The Taliban have killed a record number of French soldiers

French military in Afghanistan. Photo AFP

In the fighting international troops (ISAF) in Afghanistan, the Taliban killed 10 French soldiers, reports AFP.

10 Frenchmen were killed during the fighting, which took place August 18-19 in the Sarobi district, 50 km from Kabul. Another 20 French soldiers were wounded. In this regard, Afghanistan is going to take off French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In recent years, this is the largest number of foreign troops killed in Afghanistan at the same time. As for the French army, for her, this incident can be compared only year since 1983 when both were in Lebanon killed 58 French paratroopers. In Afghanistan, for the period from 2003 to the latest incident killed 12 French soldiers.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Zahir Azimi, General Mohammad (Mohammad Zahir Azimi) did not talk about the losses ISAF, but said that during the fighting killed at least 13 insurgents, including the Pakistanis have.

A representative of the movement "Taliban" Zabihullah Mujahed (Zabihullah Mujahed), in turn, said that the Taliban ISAF forces inflicted heavy losses on the ISAF said that air raids. As a result of these raids, according to the source AFP, five Taliban were killed and several civilians.


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