25 actresses of Russian theater and film, maddening at a glance

These girls - idols of the public, the bright stars of Russia, which were admired, which sought to emulate. Site says attractive women domestic theater and cinema, which we admire so por.Anna Sten667a51a11a.jpg

most spectacular actress Anastasia

Vertinskaya6415afd003.jpg "Russian Hollywood".

Beauty Vertinskaya called "alien". Not last place in the formation of the image of the actress played her eyes.

Natalia Kustinskaya85383c01d0.jpg

Natalia Beauty has become a phenomenon of international scale. In the 1960s the French Candide magazine included it in the top ten most beautiful actresses in the world.

Olga Ostroumova8a45c367a2.jpg

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress with a big and beautiful eyes.

Elina Bystritskayab6693a73f6.jpg

Elina Bystritskaya admired the whole Union!

Maria Naryshkina66a5b19800.jpg

Gabriel Derzhavin wrote about beauty: "Black eyes lights, lush breasts her she feels, sighs, gentle soul is visible, and that she does not know what all the greater good»

Olga Baklanova37a3d43c33.jpg


Olga until 1926 played at the theater and in the cinema in Russia, then emigrated and continued his career in the United States, where she became a Hollywood star.

Anna Samohina7ba9bb9828.jpg

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter and singer.

Natalia Varleyd98b0fc653.jpg

Natalya, choosing between current circus career and unknown world of cinema, and dared not lost, with roles becoming the first star. She also became the main "beauty-athlete-Komsomol" and Pannochka.

Alla Nazimova446ec70e34.jpg

Alla was born in Tauride province, took lessons from Stanislavsky, emigrated and became a star of Broadway and Hollywood.

Vera Holodnaya4f0badfdf0.jpg

Faith first met director Gardin described its beauty as "inviting and poisonous" at the same time.

Natalie Paleyd2652d7864.jpg

The first Russian beauty who has gone from a dummy to a film star in Hollywood. Paley in Europe and America led lifestyle socialite. She has repeatedly appeared on the cover of Vogue, named after her spirits company Lelong.

Natalia Fateevab47bfb760b.jpg

Natalia starred in a variety of paintings and was considered one of the sex symbols of the Soviet Union, but then there was no such word.

Victoria Fёdorovaa239deff0f.jpg

One of the most beautiful actresses of the Soviet cinema, the daughter of a US military attache, Victoria Fedorova In 1975 he went to the United States to his father, later married an American pilot and received US citizenship.

Lyudmila Semenyakac4d68d4ea0.jpg

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A pupil of the legendary Ulanova - one of the best dancers of Soviet ballet. Since 2002, divided skill with the troupe of the Bolshoi Theater, which gave 40 years of his life.

Zinaida Kirienko247ef9c580.jpg

One of the most beautiful actresses of the Soviet cinema. She became famous for the role of Natalie in the epic "The Quiet Don". Due to a conflict with a senior officer, Kiriyenko rarely filmed, but she again became a star after the movie

«Love the Earth." Irina Skorbtseva3b6b74d040.jpg

Irina first won the title of "Miss Charm" Cannes Film Festival.

Rufina Nifontova17de074aea.jpg

Soviet Russian film and stage actress.

Ninel Myshkova23705a7b31.jpg

Among the galaxy of beautiful Soviet actresses Ninel Myshkova occupied a special place. She was not just beautiful - dazzling

Tatiana Piletskaya7c1210ee73.jpg

. One of the brightest and most successful actresses of the Soviet cinema: stately, beautiful, with a huge mop of brown hair and gray eyes radiant

Tatiana Samoylovaea3ca20e62.jpg

. The superstar of Soviet cinema, one of the most beautiful actresses in the world with a very beautiful, slanting eyes.

Irina Alfёrova86e324dd88.jpg

The talented actress, a beautiful woman with a charming smile and luminous eyes, Irina Alferov - the personification of romance, love and kindness

Alla Larionova28b374986a.jpg

. Alla was very regular features: high forehead, big eyes, sharp chin, beautifully defined lips, slightly upturned nose

Love Polischuk10b2d034d9.jpg

. Incredibly beautiful on screen she was not afraid to look ridiculous and absurd.

Nonna Terentevaa29fdf58d9.jpg

. Amazingly beautiful and gentle woman, who enjoyed great success in men

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