Half face

In wildlife, as well as in the material world in general, there is no completely symmetric or completely asymmetric objects. This principle of the structure of matter affects all its components: space, energy, physics, chemistry, biology, cells, atoms, electrons, quantum. In any object there is always the unity of symmetry and asymmetry.

There are over twenty-five theories of the origin of the asymmetry - from the influence kariolisova motion of the Earth, to the influence of temporary factors or occupational habits.

The fact that the asymmetry in the outer structure of the face and body of the person was known to the ancient painters and sculptors of the ancient world and use them to spice up the spirituality and their works.

Proponents of the asymmetry considered that it animates the face, gives him great charm, expressiveness, originality and beauty.

Asymmetry of the face of the statue of Venus de Milo, created by the ancient Greek sculptor, expressed displacement of the nose to the right of the midline, in a higher position left ear and left eye socket and a smaller distance from the midline of the left eye socket than the right. Meanwhile, supporters of the asymmetry symmetry criticized forms of this universally recognized standard of female beauty, believing that a person Venus would have been much nicer if it were symmetrical.


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