11 truths by Paulo Coelho. Fount of wisdom that will help you get back on the path of happiness.

Paulo Coelho - one of the most popular writers of our time. Someone loves his books and calls them a storehouse of wisdom, someone criticizes. His books in millions of copies. In them readers find answers to your questions, learn to be happy and to look at ordinary things from a different angle. We picked for you the 11 best quotes of the famous writer, which may help you learn something important for yourself.

«Always say what you feel and do what you think! Silence breaks fate ... » em>

«If a person is yours - it is yours, and if it pulls somewhere else, then nothing will keep, and not worth it no nerves, no attention». em>

«Dreams nourish our soul, just as food nourishes the body. No matter how many times in life, we either had to go through the crash and see how broken our expectations, we still have to continue to dream ». Em>

«A child can teach an adult three things: be happy for no reason, always find something to do and insist on». em>

«Everything always ends well. If it ended badly, so it's not the end ». Em>

Pauli himself, despite his fame, was innocent, open and close to the reader. These 11 tips emphasize that. They are relevant to all people regardless of gender, age and activity. Books of the popular poster warm heart and help a person to realize many things in life.

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