2 the miracle ointment — ointment Bakshaeva and Christmas ointment


"We never know the accuracy of the contours and the depth of the lesion in our body infection. Fortunately, with the help of this ointment is the opening of secret and hidden from us lesions, the ointment itself diagnose. So smearing it is necessary to make arbitrary, continuous layer, and not selectively. If the ointment gets on the healthy part, the reaction will not follow, or it will be minimal, and healthy part will become healthier. The use of this ointment leaves absolutely no negative effects, and is just the opposite: the skin is younger, prettier, lighter. Wrinkles or shrinks, or completely leave the face or any other part of the body. This ointment can be removed from the body of any dirt, itch, healing wounds, etc.

For example, cleaning the neck we cleaned all the parts of the brain. Although for the reaction this might hurt a little head, but then the condition of the head will be clean and painless. All the smearing in the end always makes you feel good, but full deliverance from disease, especially old, hardened requires subsequent re-ramazani and increased concentrations of acetic acid.

When ear disease ointment is superimposed on the external part of the head behind the ears and around the ears, and the cleansing happens both outside and inside. Internal reactions may cause rejection of pus in the internal cavity of the ear that may be accompanied by stuffy ears. This is easily removed by elementary washing of the ears with warm water in the clinic".

Bakshaev Yu. I., the nearest disciple and follower of K. P. Buteyko.

Fourteen million four hundred sixty nine thousand six hundred thirteen



About the miraculous healings with the help of ointments Sejm, also known as Christmas ointment, the media wrote about it. But what is the secret, or rather: what is the mechanism of action of this ointment? Oil, wax, or the yolk? Here are some questions I asked myself and sought answers to them. And I suddenly remembered one of the letters published in the newspaper. In the letter, the woman told how her son got a burn on the face of the molten bitumen. And she cured him...chicken egg.

Stop, stop, stop...And shots of "living material" of a chicken egg? Here it is! After all, egg!

And method for directed immune responses by Bakshaeva, it turns out, also involves the use of chicken eggs. So how does an ordinary hen's egg is doing such wonders, allowing him to raise the rank of some kind of panacea? What is the power inherent in it capable of a hundredfold increase the immunity of someone else's (our) body?

To answer this question it is necessary to "transfer" 125 years ago in 1883. This is the year of the great Russian scientist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov gave the world his greatest discovery – based theory of immunity. He discovered a great phenomenon, an ongoing process in the body of every human being, a phenomenon called phagocytosis.

And this means that in the blood of every human being are constantly present and "working" cells of the special purpose phagocytes. These cells have the unique ability, in the blood to move towards the lesion. In this subtle cellular level is able to detect all foreign and harmful, is not peculiar to the healthy organism in the body. This "garbage" — dead, dying cells, "toxins" — toxins, poisons, radionuclides, and "aggressors" — bacteria, germs. In short, all these sewage – purpose of the phagocytes, it is their meaning of life. Finding "your purpose" on the thinnest cellular level, they actively absorb, digest and remove out of the body with blood flow in the main channel of cleansing the rectum.

The uniqueness of the open Mechnikov that the phenomenon of phagocytosis – a special form of power cells, and power delivery to the phagocytes are unable to serve, the products of digestion to nourish all the cells and tissues of the body. In their diet – all "dirt and debris" of our body.


Ubiquitous phagocytes – they ailments are bits


After 86 years, the conference luminaries of medical science, was declared a discovery, the meaning of which: without exception, all tissues of the body have in their structures of the cell, similar to phagocytes in action, but differ from phagocytes residing in the blood, only to those that are in the tissues in a fixed stationary state.

This discovery referred to now as the system of mononuclear phagocytes. This suggests that the human immune system, there is nothing like the mutual organic relationship of phagocytes of blood and tissue phagocytes, is a constant, not ceasing for one moment the work of the phagocytes in the whole entire body. Thus, a cellular system of phagocytes that are formed in the bone marrow and then migrating into the blood and tissues.

The viability of all organism as a whole is determined and is characterized by one single factor – the level of biological activity of every living cell of the body. And if we say that the immune – system cell, organically connected with all of our body, it becomes obvious and clear how important it is for every man to have a high biological activity of immune system cells, i.e. phagocytes. To increase the biological activity of the directed system of breathing Buteyko, breathing method by Frolov, and... the 'manipulation' of chicken egg.


What is the phagocyte – you fishing explain


The method: external influence on any painful area of the body to the purpose of attraction and concentration of the immune cells, i.e., phagocytes, and thus a healing of deep-seated lesions of individual organs or parts of our body.

I remember one interesting fishing. After collecting the grain at becoming dumped several cars of sernauto for feeding fish. It would seem that fish with feed in excess, will not "bite" the bait. It was not there. Swollen wheat only had time to stick on a hook and throw into the water – immediately bite. So even fish and empty hook sometimes enough! Fish interestingly, separated from the rest and floated apart. In this example, fish phagocytes, and the grain mass is the inflammation. Poured out grain waste has attracted "fish phagocytes". This is directed phagocytosis. And the bait on the hook – "the goal of phagocytes".

