Invasion of Ukraine: the latest developments in the Crimea and the south-east

What happens in the Crimea, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk

February 26 several thousand Crimean headed Mejlis came to the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea to defend the existence of autonomy within Ukraine. Near Rally Russian nationalists, they demanded the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Between opponents clashed.

February 27 by unidentified armed men seized the building of the Council of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada of the ARC. Under their protection held a session of the Parliament of autonomy, which was dismissed Crimean government headed by Anatoly Mogilev. The new head of the Council of Ministers pro-Russian deputies appointed leader of the Russian unity Sergei Aksenov. Unrecognized by the new authorities of Ukraine prime minister urged Russian President Vladimir Putin "to ensure peace and tranquility" in the Crimea. At the entrance to the peninsula appeared checkpoints guarded by people with guns. On the peninsula was noted unauthorized movement of representatives of the Black Sea Fleet.

March 1 pro-Russian actions took place in Donetsk, Nikolaev, Kherson. On the same day, Putin asked the Federation Council resolution "in connection with an extraordinary situation in Ukraine, threatened the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation, our compatriots, the personnel of the military contingent of the Armed Forces' use of Russian troops" to stabilize the socio-political situation in this country. " The Federation Council granted the request.


8:54. The self-proclaimed Prime Minister Sergei Aksenov Aksenov Authority said that the Ukrainian enterprises in Simferopol, using the natural resources of the peninsula, will be transferred to the ownership of BP Crimea.

08:26. China supports the resolution of the current situation in Ukraine "political and diplomatic means».

7:30. If Russia will not de-escalation of tension in their invasion of the Ukraine, the EU will have to go to the next level of sanctions. This was stated by the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

1:17. Stolen Sunday journalists and activists AutoMaidan which went to the Crimea from the Kherson region, located in Sebastopol and in the morning should be released.

00:42. In Poland, begins the deployment of US military units. Arrive 12 US attack F-16 aircraft, transport aircraft and 300 personnel.

00:23. In Bakhchisarai representatives of the so-called "vigilantes Crimea" kidnapped Ukrainian military unit commander, Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Sadovika

23:42. Russian military require Marines in Kerch to the side of the Russian Federation until March 16 - the date of the referendum on the status of the Crimean Peninsula.

23:29. Commander of the 55th Missile Regiment in Yalta handed ultimatum in writing - to disarm, transfer custody of the weapons and equipment the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

23:14. Two Crimean police chief assigned to the days of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea and Sevastopol city council, dismissed from the police for violation of the oath.

23:06. Vitali Klitschko said that in the eastern regions of Ukraine and destabilize the situation require referendums and Russian flags hung out mostly citizens of another state.

22:57. Today in Kherson several hundred activists with national symbols and placards calling for peace, holding hands, joined "human chain" bank of the Dnieper.

22:36. The leader of the rock band "The Time Machine" Andrei Makarevich said that Russians for 25 years of independence have not been able to feel free, self-thinking people.

22:13. State Border Guard Service of Ukraine set the gain control at the entrance to the Crimea. Have been deployed three checkpoints and border patrols are exposed.

21:48. American destroyer USS Truxtun arrived in the Romanian port of Constanta, from which the sea to Odessa is about 300 km.

21:29. In the State Duma of the Russian Federation introduced a bill that makes it impossible to lease premises in apartment buildings.

21:22. Governor Lugansk region Mikhail Bolotskih states that continue to perform their duties, and in his resignation today wrote under pressure.

21:11. Three journalists detained during the transition to Armiansk now being taken to the Security Service of Ukraine Sevastopol.

20:49. In Odessa, on the Potemkin stairs singing the anthem of Ukraine, and in Kharkov deployed 127-meter national flag.

20:38. Russian military seized at the border with Ukraine, Crimea Isthmus Chongar in Kherson region Genichesk private facilities.

20:29. Prosecuting authorities charge of the preliminary investigation in the criminal proceedings in connection with the abduction chairman activist, one of the coordinators of the movement Euromaidan Crimea Andrew Schekuna.

20:22. Capture of military units in Crimea investigate under "sabotage».

20:11. Nikolaev at the monument to Taras Shevchenko was a meeting devoted to the 200th anniversary of Ukrainian poet who grew into an anti-Russian march.

19:54. US ready to impose additional sanctions against Russia in the case of the annexation of the Crimea.

19:45. Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the leadership of Crimea taken measures based on international law and are intended to protect the interests of the population.

19:17. Aerodrome Marine Aviation Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy in Saki captured Russian soldiers.

