How to choose glasses that perfectly suit your type of face

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Glasses are not only a major summer accessory, they protect our eyes from harmful radiation, reduce fatigue and harmoniously complement the image. Unless, of course, to choose them correctly.

Site decided to look at how to choose glasses at your face shape and how to distinguish a good lens from a bad one. And in the end, for you a bonus.

How to determine your face type

Take a washable marker, lipstick, soap or pencil. Stand in front of the mirror at arm's length. Without deviating, to outline the contour of the face starting from the chin and ending with the hairline. Take a step back and look at the resulting shape.

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The task is to visually lengthen the face, so choose the rims a dark color. They narrow the face and bring it closer to the oval. To balance the proportions of the face, choose a frame, whose width is bigger than height.

Suitable for round face shape:

  • Pointed, rectangular, square glasses.
  • The "cat" frame.
  • Glasses butterfly.
  • Glasses with narrow bridge.
  • «Aviators.»
  • "The Wayfarer".
Not suitable for a round face shape:

  • Round glasses.
  • A narrow rim.
  • Points with sharply defined angles.
  • Sunglasses in geometric shapes.
  • Colored lenses.
  • Sunglasses that cover the eyebrows.

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The main task — not to disturb the harmonious proportions of the face, so avoid too massive points. Better if the frame width is equal to the width of the face or a little wider. Pay attention to the upper part of the rim in line with the eyebrows.

Suitable for oval face shape:

  • Rim of smooth shapes: rectangular, oval, round.
  • Sunglasses butterfly
  • «Aviators.»
  • The "cat" frame.
Not suitable for oval face shape:

  • Frames with sharp angles.
  • Too thick a rim.
  • Too wide rim.
  • A narrow rim.

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The sharp rectangular or square shape will overload your face. Visual balance and soften the facial proportions will help the rounded rim.

Suitable for square face shape:

  • The large glasses.
  • Glasses where the rim width equal to the width of the face.
  • Glasses with colored frames.
  • Oval, round, teardrop rim.
  • Rimless eyeglasses.
  • The "cat" frame.
  • «Aviators.»
Not suitable for square face shape:

  • Square frames with sharp corners.
  • Small, narrow and petite.
  • Glasses where the rim is wider than the face.

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It should visually expand the face. Choose large, massive points. Transparent glasses with a thin rim under the tone of skin.

Suitable for rectangular face shape:

  • Large rims.
  • "Aviator" (with a rim).
  • Round rim.
Not suitable for rectangular face shape:

  • A narrow rim.
  • A small rim.
  • Bright colored rims.

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The task is to balance the upper part of the face, utagulov lower. Massive even more weight to the top, we do not need. Choose glasses that have a width equal to the width of the face, better teardrop. "Pilots" are ideal.

Suitable for heart-shaped faces:

  • Rounded, round glasses.
  • Small frames with a narrow bridge.
  • Low set temples.
  • «Aviators.»
  • "The Wayfarer".
  • Rimless eyeglasses.
  • Bright and neutral color.
Not suitable for heart-shaped faces:

  • Heavy and large rims.
  • Acute form.
  • Sunglasses that cover the eyebrows.
  • Glasses butterflies, glasses drop.
  • The "cat" frame.
  • Frames with vivid colors.

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The main task is to extend the upper part of the face and to divert attention from the bottom. Choose sunglasses with big frame and wide top. The lower part of the glasses does not have to be square, sharp or clear line.

Suitable for triangular face shape:

  • Round glasses without bright decorations.
  • «Aviators.»
  • The "cat" frame with the light glass.
  • Rimless eyeglasses.
Not suitable for triangular face shape:

  • The "cat" frame with dark glass.
  • Square, rectangular eyeglasses.
  • Narrow and small frame.
  • Glasses with square or sharp bottom part.

Bonus: check points on protection from ultraviolet radiation

Take a UV flashlight and Shine it through the lens of sunglasses for every fluorescent object. It could be a pen cap, headphones, a pen or stickers. Better than sunglasses filter out ultraviolet light, the less will illuminate the subject.

Check points on the polarization

Polarized lenses filter out reflected light, removes glare and reduce eye fatigue. To distinguish the glasses with a polarizing filter very easy. Look at the surface glare. If the glasses filter the glare will disappear.

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If the points turn, at a certain angle glare will disappear and reappear again.

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