20 most popular French actors (20 photos)

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French cinema, though large, but still lags far behind Hollywood, as the number of films, and the number of stars. However, there are a lot of actors who have achieved international fame.
Today I want to introduce you to top the most famous male actors of French cinema. By the way, I was surprised by the fact that almost all the actors in this list are also often performed in the role of directors and screenwriters.

20. Sami Naseri (Samy Naceri), 1961 birth. The first film of 1989, a total of 40 roles in movies. Famous for starring in the movie "Taxi". Nothing particularly noticeable since I had not seen with his participation. However, the success of "Taxi" gives him the right to be in this top.

19. Alain Chabat (Alain Chabat), born in 1958. The first film in 1988, a total of 61 movie role. And managed to play Napoleon and Caesar, the truth is far from the historical truth comedies.

18. Christian Clavier (Christian Clavier), born. 1952 The first film in 1973, only 74 movie roles. But he was able to play Napoleon in a very serious and qualitative serial movie.

Mathieu Kassovitz 17. (Mathieu Kassovitz), born. 1967. The first film in 1978, a total of 50 roles in movies. It seems to me that he has not yet reached the peak of its success in the movie, despite the male lead in "Amelie", which he glorified.

16. Thierry Lhermitte (Thierry Lhermitte) born in 1952. The first film in 1973, only 134 roles in movies. The majority of Russian viewers will remember him for his role in the film "Open the police." However, as we see in his credit more than 130 roles!

15. Jamel Debbouze (Jamel Debbouze) 1975 The first film of 1992, a total of 37 roles in movies. It is surprising that this actor is a one-armed, but managed to already well remembered by fans of the movie.

14 Robert Hossein (Robert Hossein) 1927 The first film of 1948, a total of 114 roles in movies. Who does not remember how Michel Mercier as "Angelica" cried he, "Zhofhrey" and he looked at her sadly.

13. Vincent Perez (Vincent Perez) 1964 The first film in 1986, 60 roles in movies. Though he is Swiss, but can rightfully be called a wonderful French actor.

12. Philippe Noiret (Philippe Noiret) 1930 The first film in 1949, only 163 movie roles. This good-natured mustachioed now not so popular, and was once one of the main persons of French cinema.

11. Jean Dujardin (Jean Dujardin) 1972 The first film in 1998, a total of 35 roles in movies. Just ascended, but without a doubt the star of French cinema. Personally, I really like this actor.

10. Jean Rochefort (Jean Rochefort) 1930 The first film in 1956, only 161 film role. King co-starring.

9. Louis de Funes (Louis de Funes) 1914-1983 gg. The first film of 1946. Just 156 roles in movies. Hard to believe that he was the same age as Jean Marais. Great comedian.

8. Pierre Richard (Pierre Richard) 1934 The first film in 1958, only 80 roles in movies. He is very fond of our country, you know :)

7. Jean Reno (Jean Reno) born in 1948. The first film in 1979, 86 film role. One was born with Depardieu, but hard work great fat it away. Yet his role very well known all over the world.

6. Jean Gabin (Jean Gabin) 1904-1976 gg. The first film in 1928, only 109 roles in movies. About such actors as Gabin say he was a genius silent in the frame.

5. Vincent Cassel (Vincent Cassel), born. 1966 The first film in 1989, a total of 69 roles in movies. Probably the most popular to date (maybe after Depardieu) in world cinema French actor.

4. Jean Marais (Jean Marais) 1913-1998 gg. The first film in 1933, 104 movie roles. For a long time he was a real man's ideal for a variety of women around the world, and then it turned out that he was gay. However, this does not negate his greatness. Without a doubt the most romantic hero of French cinema.

3. Jean-Paul Belmondo (Jean-Paul Belmondo) born. 1933 The first film in 1956, only 101 film role. The most "cool" hero of French fighters.

2. Alain Delon (Alain Delon) 1935 The first film in 1957, a total of 116 roles in movies. Probably - it's very-very handsome French cinema and one of the finest actors in the world.

1. Gerard Depardieu (Gerard Depardieu) born in 1948. The first film in 1967, only 216 roles in movies. From the very beginning of his career to this day very, very much filmed. As an actor absolutely omnivorous. Plays like a kondovogo mainstream and art house in the uttermost. A great actor at all times.



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