Yuri Nikulin

Born 12.18.1921, Demidov Smolensk province - 21.08.1997, Moscow

People's Artist of the USSR (1973)

Laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR behalf of the Vasilyev brothers (1970, for a series of comedy roles in movies)

Hero of Socialist Labor (1990)

Commander of the Order "For Merit» III degree (1996)

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Father Yuri Nikulin, Vladimir Andreyevich, demobilized from the Red Army and graduated from political education courses, settled in Drama Theatre in Demidov (former Riverlands) Smolensk province. There's also worked as an actress and expectant mother of Yuri. Shortly Vladimir A. organized mobile theater "Terevyum" - the revolutionary theater of humor, he staged plays and played a lot.

In 1921, at the Yuri Nikulin, a son, and four years later the family moved to Moscow. In the capital, Vladimir Andreyevich continued to do what it all - wrote interludes and reprises entertainers to pop circus. Later he got a job in the newspaper "Izvestia" and "Beep". My mother never worked, mainly engaged in housework and raising her son. Twice a week Nikulin visited the theater, returning home, heatedly discussing the play, the actors play. Thus, Yuri Nikulin since childhood at the center of the theatrical life of the capital.

At school, where he studied Yuri Nikulin, his father led the drama club. Of course, that was in it and Yuri. Under the leadership of Vladimir Andreyevich students put excerpts from a wide variety of plays, from classic and ending with children. So in the "Childhood" Maxim Gorky played Yuri Peshkov himself.

Studied Nikulin very prestigious school, and I must say, he studied very average. Therefore, when the end of seventh grade steel to select the best students in the eighth, his, despite the Merit School father, decided not to leave. Thus, to complete their education in the Jury of the regular school-new building, which by the way was very happy: "It studied guys from our courtyard. Now I, like everyone else, he could climb over the fence, cutting the way from home to school. " Army

In 1939, Yuri graduated ten classes, and then was drafted into the army, the troops of anti-aircraft artillery. On his military service, he recalled: "To me at first regarded with some irony. Most battered during the drill. When I marched separately, all roared with laughter. On my awkward figure overcoat hung ridiculous funny boots dangling on thin legs ... "Saved Nikulin that he did not take offense, and laughed with all.

A month after the start of military service came the war with Finland. Yuri Nikulin, like many of his colleagues, wrote a statement: "I want to go into battle Komsomol." The fighting was very close, the Finns were eager to Leningrad. But to take part in the fighting, he still had no chance. Anti-aircraft battery Nikulin was under Sestroretsk, and secure the air approaches to the northern capital.

In the second year of service Nikulin pleurisy, and after treatment in the hospital for a while with the battery orderly transferred to the medical unit. There he stayed for about a year, then returned. In April 1941, he began to prepare for demobilization. But to get home Nikulin was not fated. June 22, 1941 the war started ...


From the first days of the war Nikulin battery opened fire on Nazi aircraft that broke through to Leningrad, threw Gulf deep mines. As part of the anti-aircraft battery Nikulin fought until the spring of 1943, was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Then he twice visited the hospital - after pneumonia and after a concussion. After his recovery, he was sent to the 72th Anti-Aircraft Division under separate Kolpino.

About the war years Yuri recalled: "I can not say that I belong to the brave people. No, I get scared. The thing is how the fear is manifested. With some hysterics happened - they were crying, screaming, running away. Other transferred outwardly calm ... But the first man killed in I can not forget. We sat at the firing position and ate from the pot. Suddenly, next to our instrument shell exploded, shrapnel and charges decapitated. A man sits with a spoon in his hand, is steaming from the pot, and the upper part of the head is cut off as a razor, clean ... »

Victory Nikulin met in the Baltic States. However, at home he fell not soon. Demobilization was carried out in several stages, until it all came only a year after the war ended. He retired from the army May 18, 1946.

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As already mentioned, in high school, Yuri Nikulin worked in the theater circle. While serving in the army, he also took an active part in amateur performances. His fellow soldiers were just delighted with the comic talent Nikulin. Therefore, demobilized from the army, he was absolutely sure that he had acted in any of the theatrical institutions.

In the summer of 1946, he applied for the Film Institute, but the third round was suddenly withdrawn by the examination board. He stated: "In you, of course, there is something, but you are no good movies. Do not you have the profile that we need. I'll tell you straight: you are unlikely to take off in a movie. This view all commission. If you really love art, we advise you to go to theater school ... »

Following the advice, Yuri Nikulin filed documents once in two theatrical institution: GITIS and School. Schepkina at the Maly Theater. But here it was waiting for failure. Nikulin not accepted and the auxiliary part MGSPS theater, as well as several other schools and the creative studios. Despair was not the limit ... Finally luck in the studio theater at the Noginsk, led by director Konstantin Voinov. But learn it he had long ...


