"Diamond Hand" - 45 years!

The plot of the film with the working title "Smugglers" loosely based on real events: the idea came to Jacob Kostyukovsky after reading newspaper articles about Swiss smugglers who tried to carry valuables in a cast.

Later it turned out that the main intrigue of the film has no legal basis: the citizens of the USSR have the right openly to import jewelry, but the export of gems from the state, from which they are taken, it is illegal.

Yes, and in itself so many jewels, as in the film, and their origin would cause an imminent interest from the police. So in that sense, smuggling (and it was just smuggling, as imports carried out secretly) in the film is absolutely logical explanation in the canvas of the storyline.

According to the scenario, the plot of the film was supposed to be: a simple Soviet man Semen Semenovich Pavlik (then it will Timoshkina and only to the release of the movie - Gorbunkova) by going to the overseas tour, at the center of smuggling fraud.

In general, the script was approved, but the artistic council put forward the following requirements: to make less passive role of the police, cut scene in the restaurant with the commemoration of the chief smugglers, remove the scene with the pioneers who congratulated him, remove replica, "says the chef, the main thing in our business - Socialist Realism "and" the party and the government left in the second year, "a monologue superintendent Ivy (" And you know, I would not be surprised if tomorrow it turns out that your husband is secretly visited the synagogue ") to replace the last word on the" mistress "to reduce the trinity smugglers two people, removing the Kid.

Also did not like the scene with prostitutes (one in "Istanbul", the other - in the hotel "Atlantic"), drunkenness protagonist disorder customs and more. To save the movie in its original form, with minimal revisions, Leonid Gaidai went to the trick: Add to end of the film the nuclear explosion over the sea and the State Cinema Committee said that he agreed to remove any scene than this.

On the question of the necessity of the explosion, he said: "Have you forgotten about the complicated international situation? Imperialism brandishes the nuclear club! "The Commission agreed to retain the film without other denominations, but only if the explosion is removed, what the director had hoped.

The crew was sure that all the filming they will bask in the foreign resort. Imagine their disappointment when Gaidai publicly announced he will shoot in the USSR. So Baku turned into Istanbul, a city of contrasts, the interior of the seaside restaurant "Weeping Willow" filmed at the "Mosfilm" movie scenes were filmed in Adler, Sochi, near Tuapse, on a highway in red on

Filmmakers lived in the hotel "Horizon", located in the central part of Adler. It is this hotel appeared in the film in the form of the hotel "Atlantic". Alas, the historical Sochi hotel, familiar to tens of millions of moviegoers in the 2000s, was bought by some individuals and almost completely demolished, with no chance for new construction.

The choice of actors

The script originally written by Yuri Nikulin, whose appearance in the title role is not in doubt. Here's application writers:

"... At this time we are working with the director decided to Gaidai temporarily abandoned as our hero Shurika and from the popular trio ... Yuri Nikulin will no longer play Goonies and central comedy role. It will be a humble servant is not the heroic type and disposition, by force of circumstances falling into the midst of dangerous adventures ... ».

In "Soyuztsirke" Nikulin was given leave for six months, which has never been done before. The film starred the whole family Nikulin wife Tatiana played tour guide, and his son Maxim - a boy who "walked on water».

On the role of the gangster-smuggler Lelik auditioned Anatoly Papanov, Michael Pugovkin and Leonid Satanovskiy. Hudsovet chose Papanova. Pugovkin offered to try his luck on the role of the second smuggler Gennady Kozodoeva.

On the role of Geshi claimed Andrei Mironov, George Vitsin Rudolf Rudin, Valery Spout. Spout and Rudin rejected a brief formulation: "Do not come." Opinions were divided between hudsovet Vitsin and Mironov.

From the transcript of the discussion:

Gurevich (head of the casting department): - Vitsin or Mironov? The choice depends on which way we will go. If you follow the old tradition - Vitsin. In Vitsin obtained by repeating the previously played. If new - Mironov.

Stepanov (writer): - Mironov does not seem one hundred percent hit, he still hamming.

I. Bitz (director of creative association "Ray"): - I am in favor of Mironov. He brilliantly suited to the role.

M. Slobodskoy (writer): - Mironov in the movies no luck ... I am convinced that only make him Gaidai comedy hero.

And it did! After the "Diamond hands" Mironov became popularly favorite actor, as written, the fate handed him his "diamond hand».

On the role of the pharmacist-smuggler auditioned and Kanev Mishulin. Kanev seem ridiculous, approved it.

On the role of the Chief claimed Pitsek, Runge, Shpringfeld Romanov. The film starred Nicholas Romanov.

Anna Sergeyevna (Stranger) were chosen from the three actresses: Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Eva Kiwi from Estonia and Yudin. But before this cameo was proposed Clara Lucko.

"In the" Diamond Hand "I had only fotoproby - recalls Lucko. - I went to the studio, walked toward Gaidai. He called out: "Clara, you want to try in my painting?" I say, "You know, in a swimsuit shoot me not." "Well, let's try it!" I was given some swimsuit, told the stage. I tried to picture and all. The role seemed to me serious. Left to star in another film. When I came back, Svetlichnaya already been approved ».

