20 films that inspire

There are movies, seeing that, you feel an incredible surge of strength and inspiration. They motivate, after they want to develop, to open new and to move forward towards their dreams, no matter what.

Website has compiled a list of 20 such films that will feel that all obstacles can be overcome, and any task on the shoulder.

Chasing schastemNikomu not talk as if you are something you can not ... Do you have a dream - to defend it.

History of the Future millionaire Chris Gardner begins with the decision to become a broker. He will be trained for six months. In this work the hero is not shining penny. Nuance is that Chris does not have money, a lot of debt, and five year old son in her arms. The situation is exacerbated when they are driven out of a rented apartment. They roam the rooming house and sleep in the toilet in a subway station. Well, they say, many millionaires started that way.

Incredible Life of Walter MittiHvatit dream. Begin to live.

How many times in your life, we thought about what they would like to change this or that situation or even to turn my life around 180 degrees. This is a story about a young man who took courage and decided to change his fate. Ben Stiller was able to show us the real fairy tale - a tale that wonders can be found right under the nose.

ProbuzhdenieOtkryv eyes of the world to one person, and he opened his own.

Shy and no longer a young doctor decides to find the cause of the strange state of several patients. All of them were victims of the epidemic and for several decades are in a lethargic sleep. He manages to find out what was the matter, and even the time to bring them back to life. The film reminds of how valuable every moment of our lives.

There are dreams - will puteshestviyaBolshe anything else people need a plan. Life is pretty crazy thing, if it is not.

The main characters of the film - teenagers Ben and Cassie, who decided to run away from home and a trip to Baltimore, where relatives live Cassie. She always has a plan, and he has it. The film is about how important it is to have a purpose in life and to see the way in which this goal can be reached. The main thing - to act.

Social setNelzya make 500 million friends without making a single enemy.

The prototype of the main character of the film was the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. From the very first scene is clear, how bad character adapted to communicate with other people. To make friends, he had to come up with their social network. Mark deliriously communicates with a virtual company, incidentally conquering countries and continents. He probably would not notice the loss of the only true friend, if he had not started the trial.

However, some say that the real Zuckerberg character from the film has little to do.

Three idiotaNet limit to perfection. Excellence, and success will come to you.

Yes, this is an Indian film. But do not be afraid: the standard movie about the tangled family ties and singing-dancing he has little in common. Two students, Farhan and Raju, enter the College of Engineering. One - at the urging of his father and in spite of his dream, the other - to earn a living. Both with their problems and fears. And then there Ranch, which is not like the other students. This movie teaches not to be afraid to be yourself and tell how important it is to follow his dream. And then all fervently station - well, still without it.

VoinDeris for the family. Fight for the country.

Luxury sports drama that surpasses all expectations. This film is not about tough fighters who could hung all who stand in their way. It addresses many important questions - questions about the relationship between fathers and sons, about moral values ​​and man's place in society. The film is about a second chance, error, forgiveness, work on yourself, understanding and acceptance of other people.

The man who changed the BCEAO that in life you have done?

Even if you hate baseball or just damn it do not understand, this film is still worth watching. Because here it is not in baseball. This movie is not just about the person who was able to create a team which could not create anyone. This movie is about the relationship between the hero and his family, the team, his personal victories and defeats.

AviatorPredstavte a life without limits.

"There is no word" impossible "! Perhaps all "- says Howard Hughes, the billionaire, test pilot and director. At his disposal a very good legacy of his father, an inventor and successful entrepreneur. However, Howard is not satisfied with the "participation" of a rich heir. Each of his other grandiose project - if the film is the most ambitious and technically, if the plane is the fastest, biggest. A nice bonus in the film - an exciting scene with flights.

HokingIstoriya about the search for the beginning of time.

Biopic recounts the events that occurred over 50 years ago. 21-year-old Stephen Hawking recognizes that seriously ill and have to die two years later. Young scientist decides in the meantime to make something that would not have had another lifetime. Day after day, his body more refuses to obey him, but the brain continues to work on the opening.

