20 goddesses of old Hollywood that will eclipse any beauty of our time

Golden Age of Hollywood, who came to the 30-40s of the last century, is still considered a benchmark of glamor. It is always elegantly dressed and with impeccable hair - it was the main precept of any actress of the time. To do this, we have made tremendous efforts and studios, and actresses, and as a result - they are simply divine

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Veronica Leyk

Source photos: Ivi.ruAktrisa which introduced long hair covering one eye. It was the idol of many women, and her hairstyle with flowing blond hair to his shoulders, called "game of hide and seek", it was one of the most popular in those years. Movies: "Travel Sullivan", "This Gun for Hire"

Loretta Yang
"Glass Key»

. The winner of the award "Oscar" for best actress. In the 1930s and 1940s it was considered the epitome of elegance and grandeur of a film star, a quarter of a century she appeared about a hundred paintings, he has played in the most famous geniuses of cinema. Movies: "Farmer's Daughter", "The Bishop's Wife," "Come to the stables»

Lauren Bekoll

. The winner of the honorary "Oscar", the winner of two "Golden Globe" and two awards "Tony." one of the first Hollywood beauties was recognized. Movies: "How to Marry a Millionaire," "Have and Have Not," "Murder on the Orient Express," "The most accurate»

Joan Fonteyn

. The Anglo-American actress who became famous roles in classic films of Alfred Hitchcock. For his role in the movie "Suspicion" was awarded the "Oscar" of the prestigious award. Movies: "Rebecca," "Suspicion", "Above all," "Jane Eyre," "Ivy", "Letter from an Unknown Woman»

Ingrid Bergman

. Swedish and American actress. In the ranking of the American Film Institute "100 greatest movie stars for 100 years, according to AFI» took the 4th place. Three times winner of the "Oscar" award four times - the prize "Golden Globe" twice - "Emmy", the first winner of "Tony" Award. Movies: "Casablanca", "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "Notorious," "Arc de Triomphe", "Joan of Arc»

Carol Lombard

. American actress nominee for "Oscar" award. Most known for her comedic roles in classic Hollywood films of the 1930s. American Film Institute included it in the list of "100 greatest movie stars" at number 23. Movies: "My Man Godfrey", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," "To be or not to be»

Ginger Rodzhers

American actress and dancer, winner of the "Oscar" in 1941. It has become best known through the joint performances paired with Fred Astaire. It occupies the 14th place in the list of the 100 greatest movie stars. Movies: "42nd Street," "Flying Down to Rio", "Merry divorced", "carefree", "A couple of Barkley Broadway"

Anne Sheridan "Storm Warning»


American actress. Movies: "Angels with Dirty Faces," "Dodge City", "The man who came to dinner," "Edge of Darkness", "Silver River", "The soldier in a skirt»

Sophie Loren

Italian actress and singer. The winner of the honorary awards all major film festivals. Winner of five awards "Golden Globe" in the special category "favorite of the world public"). The first laureate of "Oscar" for best actress in a movie in a foreign language. The holder of an honorary "Oscar" with the wording "for a career rich with memorable roles, gives shine netuskneyuschy cinema." Her movies in Hollywood, "Pride and Passion", "A Countess from Hong Kong", "Desire Under the Elms," "The Black Dahlia," "It Started in Naples", "Millionaires", "El Cid," "The Fall of the Roman Empire" "Lady L", "arabesque", "The sentence».