In September 1946 Nikulin learned about the set in the studio clowns at the Moscow State Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. He decided to take the risk, and in this he was supported by his father: "Let them dare Jura, in the circus, you can experiment. The work - no end. If he finds himself - pops. And in the theater? There's too much tradition, everything is known, complete dependence on the director. In the circus much defines the actor ».

In contrast to the theatrical institutions in Nikulin circus studio went without any special problems. And this despite the fact that the examinations were held, only 18 people out of several hundred who want to enroll.

October 25, 1948 was his first solo performance at the circus arena. He spoke with his partner Boris Romanov, and prepared a reprise of his father. Soon Nikulin and Romanov went on tour since the very pencil - the most popular clown in those years. A little later, at the Nikulin has a new partner - Michael Shuydin.


In 1949, Yuri Nikulin, met a girl Tatiana Pokrovskaya, who soon became his wife. Here is what she says about the meeting: "I attended the Timiryazev Academy in the Faculty of ornamental horticulture and very fond of horse riding. The academy was a great stable. And in the stable - very funny colt dwarf, with a normal head, a normal body, but little feet. His name was Lapot. This Pencil heard and came to see this horse. Horse liked and pencil with a friend asked us to teach her the simplest tricks. Then the horse was brought to the circus, and introduced us to the Pencil Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin, who was in his disciples. Yuri invited us to see the play. My girlfriend could not go, I went alone, sitting on the spotlight. We played a very funny scene: Pencil evoked from the audience supposedly one spectator and taught him to ride a horse. But it was when I came to the show, Yuri, who played the role of spectator while this number fell under the horse. She beat him so that he was taken to the "Emergency" in the Sklifosovsky. I felt guilty and began to visit him ... And six months later we were married ... »

And in 1958, Yuri Nikulin starred in the first movie. While director Fayntsimmer begin shooting the musical comedy "The Girl with a guitar" written by Vladimir Polyakov's and Boris Laskin. In one of the episodes could not find the right actor. That's when Vladimir Polyakov and offered to try Nikulin. He initially refused. The actor still remembered how he had once said that it is not suitable for film. But then he finally changed his mind.

Nikulin got the role of pyrotechnics, which shows the selection committee his signature number - fireworks. The film had a good reception from the audience at the box office and won 10 th place. But the most ridiculous episodes it turned out to be the ones that participated Nikulin. Over his unfortunate pyrotechnics that its fireworks almost did not sleep at first examination room, and then a department store, the audience laughed most.

On successful debut Nikulin drew attention to another director of "Mosfilm" - Yuri Chulyukin. He suggested that the role of the artist fixers Klyachkin in his comedy "intractable." In fact, the film was originally conceived as a serious story about a difficult re-education of youth. Even the name was appropriate - "Life Begins". However, during the filming of a movie became so comical episodes (including with Nikulin), which he turned into a comedy "intractable."

Soon, Yuri Nikulin was invited by Eldar Ryazanov, the lead role in his new film "Nowhere Man." The same film was filming the famous actor Igor Ilyinsky. He did Nikulin unexpected proposal: to go to work from the circus to the Little Theatre. The proposal looks tempting, but still refused Nikulin. "If it had happened ten years ago, I went to work in the theater with pleasure. And to begin to live again when you have forty - hardly makes sense, "he said.

As soon begin filming the comedy "The Man from Nowhere" were suddenly suspended. Something about the subject of the picture did not suit the leadership of the studio and the film was postponed until better times. He returned to his Ryazanov only a year, but now the main roles he invited other actors - Sergei Jurassic and Yuri Yakovlev. Nikulin also got a small episode.

Famous all over the country, Yuri Nikulin began in the early 60s because of a short film directed by Leonid Gaidai "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross". He invited him to try in this picture one of the assistant directors. At the first meeting, carefully looking around the actor from all sides, Gaidai said: "The picture of the three roles. All major. This coward, Experienced and Goonies. Goonies want to offer you. " His assistants as he said: "Well, it is not necessary to look for Goonies. Nikulin - what you need ».

The film was shot almost without trial. No scenes are not rehearsed. Directed by picking up three and always looked ... Are ensemble Yuri Nikulin said: "On the role of the experienced approved Eugene Morgunov, who before the shooting I've never seen. But my friend the poet Leonid Kukso said many times: You need to be sure to meet with Eugene Morgunov. He's an amazing man: an interesting, emotional, beaten humor, jokes. With him you never get bored ... I almost did not know, and George Vitsin. I liked him in the movie "A substitute," where he played a major role. I've heard a lot about the wonderful acting job in the theater's Vitsin Yermolova ».