Now, many years later, no longer clear who gets cheated - doctors Hawking Hawking or doctors.

PrislugaBolshie changes start small.

The history of the struggle against the contempt and hatred of the black race. The history of many lives and the lives, carrying an insult and humiliation and desperately trying to change their lives and their children's lives for the better. But presented to it is so easy and fun that you can not be off the screen. This is a film about people who did not keep quiet: they feared, but continued to speak.

The man at the Luneta crazy ... and maybe a genius.

The real story about a real man - an American comedian Andy Kaufman, who liked to dream and create their own world. He was a man of mystery, comic entertainer, who could not understand why people were laughing at him. "Man on the Moon" - a film about the human desire to dream, the desire in spite of everything and all.

Boyfriend of buduschegoVdohnovlyayuschaya love story is timeless.

How often do we dream about the possibility to go back and do in some situation quite differently. But the protagonist is such an opportunity. And it is not just another pretty merry-melodrama. A pleasant Fancy a movie, sound team of actors and the director's quite a serious message.

Far dalekoVremya forget that who you were, but I remember what you've become.

The scary tale about a small man with big plans. Irish farmer on a long journey to America, having heard that there is a lot of good and unoccupied land. In this adventure draws its rich lady. She wanted to become an independent zemlevladelitsey, not embroider napkins and play the piano. In a foreign country, robbing the young lady, and begin a new life heroes are equally poor. They go through a lot of tests, but eventually get their way.

Pirates of Silicon dolinyHoroshie artists copy. Great artists steal.

Entertaining film about the toughest advocates of copyright in recent years - Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. According to legend, Apple stole the idea from California developers, and Microsoft - the company Apple. And Jobs and Gates in this state that borrows a talented artist and a genius - steals. However, as the film without Jobs' perfectionism and without obstinacy Gates these ideas could be buried in the archives of Xerox for many years.

Interestingly, sued ever the creators of the film with video pirates?

Julie and DzhuliyaGotovim Happiness Prescription.

Julie - frustrated writer and part-time operator call center. On the eve of the thirtieth she decides it's time to outline in my life though some purpose. And he comes up: Julie develops daily one-two recipes from Julia Child cookbook and decided to execute all the recipes before the end of the year. His miracles in the kitchen, she describes in a blog. Her blog becomes popular, and after the publication of the New York Times, one after another received offers from publishers. Carefully, watching this film greatly increases the appetite.

Temple Grandin like the others, but no worse than others.

The film describes the life of a person with serious mental illness. At the same time, the filmmakers did not embellish and show it as it is - here and rejection of society, and rejection, and health problems, and more. In general, the life of the protagonist called light and carefree no way out. But she did not give up. "It's just another damn door," - says Temple and devotion moves towards its goal.

The King's Speech I do not know what he says, but he says he's very convincing.

Albert was born in the royal family, but because everything he does, he should do fine. Childhood and youth in a very nervous situation - boy tortured upbringing to stuttering. And, unluckily, the circumstances are not in favor of the Duke - he will become king. King stutterer not be possible - at times it is necessary to make speeches. On overcoming this problem, says the film "The King's Speech."

Jerry MaguayerPri failure believe that tomorrow will get a new chance.

History Jerry Maguire - is that the trainings of psychotherapy called the experience gained in the trials of life. The one case where he had heard a thousand times before and had seen things suddenly realize and feel so acute that it becomes difficult to breathe, and after the final credits can not find the strength to rise from his chair. Look at it. Relive it. And something you will certainly become better and stronger.

Legend number 17Ty should live. Not for fame and prizes. Live and play. And make choices every day.

This success story is not so much the Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov, as a whole team and its coach Anatoly Tarasov. Coach keeps promising players on the bench as long as he does not extinguish its stellar ambitions and learn to play as a team. The result - the legendary victory of the national team in 1972 over the Canadians, who were previously considered invincible. Proud of the Soviet hockey grows even those who are not interested in hockey, in principle.

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