"To win the Russians Ukraine will not - under them will burn the earth. Understand what the hell "

Which scenarios Moscow should prepare Ukraine? Opinion of General Intelligence.

How justified is the strategy of "soft resistance" resorted to Ukraine in response to the Russian military aggression in the Crimea? Are the Ukrainian armed forces, in principle, to confront the Russians? Which scenarios Moscow should prepare Ukraine? Of course, in the current conditions it is difficult to get answers to these questions from the current leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore LB.ua tried to do this by talking with the leadership of the former.

Lieutenant-General Nikolay Miller retired in 2005 from the post of Deputy Chief of Defence Intelligence. While the relationship with the "island" (the name of the Ukrainian military intelligence in the professional military slang associated with the location of GUR on a fishing island in Kiev), judging by our conversation, maintains regular.

That is logical: the former intelligence does not happen. The track record of General Miller - a real combat experience in Africa and the creation of the National Guard of Ukraine. LB.ua found the general in a good mood - he has just received another SMS threats for his performance in a television broadcast on the eve of.
On the war in the Crimea

- Please explain to people who are far from the armed forces, what is happening now. There are actual and naked aggression of a foreign state, with the Ukrainian army did not apply the use of force in response? This is the right decision?

- I can not answer this question. As a military man, as a professional who has experience in warfare, I do not understand. In the attack even guardroom should open fire. What the Russians are doing now in the Crimea with our military units - this is unacceptable. Each military officer will tell you that in this situation we must act. But ...

- But do not act. Why?

- I think the political leadership of the country does not permit the use of weapons. And what are their motives - it is necessary to ask the Minister of Defence and Chief of General Staff.

I'm fighting general. In Crimea, we have fighters have air defense - one of the strongest in the country. When flying to Russian helicopters, 12 aircraft IL-76 - could knock off at least part of the 12 aircraft. It would be an adequate response to aggression. In any statute, even a guard duty, says that during the attack on time, you can use the weapon without warning, the object - the same. The statutes are approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. And today, the officers do not perform them.

- This means that the military had orders not to perform the statutes?

- Definitely. I know the guys from the 4th Marine Brigade - very professional, real patriots. In Crimea, people speak mostly in Russian, but many of them are patriots of Ukraine.

I imagine that the guys are going through when they are given a command to stand unarmed when actually shooting them. All of you have probably seen the video where our military go with the flag and sing the national anthem. I have no words - I can only bow down to them.

But how feasible this tactic - I do not know. Perhaps the lack of resistance to discharge and stabilize the situation. But I do not believe Putin, to be honest. Putin - the aggressor and the State Duma - is, in fact, the official terrorists. Believing they can not.

- A Ukrainian army was ready to use weapons in case of aggression?

- Parts, located in the Crimea, could very quickly lead the team in full combat readiness.

- But if the Ukrainian military opened fire on the aggressor - it would be a full-fledged war.

- Yes, the war. And, of course, the war we would have lost the first. And now the Russians would have been near Kiev, they planned to throw desantura here on Sunday ...

- So you think that the Ukrainian army is not able to resist the Russian army today, in principle?

- Against the component that is pulled by Russian border against airborne units, we would be powerless. Our eastern border is almost completely exposed. Divisions were destroyed in Luhansk, Kharkiv, Chernihiv. Nearest teams that can act quickly - in the White Church in Zhitomir. All the teams that are closer to the eastern borders are not staffed. They will not be able to act effectively.

So maybe the solution is not to respond to the aggression was rational. There intercepted conversations between Putin and his superior command of the Black Sea Fleet. "Why do not you act? .. Why did not they shoot? .. And what do you do for this? .." In general, intelligence gives a lot of information, but I can not say all because I'm afraid to hurt.

- But does Russia need a reason, in principle, to a landing or to start shooting? They may well say that the Russians killed in Crimea, and to do, anything.

- Yes. Or would some sort of provocation "titushek." They are still, even in Kiev walk and waiting in the wings. And believe me, in the army, too, has officers who minister portraits Lebedev and commander in chief of Yanukovich still kept in lockers.

But, as I said, Russia will be able to win in an armed conflict only at first. Keep the Russians here will not - under them will burn the earth. There is such a guerrilla, that they understand what the hell. You've seen what our people, when he was the Maidan. Russians who come here, not to be envied.

- Russian Defense Minister states that Russian troops in the Crimea, in addition to parts of the Black Sea Fleet, no. The question arises: what Ukraine has to do with the "no man" commandos?