While Yuri Nikulin was very busy in the circus. And Gaidai went so far as to arrange the shooting schedule for the actor. Thus, every morning Nikulin came to shooting the film, and in the evening to join the circus.

Throughout the film does not say a word, everything is built on fun tricks. Nikulin almost no makeup. According to Gaidai, and he was so funny face. The actor is a big glued eyelashes, which he so much fun slamming.

Short film "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross" became the fifth film in the almanac "Quite seriously." However, it was she who brought success throughout the movie and more - has begun to live an independent life. She gave birth to a unique phenomenon of eccentric characters-three masks of Soviet cinema - Goonies, Coward and Experienced, bringing real glory and Leonid Gaidai, and the famous trinity Nikulin - Vitsin - Morgunov.

Just a few months after the filming of "Dog Barbosa" Leonid Gaidai re-used them in his new short film, which was called "Bootleggers". And the idea of ​​this movie threw Gaidai Yuri Nikulin. The fact that the circus duo Nikulin - Shuydin interlude performed with the same name. The idea of ​​the director liked it, and he, along with Constantine Brovina sat down at the script.

The film "Bootleggers" was released in 1961 and was a huge success. Trinity gradually turned into a cult symbol of Soviet cinema ...

In the same 1961 Yuri Nikulin starred in one of his best paintings - Leo Kulidzhanov film "When the trees were big." It was the first dramatic role actor. Nikulin played Kuzma Kuzmich Iordanova who lost family during the war, it is dropped.

The most amazing thing is that, by inviting Nikulin on this role Kulidzhanov never seen a movie with his participation. Actor director knew of the circus, while in the funny clowns, he managed to find the features ne'er Iordanova. And his choice Kulidzhanov not mistaken.

Yuri Nikulin recalled: "Seeing the director Kulidzhanov the first time, I thought," That's right, probably you should look good teachers. " Lev impression canary calm, balanced and collected. How do you part? - He asked immediately. Like but I do not know if I can play it, - I confessed candidly. I beg you, do not play. Just do not play! And in general, do not say the word "play." Be yourself. Consider that your last name is not Nikulin, and Jordan. And you live in Moscow, in an old house. You fifty years ... You wander through the streets, going to the store, look at the people, like your hero. They meet in Moscow. This advice I have done. Went about beer, furniture stores, watched trying on ... »

How well the actor entered the image can be judged by a funny story. On the very first day of shooting, when filming an episode in a furniture store, Nikulin arrived on set in makeup and costume Iordanova and was about to enter the store. However, the store manager suddenly barred his passage. Stubble and rumpled suit Nikulin made it an appropriate appearance.

"Where are you, citizen?" - Angrily asked the director. "I was in the store," - said Nikulin. "Nothing you do there!" - Even more frowned director. "Yes, I'm an actor in the film was shot." "We know these artists! In the morning my eyes flooded, and go, "performances" play! Go away, while I did not call the police! »

At this point, I went to the scene himself Kulidzhanov and stood up for the actor. From the words of the director at the director's eyes widened even more. A director openly rejoiced: "Well, if people perceive you so, then you are logged into the image well».

The film was released in 1962, country, causing a big hit with viewers. The fate of the same actor's film was very important. It was after him to Yuri Nikulin changed attitude directors They saw it as an actor who is able to not only play comic roles such as The Goonies, but serious dramatic roles.

Roles of the first half of 60th

Successful work in film led to what is now known Nikulin whole country. Even the circus audience is now Nikulin went on, not as a clown, but as a dunce of the famous trio. His films have continued to come out one after another. Most directors still used the comic character actor. So in 1962, Leonid Gaidai shot Nikulin as a rogue in the film "Business people" by O. Henry short stories. Then the actor appeared in a lyrical comedy Eldar Ryazanov "Give plaintive book" and in several films.

In 1964, filmmaker Semyon Tumanov proposed to Yuri Nikulin role in the police lieutenant Glazychev kinopovesti "To me, Mukhtar!". Initially, the actor was refused. The role was a very interesting and challenging, but Nikulin thought: "I can not play a policeman! I played the last two films of crooks! "And yet, the director was able to persuade the actor, the more so on the candidacy Nikulin insisted and writer Israel Megger. Megger came to this decision when I saw Nikulin in the film "When the trees were big».

The plot of the film was, in principle, elementary. The dog, faithfully waited at the station his frivolous mistress, into the hands of police lieutenant, who decided to make his faithful dog companion in the defense of socialist legality. Of course, Mukhtar has to prove what he can do, and even subjected to almost deadly risk if caught another criminal. At the same time, the filmmakers were able to avoid criminal and melodramatic anguish. And in this great merit Yuri Nikulin, who very accurately found the desired manner of acting.

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