19:08. At the entrance to the Crimea from the Kherson region, armed men in military uniform unmarked detained activists and community AutoMaidan journalist.

19:04. To the airfield in the village Novofedorivka arrived four trucks with Russian soldiers, there are two truckloads of pro-Russian activists.

19:02. Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov says that he now heads the Crimean organization of the Party of Regions.

18:53. Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk signed a decree of the Cabinet of Ministers "On additional measures to strengthen controls over the movement of persons on the territory of Ukraine».

18:34. In the Crimea from analogue broadcasting to turn off all Ukrainian TV channels, except Tonis.

18:26. The United States condemned the situation in Crimea, when military observers from the OSCE underwent a warning shot at a checkpoint near an Armenian.

18:09. In Donetsk, today held a number of actions in parallel. The largest was the pro-Russian, attended by several thousand people.

18:02. Ukrainian border guards strengthen the protection of the border with Moldova in the Transnistria region.

17:56. In the arrangement of anti-aircraft missile regiment in Yalta attended by representatives of the Crimean authorities, accompanied by a Russian officer and the third party. They put Ukrainian military ultimatum to withdraw to March 2.

17:49. Armed Forces of Ukraine are engaged in routine work, movement toward Crimea was not expected and not expected.

17:43. Armed men without insignia control checkpoint airfield in Djankov, as well as some of the objects of the A1387.

17:28. Since the beginning of March on the territory of Ukraine in the eastern parts of the border are not missing 3, 5 thousand people, including 16 journalists.

17:22. Activists Kharkov Euromaidan and city residents marched down the street, Sumy. Participation in the event was, at least 10 thousand people.

17:14. After the capture of Luhansk regional administration building today, March 9, chairman of LOSA Bolotskih Michael wrote a letter of resignation.

16:55. Government allocates 125 mln. for a one-time cash security servicemen Crimea.

16:48. The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet missile cruiser "Moskva" headed toward the mainland Ukraine.

16:33. The former head of the Yukos oil company, Mikhail Khodorkovsky flew to Kiev and appeared on stage today at the National Chamber of the Maidan, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko.

15:59 The leader of the Luhansk Guard read a statement on the resignation of Michael Bolotskih.

15:51 Russian troops that are in the Crimea, trying to impersonate the Ukrainian military.

15:26 In Lugansk pro-Russian rally participants broke into the building of the regional state administration.

15:08 Russian military department seized Border Service "Black Sea", changed the men of Caucasian appearance in civil with weapons, according to the preliminary version, Dagestan.

14:26 Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk serving in the United States for consultations at the highest level.

13:54 Russian military released a mobile frontier "Massandra" in the Crimea.

13:31 Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk said that Ukraine will not yield an inch of their land and will resolve the conflict with Russia exclusively diplomatic and political ways.

13:15 Sevastopol residents staged a rally in support of the integrity of Ukraine and against the war. The event was attended by about 100 people.

13:05 Chairman of the Donetsk regional council Andrew Shishatskiy insists that Ukrainian legislation does not provide for local referendums and "alien scenario in the Donbas not needed».

12:43 In Simferopol arrested the head of the Crimean Euromaidan Andrew Schekun.

11:21 At the railway station in Simferopol occupiers organized a search mechanism for all, without exception, train passengers arriving from the mainland.

10:42 In Crimea, in the village of Black Russian military seized Ukrainian frontier.

9:35 For the last few days on the Crimean peninsula significantly increased censorship and physical pressure on journalists from the leading Ukrainian TV channels, news agencies, as well as their foreign counterparts.

8:33 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said that the night before on the administrative border with the Crimea armed aggressors opened fire on the Ukrainian border plane.

8:45 convoy of military trucks drove into the eve of Simferopol. Machines filled the military was more 70.

1:32 US sanctioned expropriation of foreign individuals and organizations out of court for events in Ukraine.


23:32 In Crimea, the separatists with arms rob people on the street: the video.

22:59 The prosecutor's office opened a case for beating journalists in Crimea.

22:42 Moscow threatened new sanctions for attempted annexation of the Crimea.

22:23 Russian special services bullied soldiers in the Crimea and break technique - UASBGS.

21:47 Appointed Head of the Security Service of Ukraine in Crimea.

21:37 The party Klitschko offers immediate closure of Ukrainian border.

21:12 EU to sign a political association with Ukraine immediately.

20:35 The US Army is ready to support Ukraine and allies in Europe.

19:53 Crimean Tatars have asked for US protection: Be firm.

18:40 Ukrainian military across the country are beginning to exercise: video.

18:14 Ukraine strengthens the protection of the borders of the Russian separatists.