- Yes, they are unmarked, as terrorists. But our intelligence knows which part of the armed forces of the Russian Federation is each of these machines, which is in the Crimea now, there are number of brigades. So they are trying to fool anyone - is unknown.

I'll explain to you why the Russian special troops in Crimea is so brazen act - trying to capture bases and territory. They need somewhere to stay. If you give them to military units, they zasyadut they have forever to drive them out of there will be almost impossible.

But in principle, if Russia refuses to recognize these soldiers his - we have the right to disarm them as some unknown gunmen.

- But how to disarm?

- For example, to throw back assault brigade.

- The entrance to the Crimea blocked.

- Oh God ... what for air assault brigade of the checkpoint?

- Tell me, please, judging by maneuvers - to which Russia is preparing? By the siege? By the war?

- To the war. And not only in the Crimea.

They all prepared. Any plan of attack through the Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Lugansk. But the plan is not implemented so far, as the population in these regions is not acting with the active separatist sentiments, as expected the Russians. But in any case, they will saturate these regions provocative element to them to rebel.

In general, the plan maximum - separated from the Crimea in Ukraine, Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Odessa region.

There was also another version of blitzkrieg - taking Kiev and planted here Viktor Yanukovych. Remember how Dobkin said? "Exempt from the brown plague, starting with Kharkov and chase banedrovtsev and nationalists from Kiev." However, this option is already less likely. Russian simply hoped that they will be welcomed here with flowers. And when not met - we realized that the Crimea is going on can not.

- How is it that Admiral Denis Berezovsky, who was appointed commander of the Navy, two days later went over to the enemy?

- The fact that all this military counterintelligence, which we inherited from Sovietization, and not too much has changed: there are many former "special person" who work only against the patriotic officers.

- You want to say that this Russian agents?

- Yes agents. The pressure on the family, which they say, that Berezovsky - an officer, he knew what was coming. Moreover, not only the officer - Admiral. I was also under pressure, what? Also threatened by violence. Think commanders in the Crimea is not "pressed" do not threaten their families? It's not a reason to sell their country and honor.

This is a betrayal.

Actually I was surprised that Igor Tenyukh (Minister of Defense - approx. LB.ua) did not see the rot - because he knew very well Berezovsky.

The topic: Traitors - the security forces, loyal to the Kremlin. List

- In this case, we see that in a totally corrupt state in the army without adequate human resources policy, Ukrainian officers and generals remained loyal to the oath. We now see that in the Crimea, the officers refused to side with the enemy, despite the fact that they offer a huge amount of money that they are just in their lives do not work ...

In the army, there are teachers who are preparing the younger generation, trying to bring up patriotism, explain the meaning of honor.

But it turns out differently. You saw what they were doing on the Maidan police officers and interior troops - were beaten and the elderly, and women, although all of us teach that to beat the women, children and the elderly is unacceptable. I'm on the police do not want to say that it is the officers. Because you will not find any General Interior Ministry, which would live in such a apartment as I - Lieutenant-General, which was great posts. And there are Ukrainian generals in the army, believe me, a lot.
About the internal troops and the National Guard

- Internal troops can be considered heirs to the National Guard, you have created in 1991?

- No. You know, the National Guard was created from scratch in 1991, when there was a very serious rise of patriotism. Officers Ukrainians went to serve in the National Guard from all regions of the former Soviet Union.

National Guard - it was a mobile structure, which had its own helicopters, including - martial could quickly relocate anywhere in Ukraine. And employs 40,000 men, mostly - special purpose. And, accordingly, had weapons and equipment.

We could be at war with anyone. But in 2000, the National Guard was disbanded - I had already resigned. Disbanded for several reasons: because it is creating more competition all the other security forces, and due to certain intrigues in the state leadership. And then former Guards started internal troops. Kravchenko (then Minister of Internal Affairs - approx. LB.ua) took their weapons, military training and sent the item is actually patrolling the streets.

- And SWAT officers responded that they were dressed in police uniform?

- Gone. Most. Many moved into the armed forces.

When I watched the video with a Cossack Gavrilyuk, and learned that it is stripped of its soldiers Interior Troops - I was shocked as an officer.

I will not say that today, in the internal troops - some villains. There is a decent officers. But if education in the National Guard under built on our history, on the Cossacks, patriotic education, the BB ... Here they go to the museum will immediately see: "Nicholas II were created." Their ideological basis began NKVD troops. When we were in Lviv under the guard gave the room where the regiment was located before the NKVD, where a conspicuous place stood a bust of Nikolai Kuznetsov (Soviet spy, he was at war with the UPA, was killed by the rebels - approx. Ed.). So now in the rooms of the Internal Troops - these scoundrels, Nicholas II, and Kuznetsov.

