"I just sit down and write the fucking word." About dream and inspiration

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I have talented friends. Talented all - journalists, businessmen, writers, screenwriters, directors, actors, engineers, scientists, programmers, dancers, operators, teachers, drivers, doctors Talented ... for real! But there is a "but." Most of these talents - so, sorry, lazy fifth point (a phrase borrowed from a wonderful person). They got it into his head a couple of bad things. First, to the talents "give" to society, need inspiration. Second, their dream is unattainable. And these talented "lazy assholes" it is far more than I know.

Recently confident in their belief (opinion of the scientists) that a person with average, at first glance, abilities, more successful in life than a genius at birth. Because it does not bother his head razmyshlizmy that has a dream, and not looking for from morning to night, spitting cherry pits in the ceiling, the elusive inspiration.

I will try to convey to you his thoughts more detail. So.

DREAMS not. The concept of "dream" as it is understood by most people, no.

Just think about it for a moment about what you want. If you dream about how to pick up and be born again, but not themselves, and, for example, Newton - yes, it's a dream.

But if you want to be as a great scientist, or a famous writer, or dance the noose on the top of Mount Everest, or find love, or come up with a cure for AIDS (which did not think about it as a kid?) - It's not a dream, it is a goal. The achievement of which, in fact, possible.

If you want to be like Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie is not as well as it is!) - This is the goal. Only need to understand what it is you want to be like her - in the movies, charity or in appearance. Achieved everything, even the third. Michael Jackson a glaring example. Wanted to be white - became.

Mesedzh clear? Dream - something 100% unattainable. The goal - everything else, even if the guarantee to reach 0% 0000001. Whether your goal is realized depends on you.

Dream in the concept is "dream" - a waste of time. Adequate people pour out their dreams in such science fiction novels about aliens, blast from the past, flying into the future and earn it, by the way, a lot of money.

Go ahead. Inspiration.

Inspiration does not come. Never. Anyway, never when you absolutely need it.

"I have no inspiration, I can not write a text / picture / script. This excuse, which is so like to use people who consider themselves artists. And they love at the end of his speech issue of passive something like: Here's a good driver or a miner, a doctor or a lawyer, he does not need inspiration, but we did without him.

Firstly, AS. I, by the definition of the masses, also belongs to the "creative people". But I think my profession craft. Craft. How to extract coal or repairing shoes, like drive a car or cut appendicitis, how to defend a client in court and issue a check at the checkout! Because a good journalist or a writer - always good, and not only when he stood with his right foot. And the quality of the text, which, for example, need to pass at noon, should not depend on the mood, with whom he sat down at 10 am at the computer.

Yes, there are moments when the words pouring out of you when your fingers do not have time to type letters when one thought supplanted by another with a crazy speed. But this does not mean that these minutes have to wait - for a week, by month, by year. They need to "cause».

Of a writer once asked: "How is it you every day at 12 o'clock sit down and write, but what inspiration?". And he replied: "Because it also knows that every day at 12 o'clock I sit down and write».

Stephen King writes 10 pages a day. Minimum. Regardless of whether he has a sore head, he quarreled with his wife, if he does not like the rain outside. He does not expect his "muse". He drags it behind her ears. And the book, as you know, very sold.

"Yes, there is light at the Muses & lt; traditional muses were women, but I came across a man. I am afraid that with this we have to accept. - Note. author. & gt ;, but it will not be a butterfly fly into your room and sprinkle your typewriter or computer magic powder works. He lives in the ground - in the cellars. You will have to come down to him, and when you get - beat him an apartment there, so it was a place to live. That is, you will do all the hard work, and the music will be sitting, smoking a cigar, consider the collection of prizes for bowling and you will not see at close range. And you think this is fair? I personally think that yes »© Stephen King.

And he says, "I just sit down and write the fucking words».

And let someone does not like his fiction. But in its genre - he's leading, not a slave, he is a genius. And you, those who are waiting for inspiration, with folded hands, only readers.

So I just sit down and write the fucking word.

Inspiration comes while working as an appetite during a meal. No audience does not care what the actor who will play today at the scene, sick dog that his wife left, or that he was going to work and plopped down on his ass, right into a puddle. The viewer care about just how he plays. And a good actor, despite all the "negarazdy" play skillfully.

I have a friend dancer. It is brilliant. But in her mind even more problematic than in real life. She wants something and is afraid. Maybe she was not very happy. I do not know. But when it comes to dance, she dances like the last time. She dances to the ants "on the edge of the cornice." It does what it should do. Her muse just know that now we need to go on stage and dance, and there is no choice.

It depends on a person's desire. And from that, whether he is able to shove the laziness away in the very dark place.

Second, the "inspiration" is necessary not only creative people, as is commonly believed professions. Inspiration in its true meaning. Inspiration as a desire.

It just so happened that I did not single out "creative mind" as a separate caste. For me, a journalist and a miner, and the driver writer, actor and engineer, artist and fitter - equal. Yes equal. And what? Do you think that the surgeon, on which depends the fate of man, do not need "inspiration"? That it does not need the fire? Or a lawyer? But none of them can not (as you creative personalities!) To dismiss, shed a tear and say, "oh, I have no inspiration, I still annoying" and throw a man to die - on the operating table in a burning apartment or on the dock . How they wish to achieve the desired and as more important than your tekstik your game or your verbal diarrhea.

Even the driver can work with the desire and inspiration. In Donetsk, one of the "marshrutchiki", among other things, will put to shame any post-Soviet humorist. "Who would call middle name Bohdan Khmelnytsky, rides for free!". No one will call, because I do not know. And he knows it. He could just keep his minibus and silent. And it is not only cars (high quality and safe), but also their "viktorinkami" and "rsskazikami" of life gives people a positive. And people are waiting just for his bus, skipping the rest.

Inspiration (which is so lacking some) - it's just the ability to love their work and the desire to make it as "excellent". Inspiration - is to do with the action to be done. It may even be angry. Anything, just not indifference. And because it can not interfere with the self-organize and act. It does not come. Never. And so it is in each. It only needs to get (yes, a bit of effort, yes, raise your ass off the couch, yes, get a couple of hours of social networks, yes, let go of the idea of ​​self-pity unfortunate), shake off the dust and create. Do for the sake of dreams, which, in fact, the goal. When it becomes a habit, you forget about how you can "dream" and silently (or silence) to start up on his dream of snot, and begin to act.


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