Paulo Coelho: Four obstacles to achieving your dreams.

Why did not all come true desires and dreams? This prevented the four obstacles.

1. The first is that a person from early childhood are taught that what he wants most of all life, is simply not feasible. With that thought, it grows, and every year more and more of his soul acquires scab many prejudices and fears, crowded guilt.

2. If the person still have the courage to remove his dream from the depths of the soul and not to abandon the struggle for its implementation, it is expected the following test: love. He knows that he would like to achieve or experience in life, but is afraid that, if you throw everything and follow his dream, he thereby causing pain and suffering of their loved ones. This means that people do not understand that love is not a barrier, it does not interfere, but rather helps to go forward. And those who really want it good, always ready to go to meet him, to try to understand and support him in the way.

3. When a person realizes that love is not a barrier and help in a way that it lies in wait for the third obstacle: the fear of failure and defeat ... You ask: Is it necessary to defeat? They are needed or not, they do occur. When a person is just beginning to fight for their dreams and desires, he is inexperienced, makes a lot of mistakes. But that's the meaning of life, to fall seven times and eight feet. In that case, you might ask, why do we have to follow their own destiny, if because of this we will suffer more than the rest? Then, that when the failures and defeats will be left behind - and in the end they will certainly be left behind - we know the feeling of happiness and become more trusting yourself.

4. Fear of a dream come true all his life ... The very consciousness that is about to come to pass, what people dreamed all his life - happens, fills his soul with guilt. Looking around, he saw that many did not manage to achieve the desired, and then he begins to think that he did not deserve this. Man forgets how much he had to go through, have gone through much suffering, what had to be sacrificed in the name of their dreams. Of the four that obstacle most insidious because it is as if fanned by a certain aura of sanctity - a kind of renunciation joy of accomplishment and the fruits of victory. It is only when man realizes that he is worthy of that for which he fought so passionately, it becomes an instrument in the hands of the Lord, and he reveals the meaning of his stay here on Earth.

Children renounce dreams to please their parents, the parents renounce life itself, to please children, pain, and pain to justify something that should bring only joy - love.

We firmly, as if our dreams - it's just childish nonsense that can not be realized, or that they were born only because we still know little about what life is like in reality. We kill our dreams because we are afraid to join the Right Fight.

 - The first sign that we began to kill his dream - this is when all of a sudden find that we did not have enough time.

 - The second sign that our dream dies - is gaining experience. We cease to experience life as one big adventure and we begin to think that our side would be wise, just and right not to demand too much from life. When we try to lean out beyond the walls of our everyday existence, until we heard the smell of dust and sweat, we see the hungry eyes of soldiers, hear the crackle of broken spears, we feel the bitterness of defeat. But we can not understand the joy, great joy that fills the hearts of all those who are fighting. For it is not important for them, win or lose - what matters is that they are right bout.

 - And finally, the third sign of the lost dreams - is peace. Life is like a Sunday evening, we require a little something out of life, but almost no sacrifice. We are starting to consider themselves adults, mature people believing that finally got rid of children's dreams, fantasies of youth, and strive only, as they say, success in work and personal life. And we were surprised when our peers suddenly declare that they want from life something else. In fact, deep down, we guess: all this is happening to us, because we have refused to fight for their dream - refused to join the Right Fight.

When we surrender our dreams and gain peace ... then we are entering a brief period of quiet life. But then the dead dreams begin to decompose and smolder within us, poisoning our whole existence. We are getting fierce with loved ones first and then with ourselves. It was then that occur in people mental and physical illness. Our cowardice leads us precisely to what we were trying to avoid by refusing to fight - to the disappointment and defeat. And then, one day, the stench of rotting dreams become simply unbearable, we are beginning to choke and wish death. Death, that will free us from our self-confidence, by our works, and from the rest of suicidal Sunday evenings.

Paulo Coelho


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