So, based on directed phagocytosis. And attract phagocytes to any painful part of our body, it has been possible with the help of active fuel phagocytes. So perfect and necessary food for the phagocytes appeared to look simple and accessible to every man ointment, concluding only three components. So, something like in the example of the fishing, occurs while applying ointment on any part of our body, even if this site is half alive, as if dying. Phagocytes will destroy foreign particles trying to penetrate the living tissue and the main source of inflammation will pus through the skin to the outside. Thus, Bakshaeva ointment ointment and Christmas have in common the mechanism of "work".


Prepare the ointment

In a small jar with a tight screw cap crack raw egg (without the shell) and add one teaspoonolive oil then carefully stir, not whisking. Then, depending on the age of the affected area, extent of injury, the depth of the lesion and so on is added 100% of anhydrous acetic acid (ice-cold acid) in an amount of from 5 to 25 teaspoons (pick experimentally). In any case, the coagulation of proteins in eggs, and the ointment is ready for use.

The cream is not rubbed, and apply a layer of 2-4 mm, similar to how we spread the bread with butter. Immediately after the spreading starts, the active process of absorption, which depending on the concentration area of the body and layer thickness may last from half to several hours. The dry residue crumbles by itself.

Receiving food, the army of phagocytes, arrived on the smeared area of the body, by its very nature will be to carry out its functions, that is, the detection, capture, rejection from healthy plots only foreign, not peculiar to the healthy organism. Thus, one smearing marks the start of an active immune process in the specific area of our body. The duration of the immune response depending on the concentration, extent and depth of lesion, body area, etc. can be from two weeks to two months, without stopping for a second. In fact, phagocytosis is a microsurgical procedure performed by our body cells – phagocytes and flowing with the subtle cellular level. By nature, the phagocytes will never can damage any healthy cells in our body.

Most importantly, don't worry – the damage to the body from 100% acetic acid at a dose of 5-25 teaspoons in the ointment will not. However, be aware and be prepared for the fact that, as long as, in the living body of the living is rejected, the dismemberment of living, healthy cells from warring against them a host of infections and bacteria, as well as rejection and absorption of poisons and toxins, it is naturally immune process to some extent can be painful. But, no matter how painful, does not leak immune response, eventually comes healing. Patience, of course, need to stock up on. Patients suffered always enough, and they are willing to tolerate, just to get relief. In this case, every suffering is not deprived of his reward.

The concentration of acetic acid should be such that the ointment caused a tolerable burning sensation. If burning is not present or it is small, it is necessary to add acid. If necessary, re-applying ointments need to produce after the reaction after the previous was completed. Depending on the extent of the lesion, depth of lesion, body area, concentration, age etc., the reaction may occur in many different ways: from mild redness, flaking to the formation of dark gray-brown sores and prolonged expiration pus. Rejection of impurities and infection in two main areas. The phagocytes residing in the blood, take away the dirt in the main channel of cleansing in the rectum, and the system of mononuclear phagocytes makes the rejection of dirt on the surface of the body in the form of scabs and pus.


Well, what better? Why is vinegar?

There is no need to explain to the reader what is the ointment of the Sejm of ointment Bakshaeva – and all so clear. And which is better? This is a rhetorical question, and this article is not my purpose to compare products or to give your comments. Before I set the task to acquaint readers with another proven and unique tool, but also to reveal the mechanism of action. One thing's sure – Bakshaeva ointment applied immediately after preparation, and are not intended for long-term storage, unlike Christmas ointment. This ointment is designed to enable the immune mechanism of protection and a role in this belongs to the acetic acid.

The variety of infections that affect our body, is enormous. Yes, and persistence of infection are extremely diverse. And we are not talking about how to kill, destroy infection, as foreseen by the drugs, it is only sufficiently suppress it with the fact that it became available to cells-eaters – the phagocytes. Therefore, when using the ointment is necessary to comply with principle: from lower concentration to greater. Increasing the concentration necessary to produce as needed with the aim of obtaining the desired results.


The ice acid is hard to get, only in stores chemicals. Therefore, I recommend to use vinegar, which can be purchased in grocery stores. The dosage count as 100% acetic acid.

As disposed of by phagocytes foreign "agents" will be displayed through the blood, highly recommend during treatment to take milk Thistle to protect and facilitate the work of the liver.

During treatment we need to do a gentle (soft) cleaning of the intestine, for example, suggested by E. Karpenko. Please read about it in volume XXXIV of the "Encyclopedia of folk medicine," p. 23-24.

I want to warn readers that "in a hurry to be treated". Bitter experience has shown that it is not necessary to hurry. However, such units, but they are there... Why take a chance by applying from the maximum indicated dose of vinegar? Correctly — to test the reaction of the body, starting with small doses, and if the backlash is not observed, the dose can be gradually increased. And no need to smear the whole body, but only inflamed, with a small capture of the "healthy territory". published 


Author: Roman Sviridov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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