- Do not you think that they fought on the Maidan with people not just because the leadership has given the order, but also because of the commitment to certain ideals?

- Of course, their zombie as "Berkut", as Russians - told myths about Bandera and so on.

- And, after all, was it possible during the confrontation on the Maidan convince explosive fighters not to apply force to the peaceful people?

- We have several generals tried to repeat what was done in 2004 during the Orange Revolution - to agree that the troops did not go against the people, including - internal troops.

In 2004, Yushchenko asked us to Skipalsky (Alexander Skipalsky - former Head of Intelligence Ministry of Defense - approx. LB.ua) to do everything to avoid bloodshed. And we really went to Kikhtenko Alexander, who was then deputy commander of the Interior Troops, and agreed with him that the internal forces will not act against the people. He asked for assurances that it will not touch. Then Tymoshenko promised that appointed him commander of explosives. Counterintelligence was with us too ...

When did the Maidan in 2013 - also had the opportunity to negotiate with the internal troops. With the same Tenyukh I said told him that we Kikhtenko able to negotiate - Kikhtenko still has great authority in the internal troops. But no one listened to us. And then, after the events on Grushevskogo, it was too late - to contact one of the leaders of the internal troops did not go. In addition, they clearly were ready to go to the people, they just propped up the "Golden Eagle", well they obeyed Zakharchenko.

- What about the internal troops to do now? After all, what did they do?

- Renaming nothing. You know who to assign commands our Interior Minister Arsen Avakov? Stepan Poltorak! The one lieutenant-general, who led the Kharkov Academy of the Ministry of Interior, together with Dobkin has worked all this time, that is here on the Maidan has brought thousands of students, so that they are standing against the people. Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv - it is the title of a Kernes Dobkin was given. When agents of Moscow raised the Russian flag in Kharkov, the entire Academy sat in silence, as if it is not there. And there cadets - prerasno trained fighters. We do not need the Internal Troops with command - let it burn with a blue flame.

I propose to restore the National Guard - such as it was created in 1991. I have already prepared a draft law, which says that the National Guard of Ukraine is the law enforcement agency for special purposes, created on the basis of joint military units for the protection of important public facilities, special purpose military units of internal troops. It is charged with the protection of Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity, life, freedom and dignity of people.

Guards can play the role of mobile combat units. But she had to be placed somewhere, need base, weapons, equipment, budget. It is necessary to restore everything that was given to the internal security forces, and to do so immediately.

Also, the Guard could include our hundreds of which are still standing on the Maidan. What are they going to sit there in tents? We'll take them to the army, officially take the service, armed. They probably want to serve the motherland.

- Perhaps not everyone wants.

- Maybe not all, but many will want. Those who have higher education - can be assigned to an officer's rank. Of course, they have to be trained, because to protect and serve the Maidan regular troops - are two different things. There's a strong man, but must be taught. Imagine all that these people - coped with the special forces, with only wooden boards.

Now people are massively in the military. And Russia is seeing. If now adopt a law on the National Guard - you can invite volunteers into it. It would be a serious factor of psychological pressure. Although it is now the turn to the draft board - is a factor of psychological pressure. In Ukraine, a very large resource mobilization.

- You've already talked about the creation of the National Guard under the leadership of a country? Do you have a dialogue with the new Minister of Defence, for example?

- No. While we are familiar, but on the Maidan, we quarreled. Because of this, the negotiation process with the internal troops. I offered to help, and I was told: "We have everything under control, we will deal».

- You know, I lot of people told me that this is what they were told the leaders of the Maidan on all the proposals.

- Well, imagine. Comes to him five combat generals. And they tell us, "Do not dramatize, do not help ...».

- Do you think whether it was possible to prevent such a large loss on the Maidan, if it were a normal manual?

- Let's leave this topic, it is so painful ... I'm not a sentimental person, but when I watched the video with the institute - roared ... But it was impossible to control - I told the people who were there. There was chaos, people do not listen.

- But how you feel normal - that is the word - the people who occupied positions of heads of law enforcement agencies in the new government - did not stand in the forefront on the night of the 18th to the 19th, when the fate of the Maidan? In general, the fact that none of the new leaders of the country did not come out then to Independence - left the people themselves to deal with the special forces?

- Of course, they had to be there - and Tenyukh and intelligence chief nail. But they were not. All Eugene Yevhen Nyshchuk led from the scene - remove the hat in front of him, when I see it.


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