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Posts similar content published repeatedly on the chips and other sites such orientation, but this post with tapes seemed to me the most complete and unbiased. Let's just remember the famous people who left us in 2013

1st of January. Vladimir Markov, a philologist, '92

Markov Vladimir Fedorovich the first 20 years of his life in Leningrad, but became a prominent figure in Russian culture abroad. After the war, he volunteered, seriously wounded and German captivity Markov emigrated to the United States, where he made a pioneer study of creativity Velimir Khlebnikov wrote a fundamental monograph on the poem "The chairman of the Earth", as well as the history of Russian Futurism and Imagism. Markov himself wrote poems and published them, and still a lot of correspondence with the great emigre poet Georgi Ivanov and his wife Irina Odoyevtseva; their correspondence - as an important part of Russian culture abroad.

January 11. Claude Nobs, founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival, 76 years

Tour Operator Claude Nobs switched to the organization of concerts in the most opportune time for the music he first brought to Europe Aretha Franklin organized tour The Rolling Stones. However, his main brainchild became a jazz festival that Nobs founded in his homeland, in Montreux, Switzerland. Since 1970, the festival has become a cult to invite not only jazz musicians. In 1971, during a performance of Frank Zappa in Montreux there was a fire, and Nobs helped people flee; witnessed the steel band Deep Purple, which made the founder of the festival as its main protagonist of the song: "Claude scared" of «Smoke on the Water» - this is Nobs.

January 11. Aaron Swartz, an Internet activist, creator of the project Reddit, 26 years

Aaron was fond of everything that was connected with the Internet and cyberculture, from early childhood. Already in the 14 years he was involved in creating the specifications RSS, used to describe the news feeds, and later worked in a team of Internet project Reddit, has worked with non-profit organization Creative Commons, created a website to promote political petitions and web However, the commitment to open exchange of information has brought Aaron to prosecute - he was accused of illegally downloading millions of scientific articles from the site of MIT. The case was closed in connection with the suicide of the accused.

12th January. Yuri Schmidt, a lawyer, human rights activist, 75 years

The son of a prisoner, Blokadnik, a graduate of the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University, Schmidt started his career lawyer in criminal cases, but in 1960 became friendly with dissidents. However, opponents of the Soviet system to defend in court he was not allowed. Only in the late 1980s, Schmidt was able to engage in political processes resonance, then became friendly with the democratic opposition, was a colleague of Andrei Sakharov. After the fall of the Soviet Union Schmidt became one of the biggest advocates of the human rights areas. Its customers include the number of accused of spying captain Alexander Nikitin, the family of the slain deputy Sergei Yushenkov, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev.

On 26 January. Oleg Vasiliev, the artist, 81 years

Oleg Vasiliev was destined to fall into the classics of Soviet Nonconformist picturesque: the Surikov College he studied with Vladimir Tabor God side with Ilya Kabakov and Erik Bulatov. At the instigation of Kabakov Vasilyev Bulatov began to earn a living by illustrating children's books, while they themselves have tried that later would be called conceptual art. Vasilyev, however, differed from Bulatov and Kabakov: it was too much of a traditional painter. In the early 1990s, on the wave of interest in the Soviet unofficial art, Vassiliev emigrated to the United States, where he continued to work and where he died - in the status of an absolute classic, which started a little forgotten.

On 26 January. Alexander Lewinsky, the aircraft, the former head of OKB. Yakovlev, '93

Levinskikh Alexander was born in 1919 and almost all his life to aviation. At 33, he graduated from the Higher engineering courses on the design of aircraft in the "Baumanke." From that moment began his career as an engineer, the apex of which was the appointment of the head of Yakovlev. Levinsky was the chief designer of the Soviet Yak-141. This machine was able to take off and land vertically, but her ordeal due to the collapse of the USSR had not been completed. During his career Levinsky participated in a test set of aircraft, including Tu-16, 3M, MiG-25, Yak-23, Yak-25, La 7 and even the German Me-262.

1st of February. Vladimir Yengibaryan, Olympic boxing champion, 80 years

Engibaryan became the first Soviet fighter - the champion of Europe and the second in the history of the Soviet boxing Olympic champion. Boxing Engibaryan style was unusual for those times: Unlike most Soviet athletes boxed in power manner Engibaryan relied on speed, response and flexibility. Vladimir won gold at the Games in Melbourne in 1956, and four years later and went to the Olympic Games in Rome, but because of a hand injury lost there in the quarter finals, and then finished his career. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Engibaryan he emigrated to the United States and the last 20 years of his life in California.

