10 actresses Worth watching movies negollivudskie


Hollywood can be called the capital of cinema. Despite this, many talented and imaginative and amazingly beautiful actress shot mostly in modest budgets and special effects, but deep in meaning and aesthetics of the paintings.

Revision Website Celebrate negollivudskih star, whose acting talent and beauty worthy of the most prestigious awards and careful audience's attention.

Penelope Cruz, Spain d5d2f53d99.jpg

Best films: «Vicky Cristina Barcelona," "Vanilla sky", "The Return", "do not tempt me" .

Monica Bellucci 422fe7ee02.jpg

Best films: "Malena", "Mad blood", "How Much Do you Love Me?", "second wind".

Audrey Tautou, France f5d44aa888.jpg

Best films: «Amelie", "Coco before Chanel," "Wag the wings of a butterfly", "The da Vinci code»


Tilda Swinton, United Kingdom 4c230052d1.jpg

Best films: «Orlando», « We Need to Talk About Kevin "," only lovers Left Alive "," Hotel "Grand Budapest". "

Zhang Ziyi, China 79c1f9e778.jpg

Best films: «Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon," "House of flying daggers," "Memoirs of a geisha," "Crossing»

Cate Blanchett, Australia 3362ed0d2e.jpg

Best films: « Aviator "," Elizabeth "," Babylon "," The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
. "

Diane Kruger, Germany c319690750.jpg

Best films: «Inglourious Basterds," "Mr. Nobody", "Copying Beethoven»

<. br> Bae Doona, South Korea 3b23b46b36.jpg

Best films: «Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," "Cloud atlas»

Ellen Page, Canada 6214094a70.jpg

Best films: « Juneau "," Home "," To Rome with Love. »

Aishwarya Rai, India c68f29a152.jpg

Best films: «The Last legion", "Demon", "robot", "Jodhaa Akbar»

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