10 best and 10 worst science fiction films of the year 2014

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It was a strange year for movies. Most movies deserve neither love nor hate. They were just ... normal. However, some of the paintings still managed to stand out from the crowd. We publish the 10 best and 10 worst science fiction and fantasy films of 2014 year according to the blog www.io9.com. Blockquote> Top Movies: 1. Fringe buduschego

The film is based on a Japanese novel "All you need to - kill", the film tells the story of cowardly soldier who gets superpowers after it gets a little alien blood. Every time he dies, he jumps back in time to the beginning of the day, and remains alive and well. There is about the same as in "Groundhog Day" 2. The Tale of Princess Kaguya

This year, Studio Ghibli produced something really unusual, even by their standards. It is drawn by hand, and it's incredibly beautiful. Expressive lines, they convey the mood, and the characters are quite stunning. Directed by Isao Takahata took a classic Japanese tale and turned it into a complex story about maturity and self-knowledge in the conditions of high public expectations. One of the most beautiful films of the outgoing years.3. Babaduk

The company Sundance in this year released a number of unusual genre films. But by far the most successful horror film proved "The Babadook." At first glance, this is the usual drama about a single mother who struggles with their difficult child. But everything in this story is not as simple as kazhetsya.4. The First Avenger: other voyna

This year there were a lot of superheroes, and most of them were very personal. But this film about Captain America stands out because of the strong storyline and a whirlwind of action. In fact, this film - a kind of master class, showing how to use the action to study the character and temy.5. The only one lyublyu

Plot twists of this strange drama is best kept secret, so as not to spoil the impression. Suffice it to say that this breathtaking study of the dynamics of relations that allows access to the universal realities and human slabostey.6. Through sneg

Recently, we have seen a lot of gloomy films. However, the director Zhang Mon Ho managed to create a dystopia, sharp and comical at the same time. In fact - it is an adaptation of one of at least a mad French comics. Climate cataclysm plunges the world into a new ice age, and the remnants of humanity live on board the super-train. There is poor, there are rich. And yet there is a good game Swinton. The film - an excellent example of multilevel symbolism, and the more you look, the deeper he stanovitsya.7. Only Lovers Left Alive

Another strange story of relationships, showing Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as two vampires who loved each other for hundreds of years and still love to this day. Instead of chasing drama and invent clever plot twists, director Jim Jarmusch creates a very strange study of two creative people, whose love challenges depression, sadness and difficulties associated with the extraction krovi.8. Lego: film

The film pokes fun at the same time and improves the myth of the "choice of the hero", and tells the complex story of reconciliation apparent opposites. This is one of those movies that you can revise for many years.9. Stay in my shkure

Story Alien, played by Scarlett Johansson, driving around Scotland and hunting men. Neither the origin of the main character, nor its ultimate goals were not disclosed directly. The film demonstrates the enormous change in the character Johannson. Impartial camera lens captures is gradually changing its point of view on chelovechestvo.10. Guardians galaktiki

Chris Pratt plays in this film two roles, both his creative and funny character. Directed by James Gunn used the techniques of comics to convey a sense of loss and deep emotional experiences, and that makes what is happening on the screen even more fantastichnym.Hudshie filmy1. Oz: The Return of the Emerald gorod

The film became a legendary disaster, which, moreover, almost never released on DVD, thus burying the money of investors. Ugly animation, strange story and songs by Bryan Adams, added to the last minute, turned the "Oz" in one of the worst films released in the past few years. And yet this is a good example of an attempt to cash in on a cycle known proizvedeniy.2. Posvyaschёnnyy

Another major misfire. Based on one of the most famous novels, "Initiate" I was to convey the relationship between the young Jonas and his mentor, "the initiated." Dystopia in the film flashes only once, when the "dedicated" shared with Jonas their long-forgotten memories. More than anything remarkable about this film net.3. Maleficent

Pretty good game Angelina Jolie was not enough to save this terrible mess, made on the basis of the tale of Sleeping Beauty. The film is intended as a study of one of the oldest villains. In it Malifesentu expose a victim of King Stephen. Almost every element of the film - the confusion in which you can find everything from the inconsistent actions of characters up to the abuse of computer grafikoy.4. Legend of Gerkulese

This year, there were many stories reinterpreted with different famous characters - Dracula, Frankenstein and a lot to someone else. But "Hercules" in the company seems most hopeless. The main thing that can offer you this movie - well-oiled pecs protagonist but word-mo effects. They come with a completely absurd story in which Hercules sold into slavery, then it becomes gladiatorom.5. Winter skazka

As "Initiate" this film is an adaptation of the classic novel. As in "dedicated to the" people to adapt the novel, did not quite understand what they are doing. Mark Helprin novel in the hands of director and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman has turned into some kind of chaos. Just as in "dedicated to the" narrative tone changes abruptly, and subjects look as if they were hastily glued shut. There is only one good scene: Will Smita.6 cameo. Outcome: kings and bogi

Being a film about supernatural forces and the fate of the ubiquitous "Exodus" was terrible. Directed by Ridley Scott was not able to convey the character of Moses, a very controversial liberator of the Jews from Egypt. Also, he could not bring to sympathize plight of the Jews. He just gave us a great, lively spectacle of a computer based on a well-known story of the escape from nevoli.7. Transformers 4: era istrebleniya

Expect a lot from "Transformers" is quite naive, but still there are a number of reasons why the film turned out to be on this list. First of all, it's a dull thriller, in which home-made repeated too many times and look some indecisive, trying to interest you in an endless scene of flying in the sky cleaner. These robots are literally stuck in the quagmire, and all that they are able to say - a "I'll kill you" at different intervals. But the worst thing is that the human characters in the film has never been so neprivlekatelnymi.8. Gerakl

Yes, this is about as bad as "The Legend of Hercules." "Legend" has turned into a demigod Heracles, who even smiles in slow motion, and this version has tried to turn it into a simple surly man who just wants to be left alone. Hercules is dragged through the never-ending list of plot twists that eventually start to just annoying. This year there were two "Hercules," and none of these films present Hercules we did not pokazali.9. Prevoskhodstvo

"Excellence" is suffering from a lifeless, devoid of any imagination of history in which there is nothing remarkable, and scientists behave like idiots. But the main problem of the film is not even that. Most likely it is that the story is completely tied to the romance between Will and Evelyn, who is ready to go on various follies to save Will's mind in a computer. Neither the relationship nor any other details associated with them, do not look convincing. Interesting, too, they can not be named. And then instead of them you will not slip too scary thriller about a gray slizi.10. Turtles nindzya

Finally, here is a movie that combines the many problems other films on this list, but it does so with less charm and less fun. Large living Manifold turtle mutants with their love of pizza and craftsmanship of Japanese assassins returned. This time they brought to the cinema, which seems to be glued together from four or five different subjects. A turtle turned grotesque and unbearably boring.

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