26 inspirational quotes favorite writer of our time - Paulo Coelho.

Paulo Coelho for decades does not hand over positions and remains one of the most widely read authors in the world. "What's his secret?" - You ask. Just this writer can serve a serious and deep thoughts are very simple and easy. He knows about the spiritual and intellectual reader requests and tries, through their books conduct a dialogue with him on the interesting and important theme for him. And while many accuse Coelho grafomanstvo and massovizme, and his work is considered commercial, no matter what the Brazilian writer and poet, read and loved all over the world. Many modern writers even envy him: it is hard to believe, but the circulation of his books more than 350 million copies. Bestseller became his cult novel "The Alchemist". Just Coelho respects the reader and is able to communicate with them on equal terms. It helps the common man in the street to look at life a completely different angle, to see majestic in the ordinary, to find the strength to live and to love.

Dear reader, information and entertainment online magazine Ofigenno.cc is your 26 inspirational quotes one of the most successful writers in the world. I subscribe to every word!

If I'm going to do exactly those things, which are waiting for me people, I get them into slavery.

All say anything in the back, and the eye - which is beneficial.

Get lost - this is the best way to find something interesting.

Wait - is the most difficult.

What happened once can never happen. But what happened twice, and it will certainly happen in the third. B>

Life is sometimes surprisingly stingy - for days, weeks, months, years, not a single person receives a new sensation. And then he opens the door - and it falls upon the whole avalanche. B>

If you are able to see the beauty, it is only because you wear a beautiful inside. For the world is like a mirror in which everyone sees his own reflection. B>

Always feel miserable - a luxury.

You can never give up the dream! Dreams nourish our souls as well as food nourishes the body. No matter how many times in life, we either had to go through the crash and see how broken our expectations, we still have to continue dreaming. B>

When he reached the end, people laugh at the fears muchivshimi them at the beginning.

They want to change everything at the same time want everything remained the same.

If your people, then it's yours, if it pulls somewhere else, then nothing will keep, and not worth it no nerves, no attention.

Sometimes you have to die in order to begin to live.

Our angels are always with us, and often they use someone's lips to tell us something.

Sometimes you have to run to see who will run after you. Sometimes you have to speak softly to see who really listens to you. Sometimes you have to take a step back to see who else is on your side. Sometimes you have to make the wrong decisions, to see who is with you when everything collapses. B>

A man does everything the opposite. Hurry up to be an adult, and then sighs of past childhood. Health spending for the money and then spend money on something to improve their health. I think about the future with such impatience that neglects this, because of what has neither present nor future. He lives as if he will never die, and die as if he had never lived. B>

As soon as I found all the answers all the questions have changed.

Who would not say, but this writer is really unique. No person who has not heard of Paulo Coelho. In 150 countries around the world sold more than 86 million books Coelho, translated into 67 languages ​​- these numbers just do not fit in my head! His works are included in the list of best-selling books, not only in Brazil but also in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Israel, Finland and Greece. Perhaps Coelho and not a genius, but he knows a way to convey to the genius of the common people. Share quotes favorite writer of our time with his friends.

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