Eyewear 2014 as the main part of the spring image

Separately, about the glasses we have said a lot: about rimmed glasses, colors, the most unusual shapes and materials. But on their own glasses - only item in the store, these colors, they will play only in a thoughtful and effective way. Points colorful and simple, classic black and bold neon, leopard bow and trendy cat models - that are selected and what their glasses combine fashion bloggers - in today's review.

1. Glasses with colored glass

In the trend color options doubt is not necessary. And often it is not monochrome models with translucent glass and mirror-coated glasses which are iridescent. SEASONS such fashion models is desirable actual rim: for example, the same as all the favorite, airmen.

Fans plain decisions should start to choose from the three main colors that this season literally dominate the color scheme of glasses. It's yellow, blue and crimson.

2. Points polygonal

Quite unexpectedly, but very interesting! This model is found to be not so easy, but the search process will only increase the joy of shopping. Points in the polygonal frame - a solution for bold, original, fashionable and confident!

3. Unusual rim

Fancy frames defy fashion trends and will always be in our daily images. They exist outside of time and space, all of these hearts, stars, guitars - unbanal and interesting options for gatherings with friends, parties or a fun walk in the city.

4. Round glasses all their diversity

The present leader of the season - a round frame - fashionable and stylish solution in and of themselves, and in combination with other trends. Round glasses acquire bright rims are made of metal, wood or plastic, all skilfully adapt to the fleeting whims of fashion.

This spring, all sharply reminded of leopard print - and round glasses also got decorated in color. In fashion kolorblok - and glasses are no longer plain and pleasing look bright contrasting inserts. Transparent, matt and patent leather rim, colored or transparent glass - all in a circular design looks in a special and very impressive!

4. Points to the transparent glass

Banal Glasses have long ceased to be rapidly and acquire all the new trends in their design. They have long are not the only ones who can not be without them, but also inveterate fashionistas who strictly sunglasses helps to add seriousness and a certain zest to their images. But ... what sort of serious. Transparent glass leopard, round, original framed no longer a rarity. Now this trend.

5. timeless

The usual black and dark brown points in the least familiar monochrome frame is also not dependent on the fickleness of fashion, it's timeless. Frames from such familiar and classic aviators to range from rectangles are deliberately large or too small, usually decorated if not a couple of stones, the name of the company. This is - the great and famous Ray Ban with their creations. Among fashionistas this is a deserved classic.

6. Cat models

Cat glasses with ears so popular this spring, it actually improved round models. This is especially noticeable in the two-color glasses frame is released when one color and ears - contrast. This also write slanted models, but also with the ears and all other forms that are reminiscent of the glorious feline.


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