Ava Gardner

American actress, one of the brightest stars in Hollywood of the 1940s and 1950s. "Oscar" award nominee. He entered the list of the greatest movie stars in Hollywood history. The owner of "angel face and body of the goddess," often referred to as one of the most beautiful actresses of the XX century. Movies: "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," "On the Beach", "The Sun Also Rises," "Mogambo", "Knights of the Round Table," "Barefoot Contessa", "Night of the Iguana," "The Blue Bird»

Lana. Tёrner

One of the most glamorous and sensual star of classic Hollywood. For the filming of one of his first films she plucked her eyebrows, but they have not grown, for which he received the nickname - "the girl with eyebrows painted on." It is believed that during the Second World War, American soldiers preferred to hang on the walls of the barracks it was her photos and posters. After the war, he filmed mainly in musicals. Her movie "The Postman Always Rings Twice," "The Three Musketeers," "The Merry Widow," "Bad and the Beautiful," "Peyton Place," "Imitation of Life»

Rita Heyvort


American actress and dancer, is one of the most famous Hollywood stars of the 1940s, which has become a legend and a symbol of its era. Included in the list of the 100 greatest movie stars according to the American Film Institute. Films with her participation: "Strawberry Blonde", "Blood and Sand", "Cover Girl," "You'll never be richer," "You've never been more delightful," "Gilda", "The Lady from Shanghai»
Olivia de Hevillend

Anglo-American actress, one of the hottest Hollywood actresses of the 1930s and 1940s, the owner of two "Oscars" for best actress. Her movie, "Gone with the Wind," "Captain Blood," "Charge of the Light Cavalry," "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "To each his own," "The Heiress," "My Cousin Rachel", "This lady," "Proud Rebel" "Light on the square," "Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte," "Airport '77", "fifth musketeer».

Vivienne Li

The British actress, winner of two awards "Oscar". He gained a reputation as an actress, which is difficult to work, so in her career often been periods of decline. Movies: "Gone with the Wind", "Tram" Desire "," Storm in a teacup "," Yank at Oxford "," Twenty-one day, "" Sidewalks of London, "" Lady Hamilton "," Caesar and Cleopatra "," Anna Karenina, "" The Roman spring of Mrs. Stone, "" Ship of fools

Headey. "Lamarr

Popular in 1930-1940-ies the Austrian and then American film actress and inventor. After a failed marriage Hedi went to Hollywood, where her career developed rapidly. She starred in such films as "Algeria", "Lady in the tropics," "Tortilla Flat," "dangerous experiment", "Samson and Delilah»

Elizabeth Teylor

<. br>
"Queen of Hollywood" double award "Oscar" for best actress. The first actress, whose fee for shooting in the film was one million dollars. In 1999, the American Film Institute placed Elizabeth Taylor on the 7th place in the list of the greatest movie stars. Her movie "National Velvet," "Giant," "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," "Elephant Trail," "Scent of a mystery", "Suddenly Last Summer," "Cleopatra," "The blue bird»
Gina Lollobridzhida

Italian actress, whose career reached its peak of popularity in the 1950-1960-ies. Her films in Hollywood: "RSR of the devil", "Trapeze," "Notre Dame", "Fanfan la Tulipe", "Provincial", "Come September", "So few ever", "Solomon and Sheba" <. br>
Audrey Hepbёrn

British and American actress, fashion model and humanitarian activist. Received the "Oscar" for best actress in the movie 1953 "Roman Holiday", also nominated four times. It has become one of the highest paid actresses in movies of his time. Supplied by the American Film Institute on the 3rd place in the list of the greatest actresses in American cinema. Films with her participation: "Sabrina," "The Nun's Story," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Wait Until Dark," "Charade," "Robin and Marian", "Always»

Grace Kelli

American actress, 1956 - wife of Prince Rainier III of Monaco, 10th Princess of Monaco, now the mother of the reigning Prince Albert II. American Film Institute placed it at 12th place in the list of "100 greatest movie stars." Films with her participation: "High Noon," "Mogambo", "Country Girl", "green light", "Bridges at Toko-Ri", "In the case of murder, dial" M "," "Rear Window" <. br>
Marilyn Monro

American actress and singer. Films with her participation: "Ladies of the Chorus", "The Asphalt Jungle", "Some Like It Hot," "All About Eve," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", "How to Marry a Millionaire," "Love nest", "Niagara."

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