The best films shot in the USSR

The best films shot in the USSR


This is the only Soviet and Russian film won the "Palme d'Or" at the Cannes Film Festival in 1958.
This tragic story of two lovers who were separated by the war forever. On the set he worked as an assistant operator Claude Lelouch,
who on his return to France, recommended the film to participate in the competition program of the Cannes festival. The film is not liked
the then Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev, who named the main character of the drama "whore." About triumph picture
in her homeland came only one article in "Izvestia" without pictures and instructions of the director and scriptwriter.

BEST reflection film. "MIRROR". Andrei Tarkovsky

"Mirror" - antimeschanskoe movie, and therefore he can not be a lot of enemies. "Mirror" religiously. And of course, it is not clear weight kinoshke accustomed to and can not read books, listen to music, painting ... look no mass art and do not need, and should be quite different - entertainment Stay spectacle against the backdrop of moralistic "story". " "Mirror" - a film confessional and deep. Due watching experience - a catharsis. Tarkovsky - one of the few Soviet film directors, who are still in the West is "responsible" for the Russian cinema. And it can not but rejoice.

FILM, turned out to be the biggest influence on world cinema. "Man with a Movie Camera." Dziga Vertov

Dziga Vertov, perhaps, the main inventor of the Soviet cinema. The film "The Man with a Movie Camera" - one of the peaks of the mounting thought. This is a huge experiment in which the mass of the captured are not related to each other scenes on the timeline was born a work of art. The film is called Symphony installation and compared to Joyce "Ulysses." In "Man with a Movie Camera" Vertov refuses titles, script, scenery and actors, considering these elements are not cinematic. It cleans the film from literature, painting and theater, left in its arsenal only means of shooting and editing. And thereby create a "pure" cinema.

BEST melodrama. "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears»

Said before the talks with Mikhail Gorbachev, the American President Reagan watched it 5 times! And in order to understand the "Russian soul". Although the film is not so much about the Russian soul, but about the nature of the success of a Soviet citizen, or a citizen, as is the case with the film. "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", as it is known, won the "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Film". Western audiences saw it differently: for example, American women's rights activists understand this film as a feminist. In the Soviet Union, the film razoshёlsya citations and made completely mad charges, although the success of the picture until the last moment did not believe even the director. The film seemed to him too melodramatic and lightweight.


Most cash (attendance) in the history of Soviet and Russian film movie. The secret of the success of "Pirates" is not a unique story and not in a brilliant performance of the actors, and the first demonstration on the big screen, the Soviet techniques of martial arts. The film popularized karate, making it a true cult. Film and today looks at one go. The dynamic assembly bonding, optimum timing, mass stunt scenes - Soviet fighter without flaws.

Best Comedy. "The Diamond Arm»

"The Diamond Arm" - ektsentricheskaya comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai, has become one of the most popular Soviet films, of course, is no accident. Corporate gaydaevsky humor is not able to "kill" the Soviet censorship. The director cleverly left by disputed bills (according to the censorship committee) scenes, using the method of "pink elephant". The original version of the film director added footage of a nuclear explosion in the sea, and said he would "give way" only one scene. As a result, the explosion and removed. "The Diamond Arm" has become "finest hour for the 27-year-old and Andrei Mironov, the film starred the family of Yuri Nikulin, his son played the boy" walking on water ", and his wife - a guide. In the "Diamond Hand" is a reference to the James Bond films The scene where "Moskvich-408" flying, helicopter podtseplenny repeats a similar scene from the movie "You Only Live Twice." Hand Chef with a huge ring, unlocking locks on the front door refers to a ring on the hand of Bond villain Blofeld. Not to mention the famous scene by Svetlana Svetlichnaya. Such eroticism moviegoer has not yet seen.

Best horror films. "Wii»

The film "Wii" has become in our ranking of the best horror film, not because there is nothing to choose, though, it's worth noting the horror genre in the USSR did not develop. This movie is really scary. In the best sense of the word. The main roles performed by actors in it, which in a similar role to see at least unusual. Natalya Varley, who became famous before the role of "athletes, Komsomol-beauty" in the "Caucasian captive" and Leonid Kuravlev, whom we love, above all, for the characteristic comedic roles. The idea of ​​making the film was Ivan Pyryev, he entrusted the work of students of the Higher Directing Courses Konstantin Yershov and Gregory Kropachёvu. Filming process was hardly smooth. With a group of actors and repeated incidents of "mysticism." This is not surprising. The film is based on the novel by Gogol - the most "mystical" Russian writer.



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