17:40 Russian troops invaded the Crimea in the Kherson region.

17:16 In Crimea, Russian special forces opened fire in the presence of the OSCE.

17:08 Locked Ukrainian military congratulated women on March 8: photo.

17:00 Ukrainian students in 18 languages ​​opposed the war: video.

16:42 In Simferopol Russian separatists again beat journalists.

16:21. According to the head of the Center for Military-Political Studies, a member organization of data resistance Dmitry Tymchuk, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly plans to clean up the Crimea from Ukrainian military until March 16 - the date of the referendum on the status of Crimea peninsula.

16:15. AutoMaidan participants came to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Odessa, held anti-war rally, chanting "No invaders!" And "Putin - Get out!».

15:24. Crimean Tatars form their own self-defense units.

14:19. Today in Kerch was female rally "For Peace".

13:48. In Simferopol, the representatives of the local self-defense activists fired on the car, making it to the captured militants military.

13:22. In Moscow, the opposition plans to bring to march against the war about 50 thousand. Opponents of the military aggression of Russia.

12:32. Scenario in which events unfold in the Crimea, similar to the one that took place earlier in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, said Acting Foreign Minister Andrei Deshchitsa.

11:29. In St. Petersburg, the Champ de Mars passes rally against Russian military intervention in the affairs of Ukraine: the shares have gathered about 300 people.

11:02. Situation in Crimea is still possible to resolve the political means and to avoid further escalation of the conflict, the chairman of the committee on the fight against organized crime and corruption, MP from the IMPACT Viktor Chumak.

10:04. Russian filmmakers were against military aggression in the Crimea.

9:37. Party of Regions, which had a large electoral base in the Crimea, should through their deputies of all levels to try to prevent illegitimate referendum in the Crimea, said MP from the Party of Regions Yuri Miroshnichenko.

9:18. Russian special forces seized the checkpoint Shelkino (Crimea, Cape Kazantip) and seized their weapons.

9:00. US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the Crimean crisis and the military aggression of the Russian Federation on the Ukrainian territory, urging the Kremlin to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine.

8:11. At present, planned for the next meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine.

8:10. In Sevastopol, Ukrainian soldiers defended the military unit A-2355 attack on the so-called self-defense of the Crimea and the Russian military.

00:40. Journalists who were close to the military part №2355 - Task Force "Crimea", attacked. As announced on his Facebook page a journalist Lila Burdzhurova attack to "vigilantes Aksenov».


23:00. In Crimea, disconnect from the Internet first Crimean Tatar ATP channel.

22:35. A panel of judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine began its consideration of the submission Acting President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Chairman Oleksandr Turchynov on the compliance of the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality) of the Act of Parliament of Crimea Crimean average about holding a referendum on March 6 № 1702-6 / 14.

22:06. President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov insists that the decision of the Supreme Council of Crimea's intention to join Russia is initiated from the Kremlin.

21:41. Russian President Vladimir Putin is the guarantor of the security of the Russian world, Russia will not remain indifferent in the case of negative developments in the Crimea. This is a live TV channel Russia 1, said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

20:51. In the area of ​​Sevastopol unknown trying to capture a command post Combat Team Crimea.

19:32. In Crimea, on the lake Donuzlav due to Russian military operations blocked seven Ukrainian warships.

18:53. The National Council for Radio and Television called program service providers to temporarily refrain from relaying their networks programs Vesti, Russia 22, ORT and RTR-Planeta to bring them into compliance program to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

18:22. Acting President, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov suspended the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Crimean average holding of the referendum.

18:00. Shevchenko district court granted the request of the main investigation department of the SBU on measures of restraint in the form of detention for two months in Donetsk against separatist Paul Gubarev.

17:09. Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said the recruitment of people in Transnistria for provocations in Odessa and destabilize the region.

16:50. Ukraine has started action of unity "Ukraine raises flags", whose members post at the Ukrainian flag on the balcony or in a window installed in the car.

16:46. The mayor of the Crimean town of Belogorsk called a referendum on the secession of Ukraine illegally, contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine.

16:20. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that Russia is fueling the conflict in Ukraine, about to adopt a law on the entry of new subjects of the federation.

15:30. Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov said in Moscow on Friday that the decision on the referendum parliament passed its own, that the vote will be fair, and it will be observers at the Russians and those whom they trust.

14:59. 47 European countries condemn the actions of President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, urged him to immediately withdraw its troops from the Crimea and began collecting signatures on the deprivation of voting rights of the Russian delegation to the Council of Europe.











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