Ordinary Americans about the Crimea, Russia, Putin and Obama

Yesterday on CNN aired another article on the entry of the Crimea to Russia. In general, of course, no value it does not have, except for the comments.
At the moment, users have under Article 30 of thousands of messages, and judging them, it becomes clear that not all the inhabitants of the ocean zombified Western propaganda, and ordinary Americans are configured very differently than the political elite of the West.
We have translated some of the comments in Russian. Enjoy:

Master chess move of Putin ... I doubt even that Obama even know how to play chess ...
Chris No
I am glad that the Russian did. If not done, the Ukrainians would be solved for another ten years, what to do with the Crimea. Russia has decided for them. Thanks to Putin ...

Who has allowed Obama to ignore the democratic vote and to oppose the will of the people, and potentially start a war / conflict with Russia ?? Rothschild ??
Jimmy Russels
Putin is an international hero. He wiped his nose to the Americans. Obama drew a line in the sand and dare to cross one leg. And Putin jumped over it with both feet and looked into his eyes all the time. Obama - just talk. Putin is a man of action. I welcome Mr Vladimir Putin and his resistance. IDA following disappointment in Obama.

Ed The Oregonite
Take the Crimea from Ukraine - is how to take candy from a baby ... The current Kiev can not do anything about it, and Putin knows that Europe and America would not seriously oppose this.
Now we must act quickly, Russia: join the Crimea, to build a bridge to the island, lay pipes - thus gain independence from the mainland. If you try to blackmail Ukraine Crimea food and electricity - go north and take those damn plants under kontrol.Zatem draw attention to the eastern regions - Donetsk and other ... Connect the Crimea and Transnistria through a land corridor. And then to look to the southeast. North Kazakhstan and Baikonur to be returned. Kazakh President dies, the country turns into a Turkish-controlled Islamic hole.

Ed The Oregonite
Looking at the statement by President Obama, I can not shake the feeling that Putin laughs loudly. Putin simply attached to Russia of 10,000 square miles of southern territory, and the United States say about any sanctions and "monitoring the situation"! President Obama is not even looking at the camera!
It's convenient - to support freedom and democracy only when it is beneficial to America. The guy in the office in Ukraine, who was ousted after the coup - was not an angel, even a stretch, but still appeals to Russia and is the guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine. While we obviously support the group that violated her.

8-Bit Mike Tyson
We all know that Obama is not a real leader, and is better suited for the organization of the Marxist-bongo party in Chicago than it is to control the superpower. If his own people did not take him seriously, how seriously do you think, perceive his Russian guys with nuclear weapons?
Obama may want to have allied support for Ukraine, but really, there is not much you can do now. This is generally a clean victory for Putin.

It is not that the United States worried about what kind of information from the Russian could get Edward Snowden? Perhaps they have an advantage? Maybe that's why Putin acts decisively?
Mormont Telamon
The United States is the last country that can talk about the intricacies of international law. Our country was founded on genocide and has not changed much. We invaded more countries over the past few decades than all other countries combined.

I do not see any difference between the Crimea and Kosovo. Crimea again voted for independence from Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union. You could even say that the establishment of Kosovo as an independent country, triggered the current situation. How many Russian died during the war with the Nazis in the Crimea? We must recognize Crimea as part of Russia.
Who "advised" Obama to make a revolution in the Ukraine?
We lived peacefully before. And now the whole world is on the head.

This strategic Sovereign coolest show I have ever seen! Just imagine - everything is happening without firing a shot. Clearly, this is not like Obama and others, who use NATO to kill millions of people in the name in order to support the separatists. Only the blind would think that the West is for them.
Putin is acting correctly and more democratic, rather than Obama. Held now vote for people, not a stage show, and they want to be seen in Russia. Russia is doing what the people want ...

Last American Standing
Obama puts America in a difficult position.
We had to elect a black man as president because he was black. Forget about the qualifications and experience - let's just elect a person on the grounds of skin. What's next? Let's elect a woman president for the sake of electing a woman president. Shhh ... (Hillary is not qualified) I am witnessing the fall of my country, because I-L-I-O-T-O-B.

alex durely Mike Brown
Sorry, but I have to disagree with you - Russia has no ambition to conquer Europe. It protects the stability of the region of what is perceived as an open threat.

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