Magarshak Yuri: Putin makes Russia in Province of China

Adoption of the title seems odd only as long as that happens considered without historical retrospective and geopolitical perspective. And evident after at least a little analysis.

With the beginning of the confrontation with the West over the Crimea transfer strategic partnership with Europe to Asia driven by Putin Federation began rapidly implemented. Even today, only two weeks after the Crimea Russian money in London (and there are at least 150 billion) are converted to Singaporean banks. Others (like "purse Putin" Timchenko (~ 60 billion), the transfer of capital from Europe to Russia. However, with the real prospect of collapse of the ruble, to keep them in Russian banks - to risk capital to turn to dust. But where to keep them? In the American and European banks impossible because the assets may at any time be frozen. In offorah as risky because they can be brought under similar control (see the story of Cyprus). Therefore, China - from the point of view of Putin with "advisers" - becomes a strategic partner of Russia and how buyer of energy and as a banking center, and as a global military ally.

However, whether it is a partnership? To understand this, let us turn to the history of China's relations with Russia and Russian.

In Russia not remember from that in the times of the Golden Horde Russia was part of the Empire with its capital in Genghisides Beijing. Where she was transferred from Karakorum grandson of Genghis Khan Kubilay Khan. Golden Horde, which pays tribute to the (roughly as hamlet on the Yenisey Krasnoyarsk said chief commander) was the only one of the four regions of the Mongol-Chinese Empire (Jochi Ulus) - like a union republic in the Soviet times. Russia is one of the areas of the region, not very big and not very rich.

Mongol Yuan dynasty was overthrown by peasant Red Turban Rebellion. In 1368 Zhu Yuanzhang proclaimed the establishment of the Ming Empire and became its first emperor. New rulers of China were interested only Celestial and it alone. Earth in the heavenly places of interest did not cause. Zhu Yuanzhang disbanded he inherited the Empire with the motivation, similar to that after 623 years inspired Yeltsin dissolved the Soviet Union, created in three Russian ulus Mongol Empire, which the Chinese Ming Empire era voluntarily ceased to control but which, in the Yuan Dynasty obeyed Beijing. And Beijing is well remembered today, and not for a moment forget! Calling Russia not only as a younger sister and a younger sister, considering China. No brother, no older sister, sister-not the same age, and a younger sister. For which the elder brother (China) should strictly control the look and her life. So Putin's actions on the transfer of partnership Russia from Europe to Beijing in China are seen as a return voluntarily released by the Chinese "free floating" territories under the mother's womb. Younger sister returned to her family in the East. Younger sister of The Chinese Great Steppe, stretching from Vladivostok to the Carpathians, walk and mischief, voluntarily returned under the patronage and strict control of the Senior Chinese brothers. Which will with no strict - as befits a Chinese tradition older brother. To not walk, did not lose his head and foolishness not mayalas not only chide, but you can blow up ....

Making China a strategic (as it seems), a partner of Russia, Putin makes Russia a raw material appendage of China and the Chinese province or provinces - one part of which is during the Golden Horde was Russian. Complete subordination younger sister Russia, China will go quickly and irreversibly. Which forms will thus ispolzovat? A wide variety of Chinese colonization of empty regions and construction of ultra-modern cities with populations milllion or more people (Russian Far East and Siberia for five hundred years after the "conquest by Yermak" was never colonized and have not mastered, and will master the Chinese-populate) to the political and economic dependence which will be complete. Yes, objectively speaking, otherwise it can not be any raw materials appendage and generally the seller of any product for the marketing of raw materials having only one buyer ... Dependence younger sister of the Russian Big Brother China, thanks to Putin's deeds, after the inevitable for a few years, the collapse in gas prices and oil induced the West is complete and comprehensive.

Russia will not collapse - China will not allow. There will be a completely different dissolution of Russia in China half billion.

