be prepared for the fact that the abandoned piece of cake "in the morning" till the morning will not live.What are your things all the time there will be someone to use it. That your values will change, and instead of ballet you will bake cookies in the shape of men. And you might really really like. All this noise, noise, periodic quarrels of children, their problems, their laughter, family evenings and home tours. In a large family do happiness several times more, just need to be willing to accept such happiness.

If your dream is a child, then be prepared for the pregnancy itself. And waiting for it such a long nine months, a possible toxicosis, edema, heaviness in legs, drowsiness and the main thing – to leave. And then be prepared not to sleep at night, curing the bellies, grow teeth, to heal the sores and will never belong to myself. Your heart's going to walk away from you, and you will just have to accept it. Be ready to forgive, to accept, to hear, to love, to let go. Being a mom is a huge spiritual work. He is physically great, but mentally I can't tell you how much. But what is happiness – and it is also words can not be conveyed.

If your dream is travel, be prepared to adapt to any circumstances, to different climate, food, different people and languages. Be prepared for the fact that not everywhere will understand you, not all will understand you, not everywhere will be able to talk. And sometimes you really want. So you need to learn languages. Not all the traditions you enjoy, not all will suit you, some will annoy you. And be prepared for the fact that on the very day when you really want to wear your favorite blue dress, it will not be in your suitcase, because it's home. Be prepared for meetings and partings. To the fact that not everywhere you will be tasty and healthy. That not everywhere you will be comfortable, and sometimes eerily want buckwheat or cream, and you will not find them in any store. But you will be able to discover new things if you want. Including inside ourselves.

If your dream is a beautiful car, be prepared to pay a transport tax, fill in the good petrol to haul her for maintenance. And be prepared for the fact that this car can scratch, dent, ruin her upholstery. To ensure that the car will require attention, investment of efforts into it. To ensure that you will stand it in traffic. And this does not mean you have to abandon the dream. We just have to put up with all consequences, with this price for the dream. To learn how to be calmer to things, for example. Enjoy your "swallow".

To pay for everything. For long and beautiful hair – a daunting care. For a beautiful figure – proper nutrition and movement. For income you need — not only labor, but also for the benefit of others. For healthy teeth is regular care.

For the perfect marriage — flexibility, ability to hear the other, rejection of egoism, patience, acceptance, forgiveness – a lot.For a good relationship with their parents – a wisdom and maturity, again acceptance. For talented picture – training years.

And those people who, like you, it's easy, just don't tell you about their transformation, their labor, nested within each dream. And yet many of them receive the greatest pleasure is not the goal as such, but from this transformation a path to the goal. Just keep quiet about it. About how many times a week do masks for face, as morning and evening, always care for the skin to make it look so radiant. About how ten or twenty years, every day, sitting for hours at the piano that is so easy to play Mozart. About how many nights not sleeping and how much Valerian drunk while raised his miraculous child. How many had to forgive one another, as I had to change and give up anything today to celebrate their Golden wedding. About how much time and effort spent on the publication of his book. About how difficult it was to abandon cakes and ice cream for a beautiful figure. About how many clothes they have to iron every day for the rest of his Horde.

In our dreams I have to pay a lot. Sometimes I get so tired of being the wife of a nomad who is constantly away on business, to solve problems, to learn, to work. And in order to be together, we fly the whole family to the middle of nowhere to be with him when he's doing something important. It's my price I pay, bored, when he's not there, enduring the flight, when we go somewhere. I pay a price for every journey, in which there are no my pots and beds are quite comfortable. I pay the price for the successes of her husband, staying here and there alone with the children. Putting them to sleep on their own, providing them with full care while dad is away. And the more valuable the time when we are all together, and when I can puff him or her to cry on his chest, laugh and drink tea, to talk, to make plans. This is my life, my dreams and my price for them.

I often write that well I try to be clever, I'm married, my husband is a great travel here. Lucky me, just got lucky. I smile because I know that heaven helps those who help themselves. If I hadn't spent so much mental energy on development, growth, if not studied how to build a relationship – it would not be my husband, family, travel. Nothing would have happened. If I came to God, too, would be nothing, and to come to him was so difficult for me. Every dream come true I expensive. A lot of time, effort, labor. Be it family, reading, traveling, children or something else.

And I have dreams that have not come true yet. Not true in any way. And I know why. I expect that they will happen to me. Not that I needed to change, to readjust, to work. I just shut my eyes open and it happened. And there's no matter who and how for me it will make, what price to pay. Let the dream itself materialized, just like that.

In some women this is true. A lot is to trust, to delegate to her husband and not to control. But even for such sbychi dreams as a ring or gown, you need to work hard. Learn how to inspire your husband to he wanted you all to donate. A freebie will not work.

That is our fee for dreams is not always hard physical labor. Most often, the female fee – for-dream- job internal. To learn husband to respect his dignity to grow, with selfishness as its handle, get rid of envy. The field of work is enormous. If you change, grow, work hard, overcome the discomfort that can come out for a comfort zone, dreams come closer to you and one day come true. You gradually make contributions at the expense of their dreams, save, invest, and once the desired amount is in the account. And here it is – your home, your car, family. Enjoy, rejoice, give thanks!

The question arises: "is there any way so cheaper? Without difficulty?" . Of course, you can! In the material world we are free in this regard – do you want to work and change, simply discard the dreams and all. However, then you can regret this decision your whole life and it's also price, price for inaction, laziness, fear, apathy. The price of this, I must say, is very high, such experiences can poison you all exist. The decision is still yours – does it vary, whether to work, to invest time and effort in dreams or abandon them and do nothing. Will have to pay anyway.

Don't believe when you say that happiness is earned. His need to beg, earn, invest my entire soul into sbychu dream, build your future with the blessing of the Higher powers. But it's worth it. After all that and given dreams to come true. published

Author: Olga Valyaeva

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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