After the sudden departure Lucko hudsovet chose Anna Sergeyevna three actresses: Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Eva Kiwi (Estonia) and Yudin. In this discussion of the artistic council was stormy: Yudin recognized too candid, Kiwi - too not ours, and Svetlichnaya - too beautiful. Approved it for the role with great reservations. For Svetlichnaya in the film says another actress, Zoe Tolbuzina. But one phrase Svetlichnaya said herself: "I'm not guilty ...»

Wife of the protagonist would be Gorbunkova Nina Grebeshkova and Iya Savina. Preference was given a comb, wife Gaidai. Role she did not really like, "Well here you can play all some pink and white ..." Leonid Gaidai responded immediately: "And this shall be the wife and!».

In the original script episode where the wife wakes up drunk Gorbunkova, looked different. Semen Semenovich had to wake up because he fell on his head picture. Specially made soft frame, but the picture did not want to fall correctly. The scene does not work. And then proposed to the actress: "He's a hard worker and used to wake up at seven in the morning to wake-up call. Let me cer Service and held it to his ear. " And removed.

When the "Diamond Hand" was released, a letter arrived Gaidai. The viewer praised the game Cradle and wrote: "It is and should be a real wife!" "Well, you see, and you did not want to play!" - Said the director satisfied.

Many disputes have thin. leadership caused the sample actresses for the role of the superintendent Barbara Sergeevny Ivy, which could play Clara Lucko or Tatyana Gavrilova. Statement with great hesitation and advances received Nonna Mordjukova against which objections and directed by Gaidai. Later, when discussing the footage, most studs get just Mordyukova - many will consider it a rough game, and sayings flat.

Interesting facts about the shooting

Episode when Gorbunkov loses his voice, he met on the steps of the toilet with a gloomy type with a medallion in the form of a skull on his chest, shot in an underground toilet, which is located at the entrance to Gorky Park. Gorky, from Lenin Avenue. In this role, starred journalists, the magazine "Spark" Leonid Pleshakov. This short episode was filmed 4:00! Gaidai Pleshakova approved for the role after he showed him his hairy chest.

Gaidai motor ship was named "Michael light" because of his great love for the works of the poet. In the port came to the ship "Victory" Gaidai persuaded the captain one day rename the ship, even lifebuoys rewritten. As a result, all the scenes on the boat were filmed in one day!

The film was released. Chief of the Navy to learn that "Michael light" in his department is not listed, ordered to correct the omission, and first launched on the new ship was named in honor of the poet. Shooting took place in the port of Sochi.

Because of the skill decorators during the filming occurred tragicomic case. For the scene where the hero falls Nikulin from the trunk, it was a mannequin made of papier-mache. Mannequin covered sheet. Curious worker looked at her and saw a real artist ...

After an hour of "death" was known not only in Adler, but also in other cities of the country, because the woman works part-time at the airport. Learning of this, Nikulin called to Moscow and warned the mother that she did not care. And rightly so, because the next day the news of his "tragic death" and has already reached the capital.

Pegasus in the store ("Do you have the same, but without wings?") Starred in the movie "Office Romance", under his weight Novosel languished in the episode of "horse", it can be seen at the end of the 11th series of the TV movie " Seventeen Moments of Spring "when Stirlitz comes to the house of Schellenberg to get permission to travel to Switzerland.

In the "office romances" (1977) accident Novoseltseva forced to drag a horse from komissionki.

"Package" (1965, dir. Vladimir Nazarov).

"A Hunting Accident" (1978, dir. Emil Lotyanu).

Also horse seen in the film "A Hunting Accident" in the office of the publisher, and then in the interior of the apartment of the composer in the comedy "Shirley Myrli." This horse is still kept in the department rekvizitorskom "Mosfilm».

"Shirley Myrli" (1995, dir. Vladimir Menchov).

Due to technical failures did many takes of the scene in which Papanov emerges from the water. It was cold, and frozen actor was beside himself with rage. After another unsuccessful double it, leaning out of the water, barked at an assistant: "Idiot!" It was filmed by chance, and then put Gaidai episode in the picture.

Many had to tinker with underwater photography when the hero Papanova pulled panties. The audience thought that the on-screen nude fifth point Papanova. In fact, the actor refused to nudity - was replaced by understudy. During the filming had to go to different shifts.

For example, while there were no cameras capable of shooting under water, so to protect the equipment from a water Mosfilmovsky craftsman molded resin special box. A part of the underwater scenes filmed using a layout: manufactured figure of a man, and operators were busy filming combined with her in the pool.

In the episode, where the son Gorbunkova throws ice cream in Mironova, actually used cottage cheese (it is better to "lyapa"), and threw a boy, and assistant director. Soviet-bred child lacked the courage natural "to vanish" cottage cheese in a famous actor.

The scene where Mironov gives pink walking on the water boy who bent rod for a long time does not work - the boy fell into the water before Mironov managed to wipe his foot, it was felt that Max is waiting for the blow. So removed seven doubles. Finally Gaidai loudly announced, "All in the next take, Andrew will not beat Maxim, and simply pass by." A Mironov Gaidai softly whispered: "Beat as before. And stronger ».