Thus, the capture of the Crimea dramatically changes the geopolitical map of the world. The borders of Europe, who were moved Tatischev the Urals, returned to the Dnieper and Don - where they spent Herodotus. White world (or, to put politkorrektnicheski, pale-faced) man who was considered in Eurasia extends from Chukotka to France, with the Crimea to Russia decreased in many times. Asia (in Chinese guise) once spread to the Arctic Ocean and the Ural Mountains, and after a short time to come to Moscow. Thinking that restores the Soviet Union, Putin restores territory obey the Mongol Yuan emperor empire. Occitan is so that Marco Polo, who lived at the court of Kubilay Khan decade, never mentioned that the Bishop had called them Mongols and Chinese. From Beijing, Moscow authorities will soon get the labels on board, as in the Horde. Already next year the Chinese language should be introduced as a mandatory training at Russian universities. The Chinese language will become the second official language, first in the former Siberian Khanate, then as a second state across the Russian provinces, well, then the only official language. Accession of Russia to China, through a referendum, which will be conducted under the eye of the polite little yellow men, like the Crimean or without a referendum - a question 15i, a maximum of 20 years. For some time, Putin (who from the Communist Party, according to his biography did not go out ever) will be the leader of the Chinese Communist Party Russian province - let us not forget that the law in modern China, the Communist Party. Communists of Russia under the leadership of Zyuganov association with the Chinese Communists are welcome because they will again be the only party in the country. Party of Mao and Lenin! ..

Reorienting the federation from West to East, in Russia, Putin turns first to the Ulus Jochi-Rus. Then, as his squeeze - in the province of Russia. Well, then the area of ​​the Muscovites, which neither the human resources nor the economic development does not pull on the Chinese scale, and the province.

How will the Chinese colonization of Russia? For example, China can demand from Russia visa-free regime. The one whose preservation requires Russia to Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict with the Federation of the West is totally dependent on Chinese purchases of raw materials from such an offer you can not refuse, she can not refuse. As a result, after a year in Russia can live twenty or fifty or one hundred million Chinese. Who will work diligently, turns into a field taiga and swamps, build ultra-modern city lay superfast railways and motorways ... Providing working in Russia to Chinese citizenship in an accelerated mode (similar dispensation for Depardieu) - following a legitimate claim. After that will come the requirement for referendums in all regions of Russia. Which will be one of the other waste to China. Peacefully and simply, in accordance with the precedent of the Crimea ... The options are many, but the result will be one of the options. Russia dissolved in China ...

Described the course of events in the case, Putin will not go back down, seems inevitable, natural. Good or bad in terms of the Federation? The answers may be different, depending on the views of a reader. Good or bad in terms of God and humanity? From the perspective of the White Man's Civilization is a colossal gain Asia. If we assume Russian Slavs and not the people of the steppes, and therefore the Huns (they Finno-Ugric and) Putin's betrayal of the Slavic peoples and the white race and created by people with white skin of civilization is one of the most vile treachery that ever happen (although the Putin, who is on the Faculty of History at the lecture did not go, it does not know - just as jubilant from the Crimea Russian "Slavic" but in reality the multinational people). The Communist Party of Russia (whose leadership Putin and Zyuganov in the Russian province of China rukovoditi may retain for some time) will become a province of the Communist Party, something like the Communist Party of Ukraine during the stay of the Union. Russia becomes an appendage of China, which area will shrink to the Moscow Principality times of Ivan the Great Third, and perhaps even the only, and to the borders of Kalita. Russian people in Siberia and the Far East will dissolve in Chinese, in Muscovy will become one of the smaller ethnic groups did not produce, the impact on world events, and even on the Celestial (a small part of which will be a) do not have any.

However, from the point of view of preservation of humanity and from the point of view of the Lord God is nothing terrible transition from Russian to Chinese protectorate did not happen. On the contrary - the Apocalypse, which is leading mankind Putin will not take place. During its five thousand years of history, China has never been the aggressor, the territory of the Mongol Empire, he went as a voluntary gift of the Mongols, charmed Chinese culture. China is interested in cooperation and not in territorial expansion. And that means - a new balance. Harmony between Asia from Beijing to the Don, Dnieper and Europe from the English Channel.

The process of absorption of Russia China after he was elected as Russia seems to Putin, the General Partner and, in fact, lord, may occur slowly (over fifteen years), and can and is much faster. If, making Russia the younger sister of China, Putin will try to continue the war pranks him from Beijing severely shook his finger. And if Putin and his entourage will continue the tradition of theft, lies, hypocrisy (vices according to Confucian tradition worst, finding that officials in China mercilessly shot) Putin and associates over Life publicly Executed Tiananmen Square. Or at Red ... Not for crimes against humanity (which Confucian China philosophically), and for plundering property thieves and swindlers who relies on Chinese law the death penalty.

The foregoing is not a fantasy and not a summary of the series of alien life, and the future of the Federation, if Putin does not change the selected them for Russian roads, which will inevitably happen. And that it was not, Putin associates still not too late to think about. Prokonsultirovatsya not only with tillage-generals and accomplices, but also with scientists, historians, with independent analysts from him. And stop expansionist paranoia.
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