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Hooray! Finally, the minimalism of the past season can be forgotten! 2013 will be marked by those, whose motto is "brighter, more expressive, luxurious!". To express their emotions and feelings with the help of fashion accessories - what could be more interesting. Designers offer bolder to complement the image of decorative details, catchy and volume. Excellent advice! Besides easily solve the problem called "nothing to wear." Anyone, even the most modest attire is now easy to make spectacular and trendy, is a dream and add a bright touch. So, inspired by New season 2013 together.


Dress P.A.R.O.S.H.
7760 rubles.

Points Linda Farrow
6300 rubles.

Bracelet Arts & Crafts
4850 rubles.

Clutch Buffalo
2399 rubles.

Ballerinas SECO
1 299 rubles.

1. Fashion Accessories Spring Summer 2013: sunglasses

The dream of every one of us (without ornaments, stylish hair and makeup modnyashkoy be) true. Just wear trendy sunglasses. Designers are so carried away this season decorative details that have begun to use them to decorate the frames. Not a thing of the past and to experiment with the form of points - than it is bizarre, the better. In the spring and summer of 2013, you can select and "Aviator" and "butterfly" acidic tone, and "droplets", but an absolute trend will be "Beatles" glasses round shape, like John Lennon, Harry Potter and the Cat Basilio (do not be afraid of these comparisons !), and the "cat's eyes". This preferred form of the season in 2013 Prada, Anna Sui, Tory Burch. And more good news: unisex back in vogue. This means that, forgetting the house points, you can borrow them from its second half. Speech about the glasses «wayfarer». Such character is wearing the famous Soviet comedies Shura. They also promote many years Bottega Veneta and Dries van Noten.


Jacket Vero Moda
1650 rubles.

Points Enni Marco
4150 rubles.

Blouse Quelle
599 rubles.

Trousers Chapurin
5 760 rubles.

Shoes HOGL
7499 rubles.

2. Hats Spring-Summer 2013

In the summer, in the resort, a hat is an indispensable accessory. Perhaps each of us has a wide-brimmed hat, but would not it be trivial? Fortunately, puzzle over than it replaced this season will not have to. At Anna Sui shows and Moschino models were just wide-brimmed hats. If you want to create a more mischievous bow, you can come up with something pooriginalnee, for example, to wear a cowboy hat. But the most striking trend next summer - wicker hats and caps. This trendy accessory, you have to buy if you feel yourself notorious fashionistas.

Relevant and images will be with bandages, scarves and even turbans. This is demonstrated in the latest collection of Anna Sui. So it remains only to pick up the hat, which is suitable to the type of person!


Cap Dispacci
799 rubles.

Dress Quelle
1499 rubles.

Tippet Dispacci
799 rubles.

Sunglasses Valentino
6750 rubles.

Sandals Caprice
2799 rubles.

3. Fashion Accessories Spring Summer 2013: wide belts

If any accessory is out of fashion, do not part with it forever. Confirmation of this - the story of the broad "corset" belts, which again found themselves at the height of the fashion wave. Without them it is difficult to do when you create a structured manner with a baggy dress, the floor, a light tunic and loose trousers. In addition, the belt-corset perfectly emphasizes the waist. Trendy in the 2013 season will be black and braided leather corset with ethnic ornament. A large variety of stylish accessories can be seen on the shows of Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta.

For those who prefer rigorous model is worth remembering that the image of the trend of the season spring-summer 2013 will create skin belts crocodile or a snake or imitating their material.


Belt Dispacci
649 rubles.

Blouse Quelle
899 rubles.

Skirt jersey Quelle
799 rubles.

Ring Satellite Paris
4900 rubles.

Shoes Christian Louboutin
8480 rubles.

4. Fashion jewelry: bracelets, earrings, necklaces

Finally, we move on to the fun part - jewelry. True fashionistas know that the rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings is never too much - never! If the box has accumulated a lot of bracelets - great! It is safe to wear all at once, layering again in vogue. Designers offer to wear them so that they are covered by the hand and wrist to the elbow. With regard to materials, the trend in bracelets made of wood, bone, plastic, metal and bracelets in the style of "Arabian Nights", with bright large stones. Feel the eastern beauty so tempting!

To demonstrate sophisticated style, in the coming spring-summer season is to give preference to decoration of large (or even imposing) sizes: the golden pendants, necklaces, necklace in the style of antiquity, or in ethnic style, long earrings, fabric bracelets with lace and large stones.


Dress Esprit
4070 rubles.

Belt Dispacci
549 rubles.

Bracelet Die Blonde
1400 rubles.

Clutch Sabellino
2 650 rubles.

Shoes Svetski
2 299 rubles.

5. Chalker and what it eats

And finally, in the season 2013 all self-respecting fashionista should know the meaning of "choker". If you do not know what it is, do not worry, because the necklaces, chokers, or "collars", appeared on the podium a few years ago. And in the upcoming season, designers decided to hit our imagination, proposing massive chokers, richly decorated with stones. This accessory is guaranteed to provide you with attention. Such a radical at first glance, the decision should not be confused, because the necklace-choker suitable for strapless cocktail dress, and a sweater with a round neck. To decorate the neck fit and fine wood, and plastic, and metal necklace. The main thing not to forget is that they just have to be large.


Necklace Fashion History
2500 rubles.

Earrings Selena
490 rubles.

Top Vero Moda Very
2930 rubles.

Leather pants Quelle
9999 rubles.

Shoes Buffalo
5199 rubles.


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