Maxim quietly with a fishing rod bent down and suddenly got a strong kick ... He fell into the water and almost shouted: "What are you, Uncle Andrew ?!" The episode was shot and fell into the film, and sound - cut.

The scene in the fall of pharmacy Andrei Mironov turned on the first take, but Yuri Nikulin could not fall right. By the way, originally thought that he slipped on a banana peel. Under this deal, they have bought a few pounds at the time of scarce fruit and store them in the refrigerator. However, slip on a banana peel Nikulin did not succeed. And then bought a watermelon, which in Baku were plenty.

Nikulin had to fall on inflatable beach mattress gray. But if he managed to fall almost immediately, here on watermelon rinds he could successfully could not come. And then came to the aid Leonid Kanevsky. He was in a hurry to shoot in Sverdlovsk, therefore proposed to replace the director Nikulin. They put on his trousers and shoes Nikulin, and he skillfully slipped - from the first take. So in the frame of his leg, not Nikulin.

But during installation problem "alignment", because the scene was filmed close-ups. Substitution and remained visible when shown watermelon rinds, seen brown shoes, and Nikulin was wearing black shoes.

"Foreign language" spoken by the characters Leonid Kanev and Gregory Spiegel - gibberish, invented Kanevsky. The word "mordyuk" several times sounding in it, was brought Gaidai after he quarreled with Mordyukova shooting. And the phrase "Berezina Addiction" was invented Kanevsky the maiden name of his wife Anna Berezina.

Episode where Lyolik planning operation "Game", measures the distance on the map and compass sings "Flying Duck" perhaps a parody film "Chapaev", where the hero of the civil war, too, with a compass on the map, sings "Black Raven, you vёshsya ... »

According to Nina scalloping, the phrase "Shuba will wait!", Which her character says in an interview radioreportёru, she came up with herself. This was spurred on real events: on "Mosfilm" were allocated two cars and one of them Gaidai paid money set aside for a fur coat for his wife.

Referred Ladyzhenskaya (the scene in the restaurant) Volodya Trynkin ("Here's your mustache - Volodya Trynkin spitting, spitting!") - A real person, a classmate Leonid Gaidai.

Mironov played a scene on the island so naturally that it "Save! Help! Mommy-ah! "Rushed real boat with rescuers.

Car wash, where Gorbunkova clamped Gesha and Lyolik specially built for filming in the center of Sochi. After the shooting, she was transferred to a regular operation.

In Geshi and the ship's captain, "Mikhail Svetlov" the same clock. This gold Longines Andrei Mironov.

The scene where "Moskvich-408" flying, helicopter podtseplenny repeats a similar scene from the movie "You Only Live Twice" (1967). The movie shows the hand of Chef with a huge ring, unlocking / locking locks on the front door; the same ring can be seen on the arm Blofeld.

Drunk, which takes a police patrol on a motorcycle with a sidecar, Leonid Gaidai plays himself, and voiced his (sang "Song about bears" from the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus) George Vitsin. Hand Gaidai also appears in the scene nightmare Kozodoeva.

Pistol that police captain sends Gorbunkova - trophy "Beretta" model 1934

Car number for a taxi - "28-70 CSOs" - is a sham and is made with humor: OG series belonged to the Orenburg region and reached only to the OGE, and 28-70 - the price of a bottle of vodka to the currency reform in 1961 (28, 7 rubles). .

Mosphilmovskaya "Volga" GAZ-21 became the famous "taxi to Dubrovka". Previously, the same car turned into a taxi hero of Ephraim, starred in the movie "Three Poplars at Plyushchikha" Tatiana Lioznova and "Beware of the Car" by Eldar Ryazanov, as the machine on which evade pursuit Detochkin. Who is this "Volga" can be seen at the Museum film concern "Mosfilm».

The film Gorbunkova wife often says to her husband: "You are so gullible!" In the scenario of these words was not, but in real life, Nina Grebeshkova spouse is often repeated - L. Gaidai - and he put her familiar words in the mouth of the heroine.

An article in the newspaper about the "interesting finds" with closer study is a set of meaningless phrases like "Depreciation of fixed assets" and "Excited wet jumpers, hurrying to the trainer, stop in front of the trellis barrier».

In the end the movie Hook crane beats leaning Semen Semenovich neck. This is not a staged scene - Yuri Nikulin really got a painful blow, but restrained himself and only slightly pursed lips, finish the scene.

When scoring the film Gaidai added thud. Due to an injury Nikulin had to abandon filming scenario end of the film, in which Nadia Semen Semenovich pleased by the news of the upcoming replenishment of the family.

The final scene was supposed to be as follows: - From the porch goes all the family Gorbunkova in new clothes, Semen Semenovich now plastered with two hands, but the view is happy. Kids go forward, and hope takes her husband's arm, and, blushing, said quietly: "Senya, I wanted to tell you ... We're having a baby!»

Stock filming:

Fees for shooting:

Leonid Gaidai - 6949 rubles.


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