Use the "Panthenol" Face

Face panthenol (d-panthenol, dexpanthenol) - is a preparation in the form of ointments, regenerating tissue to which applied. The preparation includes a derivative of pantothenic acid - pro-vitamin B5, so that the cream repairs damaged tissues, accelerates metabolism in the cells of the epidermis, helps collagen fibers remain in the right amounts, and as a complement - stops the inflammatory processes

. The worst enemy of a beautiful young skin is dry. Panthenol is an excellent tool for deep moisturizing dry skin, whether due to which the skin dried up: sea water, sunshine, cold climate or something else. risk group are residents of large cities. In the metropolitan areas of toxic substances are emitted into the atmosphere, adversely affecting the health of the skin in particular, since it is always open.

Panthenol in the form of an ointment, gel, spray or cream helps integuments defend themselves against such negative factors as well as helps to keep normal structure of the skin.

< Process steps panthenol
The main active agent - Vitamin B complex is a part of coenzyme A, which is responsible for the carbohydrate and protein and fat metabolism. This coenzyme helps process of releasing energy from carbohydrates, synthesis and breakdown of fats, synthesis of hormones and atsetiholina. Last necessary for normal functioning of the intestine, which is also important to maintain the beauty of the skin. Because the intestine is directly connected with the appearance of human skin.

Thus, it can be concluded that Pantothenic acid plays a key role in maintaining the normal functioning of the skin. When the local acid deficiency can make up for its topical application in the form of ointments

In medicine, panthenol in an ointment used for:.

  • all types of violation of the integrity of the skin: non-healing wounds and ulcers, fractures, burns, abrasions and pr.;
  • dry inflammatory lesions of the skin;
  • dermatitis and allergic dermatoses. drug is also used to treat and eye protection, internal organs and not only. In addition to traditional indications, there are non-standard methods of preparation. Due to its composition panthenol for skin becomes effective fighter against wrinkles and acne. Apply on the skin remedy is completely without fear, because it is used in the treatment of children and pregnant women.

    Benefits of drug
  • accelerates regeneration of the dermis;
normalize skin cell metabolism; accelerates the production of collagen in the skin; wrinkles and heals micro cracks; dermis acquires elasticity and firmness; imbues and softens dry skin; < cheap price, over the counter medications can be purchased in a range of 100-250 rubles. product is used as an ointment, spray, milk. The most commonly used panthenol spray to the face, reports about the release of the most positive form, as sprays work faster ointment or cream.

< Disadvantages of drug
When constant use may appear peeling from rapid cell renewal; continuous treatment can lead to allergic reactions; There are contraindications:. at higher sensitivities drug should not be used
Application panthenol wrinkle
To understand how useful the drug, its effect compared with the expensive facial treatments. If the pharmacy production procedures have the same powerful effect, then why pay more money and waste valuable time? That is, as panthenol effect on the skin, can be compared to hyaluronic acid. The dermis becomes elastic and smooth.

Panthenol cream for the face is used in dry skin type, because it has an emulsion base. Panthenol is applied a thin layer to cleansed face in the morning and in the evening instead of the usual cream.

If the skin can be attributed to a problem or greasy, the cream is replaced by the spray.

Spray applied once or several times a day, spraying means at a distance of 10-20 cm. Frequent hand peeling can be formed, which usually takes place over time.
Use the ointment for application to the face is not recommended, as the basis of his fat. Use of the drug in this form will lead to clogged pores, the skin is not getting enough oxygen, and it is possible to obtain the opposite effect.

Panthenol in the form of a cream is used for dry, prone to irritation skin. After all the preparation has no irritating ingredients. Moreover, it imbues the skin all the micronutrients that allow it to remain healthy.

Cream is easy to use, since it can be used on any skin areas. Treatment of healthy skin or skin with wounds and cracks are equally effective. And wear a tube in a bag will not be difficult

Mask with panthenol face is made as follows:

Dilute a few drops of camphor and tea tree oil with a small amount of panthenol;. thoroughly cleanse the skin long washing, preferably with scrub; to smear a thin layer of the prepared mask on your face; We hold 20 minutes, the mask Next, the mask is washed off, the skin rubbed lotion with no alcohol content.
Many women use D-panthenol for the face, leave reviews and the use of the cream, and the use of a spray. It is best to do the mask at night, after taking a hot bath. The pores of the face will be opened from the effects of steam and will be able to absorb much more useful elements, thus increasing the healing properties of the mask. To maintain the health of the skin is enough to do the procedure 1-2 times a week.

D-panthenol is used in the world, not only for cosmetic skin but it can also be used with other cosmetic products, for example, to relieve irritation after depilation for better growth of hair on the head, etc.

The use of panthenol against acne
For acne treatment panthenol need to proceed carefully, since most forms of release are vaseline or fat basis. In the case of the struggle with acne best use of panthenol face lotion or spray. With a light texture, they do not contaminate the pores of the face and at the same time produce a healing effect.

In the treatment of acne medication is used along with other more known drugs.

The fact that d-panthenol acne is an excellent alternative compared with dehydrating agents and acids that can increase the fat content of the skin and cause a nasty rash.

Due to its healing properties deksapantenol perfectly struggling with acne, pimples and rashes gnoynikovymi.

However, one should not expect quick results. The composition of the drug is not as impressive as, for example, compositions and Dimexidum solcoseryl, which are often used as an ambulance from wrinkles and acne.

< What people say about panthenol?
"Can I panthenol to smear your face?" - Asked the girl friend of a friend is online. Many of them used various folk remedies, check for yourself their effectiveness. And that's what they write under the themes: "panthenol face reviews»:

«I use a cream panthenol is not the first year. I find it hard to pick up the cream, since I have allergies. But moisturize-that somehow we must face. When I began using d-panthenol, I noticed that it has not only the effect of deep moisturizing, but also exfoliates. The itch is gone ». « I do not use panthenol ointment for the face as a mask. During the winter season, he became my rescuer from chapping of the lips and cheeks. I'm allergic to the cold, and the skin is constantly shelled in the cold, nowhere on it does not go. And on the forehead and cheeks skin is oily and dry in other places! He tortured, until he found for himself panthenol. Other cream in cold weather did not help. My skin is mixed to say thank you just the drug » « I'll tell you my story:. I struggled with acne, there was an allergic reaction to medication differin smeared face twice a day, morning and evening! I have stopped treatment. But the skin-it has become worse. On one site I read that there is a wonderful means of D-panthenol the cream for the face. Ointment and help from allergies and acne. That's the way »! this way, it can be concluded that panthenol can be used not only in the usual order, but also in the cosmetic, treating the skin in the pursuit of beauty. In the fight against aging processes panthenol useful as well as in the treatment of inflammatory formations in the form of rashes, acne and blackheads.


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