February 2. Vladimir Balon, actor, director fencing stunts 75 years

Vladimir graduated from the Institute of Physical Education Balon Lesgaft and bind their lives to film was not originally intended. It is professionally engaged in sports and was even champion of the USSR Championships in fencing, and then worked as a coach. In the early 60s he was called the shooting "Hussar Ballad" - at Ryazanov Balon engaged staging fights, I was in the crowd, and stayed in the movie. He is remembered for the role of captain of the guards of Cardinal de jussac films Jungvald-Khilkevich of D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, which also staged stunts. With Mikhail Boyarsky Vladimir Balon after that was friendly to the end of life.

February 3. Oscar Feltsman, composer, '91

To assess the scale of the talent of Oscar Felzman enough to transfer at least a few songs written by him. "Lilies", "Good morning", "14 minutes before the start," "Goes song in a circle", "For half an hour till the spring." Under these songs I woke up, worked, flew into space, rested and slept a huge country. They sang the best singers Leonid Cliffs, Mark Bernes, Iosif Kobzon, Edita, Eduard Khil. Feltsman often worked to order, but it is difficult to suspect market conditions, so sincere, accessible, and easy to understand as these tunes. With them Feltsman able to withdraw from the post-war depression, the whole country, and it's worth it.

11 February. Vyakhirev, the former head of "Gazprom", 78 years

Son of rural teachers Vyahirev done a terrific career, rising to deputy minister of the gas industry of the USSR. After the collapse of the Union, he headed the "Gazprom", the largest taxpayer in the country and one of the few companies with its own political weight. A merit Vyahirev put it, that "Gazprom" has remained a monopoly contrary to the ideas of Gaidar, Chubais and Nemtsov. Care from the government Chernomyrdin, with whom they have built a corporation Vyahirev weakened position, and soon after the new president of the Russian Federation became Obeschalkin "Gas King" retired, settling on the huge villa. In the mid-2000s, Forbes magazine named Vyahirev dollar billionaire.

11 February. Irina Maslennikov, an opera singer, soprano, '94

Maslennikov, the brightest representative of the national vocal school, has been a leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater from the mid 1940s to 1960. Russian opera occupied a special place in her creative biography: she sang Tatiana Party, Snow Maiden, Lyudmila, Martha. After took pedagogy and teacher turned out to be incomparable. The teaching talent is very appreciated Maslennikova Galina Vishnevskaya, invited her in 2002 to teach in her Opera Centre. Outstanding people surrounded Irina Maslennikov her life, and not only on stage: she was married twice - first for the singer Sergei Lemeshev, then of director Boris Pokrovsky.

The 14th of February. Friedrich Neznanskiĭ, writer, journalist, 80 years

The general public Neznanskiĭ known as the author of detective stories: political ("A journalist for Brezhnev" and "Red Square", written in collaboration with Eduard Topol) and criminal (first of all - to film the "Turkish March", as well, such as "Mr. Lawyer," " Winners are not judged "and others.). Interest in the genre grew out of legal education and the basic profession that Neznanskiĭ not throw, becoming a journalist and writer: at home for many years he worked as an investigator, bailiff and lawyer, and after emigrating in 1977, wrote several books on the law in the USSR.

February 16. Tony Sheridan, musician, 72 years

Tony Sheridan had the modest but important role in the history of pop music - to become a "godfather" of the greatest bands of all time. It Sheridan, the promising singer, in 1961, was accompanied in the Hamburg studio young fledgling The Beatles in the song «My Bonnie». That single became the first professional recording of the Beatles, and then the cause of their acquaintance with Brian Epstein, who helped them become who they are since then. Now this record is worth a fortune at auction. Sheridan until his death and was unable to change his status "wedding general", but his memory will remain forever in the heart of every Beatles fan.

February 16. Gregory Pomerantz, philosophy, culture, writer, '94

Pomeranz - from a number of the non-Marxist philosophers, which the Soviet opal did not break, and make major thinkers and moral authority. He studied at the institute famous, fighting, was convicted of anti-Soviet activities; his first thesis - on Dostoevsky - destroyed after his arrest; second, about Zen Buddhism, not given to protect for dissent. One of the faces of opposition Pomeranz anti-Stalinist system was the famous report "On the moral role of the individual." Readers philosopher still remembered memoirs "Notes of an ugly duckling" and words of foam on the lips of an angel facing against Solzhenitsyn, whose philosopher criticized for intolerance and "utopianism pochvennichesky».

February 18th. Otfried Preußler, children's writer, author of "Little Baba Yaga", 89 years

Serboluzhitsky writer Otfried Preußler became famous at age 33, after the fairy tale "Little Water". Later, he invented the "Little Ghost" and "Little Baba Yaga", told the story of "The Robbers Hottsenplotts", and in 1971 he published his home, the worst and the most hopeful tale - "Krabat, or Legends of the old mill." The writer, who for the first 29 years of his life had to spend two years in the war, and five - in the Soviet camps, created a "Krabat" based on folk tales in which the intrepid journeyman fought the evil masters, and as a result, and with Satan himself. The moral of the main story Preussler simple: the losses are inevitable, insidiously evil, but friendship and love stronger.

On 21 February. Alexei German Sr., film director, 74 years

Alex Herman took over his life only five and a half movie - an unprecedented figure for the largest Russian masters, who gave the best dramatic role Rolan Bykov, Andrei Mironov, Yuri Nikulin, Lyudmila Gurchenko. The reason - in the rigor of the director: Herman was known for his priestly relation to the movie, but the main ethical category for him was true. Because of the loyalty of German human and historical truth "road checks" has lain on the shelf for 15 years, "Khrustalev, the car" was shot seven years, "Hard to Be God" - one and a half decades. The last film of the director, finished without him, was presented at the Rome Film Festival; it will be shown to a wide audience in 2014.

February 27. Van Cliburn, the pianist, 77 years

In 1958, a young American against all odds won the first Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. Said Nikita Khrushchev personally authorized the award of a talented representative of the United States the first prize, in spite of the height of the "cold war." The success of the Van Cliburn, one of the greatest pianists of the second half of the XX century, a true story so resounding that 4 years later, his own name was called Piano Competition in the United States. Unique to American status allowed Van Cliburn repeatedly visited the USSR on tour. The name is no accident pianist can be found in the works of the national culture, for example, in the film directed by Leonid Gaidai "Operation Y" or the song by Sergei "Chizh" Chigrakova "18 birches».

March, 3rd. Herz Frank, a documentary filmmaker, 87 years

Short captions, and then hidden camera close-up on stage showing the faces of children. They cry, laugh, afraid freeze in anticipation of something, then suddenly lose interest in what is happening on the stage (the children watching a puppet show). In addition to the experience - leisurely pace of time. This is the "Older than 10 minutes," the most famous film Herz Frank. Working as simple as genius and - in 2002, she was inspired by Wim Wenders to create the anthology "Ten Minutes Older". Journalist, photographer, writer, director Frank took more than 30 documentaries, he has his own production company. But the success of his work in 1978 to surpass Frank failed.

5th of March. Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, 58 years

A former paratrooper Chavez came to power thanks to the charisma and boundless faith in the justice of its cause - the struggle against injustice. His main opponent of Chavez believed capitalism embodied by him to become the United States from the Venezuelan leader in both the former occupant of the White House to George W. Bush and current - Barack Obama. Chavez has often been criticized for the collapse of the economy, which resulted in the nationalization of big business, including foreign. However, this does not affect his popularity among ordinary Venezuelans: Chavez held the presidency for 14 years and died, until the last days doing public affairs.

March, 6. Andrei Panin, actor, 50 years

Andrei Panin - one of the most expressive of actors of Russian cinema of the 2000s. A wide audience first heard about it on the role of the main villain in the TV series "Brigade" (2002). After that, for the actor firmly entrenched shortcut screen villain, and he himself Panin did not deny that he likes to play villains. Meanwhile, the repertoire of his roles was as broad as possible, from Sailor in "Mama, Do not Cry" (1997) to Cesare Borgia of the "World History of Poisoning" (2001); by alcoholic Garkusha in "The Wedding" (2000) to the President of Russia in the "Kiss Not For the Press" (2008). Panin last role was Dr. Watson in the new domestic "Sherlock Holmes," which was released after the death of the actor in 2013.

March, 6. Alvin Lee, rock guitarist and founder of the band Ten Years After, 68 years

Alvin Lee was one of the first guitar virtuoso who took their cue from Scotty Moore, who played with Elvis Presley, and is not even bothered by the distance confrontation with Jimi Hendrix. Speech by Li and his group at the festival at Woodstock in 1969, has made «Ten Years After» rising stars hard- and blues-rock, but to limit the creativity of the collective only two areas it would be wrong - in the music of Lee and trace elements of psychedelia and jazz rock. After the group disbanded in 1974, Lee went on a successful solo career, several times revived «Ten Years After», recorded with George Harrison and other famous musicians.

March 7. Damiano Damiani, filmmaker, writer, 90 years

Cinematographer Damiano Damiani tried his hand at a variety of genres: film adaptation of the Italian classics ("Boredom" Alberto Moravia) to thriller ("Amityville 2: The Possession"), but the best he managed political detective genre. His film "Confessions of a Police Captain" in 1971 won the Gold Prize at the Moscow Film Festival. But the really widely known in Russia Italian director has brought work on the detective series "Octopus" with Michele Placido in the role of the Police Commissioner Corrado Cattani. The series, broadcast in 1983, has become one of the most popular Soviet television.

11th of March. Boris Vasilyev, a writer 88 years

Personnel Officer, tank, military engineer by training, Boris Vasiliev began writing relatively late, going into retirement in 1954. For him, the students went to the front, the war will remain the main theme of creativity and reflection. That war measures the depth of the human person, but not as much pain and horror as realization of the greatness goal. "There is such a profession - to defend their homeland," - says one of his heroes.

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